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February 2010 > Sugar in the urine....Update post 16
Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 02:51 PM 10-30-2009

Just got my labwork back after my recent checkup at the OB.

Slightly anemic, and some protein and SUGAR in my urine. I've had the protein issue before (traces), but the sugar is new and my OB is not pleased.

What's so wacky is that I've only gained 1 lb so far this pregnancy (I'm almost 29 weeks!) and I've cut almost all sugar out of my diet (with the exception of some jam, some honey and the occasional small piece of chocolate).

I am so bummed.

I think part of the problem stems from not exercising at all since mid-October... Other than that, I'm really having a hard time imagining how I can alter my diet (aside from completely cutting out sugar, which is done as of today).

Anyone have any experience with GD? Words of reassurance? I'll be doing the glucose test early next week.....

NicoleS's Avatar NicoleS 03:16 PM 10-30-2009
Have you done the GD test? Is it possible that the sugar in the urine was just a one-time fluke?

I don't know a whole lot about it...but if you are eating low sugar/carbs already and are still not processing everything properly you could be looking at needing insulin...
aramat's Avatar aramat 03:52 PM 10-30-2009
I had sugar in my urine oooone time last pregnancy -- and it was right after drinking a soda. It *could* be a fluke. They'll test again, right?
Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 05:29 PM 10-30-2009
Thanks for the replies.

I guess it could be a fluke. But I didn't have any extra sugar the day they did the draw. I'll be doing the glucose test probably on Tuesday (which, can I say, I think is a ridiculous test! I never consume THAT much sugar at one sitting, ever!).

The thought of having to manage with insulin has me .

GAH. If it is GD, does this put me in the high-risk category?
NicoleS's Avatar NicoleS 08:51 PM 10-30-2009
I heard that the amount of sugar is about the same as you'd get from a big glass of juice?

I think having GD would put you in a higher risk category, especially if you need insulin vs. being able to control it with diet. At least at a regular OB clinic - I would have more u/s to check growth, NST, plus the sugar monitoring, etc. Not sure how a midwife would handle it.
Gracerenee's Avatar Gracerenee 10:04 PM 10-30-2009
The one hour test is 50 g of glucose... a bit more than a 12oz can of Mt. Dew. The three hour on the other hand is 100 g and like drinking two and a half cans of Mt. Dew in 10 minutes. YUCK.

I learned this the hard way... be sure you do not have a cold or other virus when you are tested... you will get unusually high numbers if you do!
Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 04:38 AM 10-31-2009
Originally Posted by Gracerenee View Post
The one hour test is 50 g of glucose... a bit more than a 12oz can of Mt. Dew. The three hour on the other hand is 100 g and like drinking two and a half cans of Mt. Dew in 10 minutes. YUCK.

I learned this the hard way... be sure you do not have a cold or other virus when you are tested... you will get unusually high numbers if you do!
Interesting! I had a cold when I took the first test-- could that have had an impact?

Yeah, I figured it would make me high-risk if I have GD. I wasn't planning a homebirth-- I'll be in a special maternity hospital (here in France, most births are at specialized birth hospitals. Mine is very natural-birth friendly, but also has a high-level NICU next door, in case of emergency...).

What a bummer. I'm going to get exercising again starting today, let's hope that makes a big difference.
NicoleS's Avatar NicoleS 12:47 PM 10-31-2009
I've never heard of a cold making your numbers high?
Gracerenee's Avatar Gracerenee 02:09 PM 10-31-2009
YES! The things they don't tell you!!! I found the following phrase on SEVERAL websites regarding testing... I just listed one for reference.

For the test to give reliable results, you must be in good health (not have any other illnesses, not even a cold).

I have only had a handful of post prandial (meal) blood sugars over 100, my highest was 117 (after my teenage daughter had a minor car accident... stress also affects your blood sugar!) Still only 130+ is considered high. Every morning my fasting blood sugar is in the low 70's (over 100 is considered high). I have eaten candy, cake, cookies, ice cream and even drank Mt. Dew and my blood sugar is not affected. The only conclusion I can make is that my common cold affected my test. I can't wait to talk to my new OB about it at my appointment on Tuesday!
NicoleS's Avatar NicoleS 02:36 PM 10-31-2009 I wonder if I was feeling well when I took it last time? I can't remember. I know my blood sugar was slightly elevated at the 1 hour test with DS - I think it was around 140 or something. But I took the 3 hour roughly a week later, and all of the numbers for that were well below the cutoff. I was a bit peeved having to take the three hour test - it made me so sick afterward I was in bed the rest of the day, and there was no reason to think I had GD...
FertileMertel's Avatar FertileMertel 06:33 AM 11-01-2009
I just had my GTT and that day I had sugar in my urine. My midwife said not to worry, just b/c it was in my urine doesn't mean it will be in my blood. My bloodwork turned out GD! Thank goodness b/c I have been craving sugar like crazy and all this Halloween candy around is just too irresistable!
Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 03:15 PM 11-01-2009
Ugh, I know!! I'm already thinking about ALL the holidays coming up between now and the baby.... Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's! Hard to imagine going totally without sugar (no pumpkin pie! no apple cake! no sweet potatoes with brown sugar!).

Sigh. I hope this is just a fluke... will find out after the test on Tuesday....
loulie's Avatar loulie 07:43 PM 11-01-2009
I had sugar in my urine constantly from week 14 till about week 30 with DD. I had the GD test and negative. I had lots of episodes of my blood sugar dropping quickly, but never did it go high. And DD was born a healthy 6lb13oz. So it doesn't necessarily mean the worst!!

Good luck for your test results
leila1213's Avatar leila1213 12:41 PM 11-02-2009
You don't mention what you are doing as far as other carbs in your diet, namely refined flours. Are you controlling them as well, in addition to the sugar? That can make a huge difference. Some people are even sensitive to the carbs in potatoes and carrots, and other things like beets, although I don't imagine you're eating a ton of them!
Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 06:09 AM 11-03-2009
Re: other carbs: I am pretty careful about making sure my bread and pasta is whole wheat. Anything I make at home (including cakes, cookies, and pizza dough) is automatically made with 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat.

Bread-wise, I try to buy whole wheat when possible (but baguettes are rarely whole wheat! ) and otherwise limit the white bread.

I do eat a fair amount of fruit-- I'm not a big veggie-snacker, so snacks are often apples, oranges, pears, etc.

And any rice I eat has been Basmati, but I went ahead and bought some whole rice.

Potatoes and carrots: I do eat potatoes, but not every day (or even every week). Carrots I snack on occasionally, but, again, not every day.

I'm going in tomorrow for the GTT. I'm praying that even if I still have sugar in the urine I won't actually have an issue with GD.

Interestingly enough, I have a lot more energy since going off sugar late last week.... I may stay off, or severely restrict, even if I don't have GD.
leila1213's Avatar leila1213 02:26 PM 11-04-2009
Ah, yes, French bread! my I would definitely try to keep that to a minimum and eat as much fat as possible along with it (and any carbs--peanut butter with apples, olive oil and cheese with pasta, etc). Helps fill you up and prevent blood sugar spikes. Glad you are feeling better without sugar. Amazing, isn't it?
Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 07:09 AM 11-07-2009
Just got my lab results back from the GTT and....................

I totally passed!

Blood glucose level was well under the cutoff, and I had no sugar in my urine this time.

After giving this a lot of thought (too much?? ) I think I've figured out what happened last time. I was fighting off a cold and doing many doses of Vit C. The kind I get here is an effervescent tablet you drop into water. Turns out they aren't sugar-free (to put it mildly) and I had two right before doing the test. So I'm guessing that seriously messed up my results last time.

I'm SO relieved!!!! And am still staying pretty-near sugar-free. I feel much better off sugar.
leila1213's Avatar leila1213 12:23 PM 11-07-2009
folkgirl's Avatar folkgirl 12:32 AM 11-10-2009
I have GD with insulin. It's really quite rare. 80-90% of people diagnosed with GD can control with diet and exercise alone.