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This part might seem irrelevant, but it explains the why of being up so late. So, on Sunday, the 10th, we went to my parent’s place to collect a bunch of my dh’s tools that they had in storage. When we got the toolboxes out of the cabinet, we realized that my father had moved it to directly under a leak in the carport roof and all of my dh’s toolboxes were filled to the brim with water. When we got home, he started cleaning the tools to see what he could salvage. We put all of the kids to bed between 8pm and 8:30pm and I stayed up with him while he cleaned them until 11pm, then headed off to bed. Once in bed, my mind kept racing and I couldn’t get settled, so I got up again and sat with him and we just talked until about 1am, when I went back to bed. My dh followed soon after and took a quick bath before heading to bed himself. We’ve been sleeping separately for the past month or so because I’ve really been struggling to sleep and I didn’t want to keep him awake.

Anyway, I was back in bed and kept thinking that I felt a bit disconnected from the baby and I was wondering about how it’ll be once the baby was born. The little one started squirming around and kicking and it really hurt. I pushed in the spots where the little elbows and knees where hurting me, then tried to clear my mind to try and fall asleep. I felt a pop and suddenly there was water everywhere. I tried to jump out of bed as much as you can jump when 35w5d pregnant, but couldn’t get out fast enough and the comforter got soaked. I knew it wasn’t pee and that my water broke by the sheer volume, so I walked to the spare room at the other side of the house to tell my dh what happened. It was 1:30am. Water just kept gushing everywhere, so I knew this was it. My dh got up and quickly mopped up all the water while I undressed and got a towel to wrap around me. I sent a text message to my midwife and my dh covered me with a towel because I was suddenly freezing. He sat with me to see if we heard back (long story of cancelled appointments and no contact from my midwife for the last 6 weeks). She phoned me back after a minute or two and asked if the water was clear (yes) and if contractions had started yet (no). Then she told me to keep a towel between my legs and try to get some sleep, she’d come to check on me in 6 to 8 hrs and we’d decide what to do if labour hadn’t started yet. I asked her if we needed to be concerned because I’m not 36w yet and she said it would be fine. My dh covered the bed with a shower curtain and a blanket while I put on fresh pjs, then we both went back to bed.

I tried to fall asleep again and then felt the first contraction. It really hurt and as much as I tried to sleep through them, they were all painful and I had a hard time lying still through them. The contractions started at 10 – 15 minutes apart. After trying to relax through them and trying to get some rest, I got up after about two hours and shaved my legs. I know, priorities right? Then I got in the tub for a while until I just couldn’t get comfortable in there anymore. I walked around and swayed and finally started timing to see how far apart the contractions were. They were coming ever 3 – 4 minutes, so I decided to wake dh and decide what to do. It was 5:30am by now, so I knew he got some rest. I sent my midwife a text message, saying that the contractions had been coming for a while now and were very close together. She responded with a text, saying she was attending an emergency c-section and to keep her posted. At that point I made peace with the fact that she would not be there for the birth.

I was exhausted by now and would sit on the toilet between contractions. I always read about women dozing off between contractions and couldn’t quite fathom it, but actually lived it. I felt so exhausted that I felt myself fall asleep between contractions. Dh finished up a few things around the house and I finally told him to just come and sit with me. He got the shoe laces left over from my previous birth out and cleaned the same scissors we used last time. I tried to lie down on the bed because I was so tired and lasted through two contractions before I couldn’t lie down anymore. I was very loud and yelling through contractions, because by this time they had been hurting for quite a while and I felt tired of being in pain. Every time a contraction hit, it would start in my sides and travel down the bottom of my tummy, down my thighs and my hips would start aching too. That was the worst, the pain in my hips and all I could do was walk around until the contraction was over.
Anyway, I got up out of bed and got into the tub again. When the third contraction hit in the bath, I realized that I was pushing when it came to an end. I considered not getting out of the tub at all, but with the next contraction I felt a lot of pressure and once again realized that I was pushing. The water was too hot for the baby and there wasn’t room for dh to help during the delivery, so the moment it ended I got up and told him to put the towels on the shower curtain (we’d removed it from the bed and put it on the floor earlier). He put down two towels and I immediately got on my hands and knees. I stood there for a couple of seconds and then just felt the urge to push come over me, although it didn’t feel like a contraction even happened. So I went with it and just pushed while yelling. I could feel her head pushing out, but once the desire to push passed I felt her head move back up again. I told dh to quickly phone the midwife and tell her the baby was being born. He phoned her and I heard him having to explain to her that the baby was coming and who he was, then I just yelled at him to put the phone down and come back, because this was it. I felt the same urge to push and went with it again, yelling at the top of my lungs while pushing. I felt the head come out and yelled at dh to catch the baby, then I reached back and felt the head in my hand. It seemed impossibly small for a baby head, so I asked him if the head was out and he said yes. I started pushing again and felt the shoulders slowly come out, then the whole body slipped out. I heard the baby give its first wobbly cry.

I turned around and saw dh had the baby tilted forward and was rubbing the baby’s back a bit, so I sat down and took the baby from him. He folded a towel around the little body and I started wiping off the mouth and rubbing the baby to get breathing going a bit. The baby just tried to look around. I wiped the little eyes a bit and wiggled baby around to get deeper breaths going, then I looked at the little face and said “Hey, we don’t even know what you are yet.” I opened the towel and moved the cord aside and announced to dh “It’s another little girl!”

The midwife phoned and asked if the baby was born yet and to say that she was on her way. We sat around for a bit and I finally asked what time she was born and dh told me she made her entrance at 7:15am. I told him I wanted to see if I could get the placenta out, so I got up and sat on the toilet, gave a big push and it fell out. Dh took the baby from me and I quickly took a bath since the bath was still warm and the water was clean. I got out and we cut the cord and then dh held her while I got dressed. During this time my midwife sent a text to say she was stuck in traffic. I heard my son get up and go to the front of the house, so I took the baby and showed her to him. He was delighted and completely in love. The baby started feeling a bit cold to me, so I went into our youngest dd’s room to get her some clothes and a diaper. My youngest dd wasn’t too impressed with me, but became a lot more interested when she saw the baby. Before I could get everything out, the midwife showed up and she weighed and measured her, then quickly dressed her. My oldest dd woke up and came to see what was going on and she just got the biggest smile on her face when she saw her new sister.

Our baby girl has a 35cm noggin, she’s 47cm long and weighs 2.74kg. Then my midwife checked my blood pressure and felt for my uterus. She told me where to massage to get my uterus to go back to normal, then checked the placenta while I dressed my oldest dd. My dh told me she said it was a very healthy placenta. She left shortly after and life got back to normal.

That’s our birth story. The kids all adore the baby and occasionally argue over who gets to hold her. All in all, there doesn’t seem to be any jealousy issues, although our youngest doesn’t like it when the baby is with her daddy. Our first night was a bit rough, because baby girl wanted to suck the whole night and would not settle at all. Since then, the nights have been better. She wakes a couple of times to nurse but settles down very easily. The biggest issue right now is how dreadfully unprepared we were to have the little one come early. Dh quickly put up her crib next to our bed, but she’s sleeping with me because she had trouble staying warm the first day and I keep her close to share body heat. My milk came in on Thursday and she's doing a great job nursing. My midwife came by yesterday and she's already back up to birth weight.

We decided to name her Shiri Nirel. Both are Hebrew names and Shiri means "My song", Nirel means "God's Light". I'll post some pics later.

Pics added! These are all from right after birth and her first two days in the world.

Brand new baby girl

Meeting daddy

Getting dressed for the first time

First time meeting big big sister ...

... and big brother ...

... and little big sister.

A sweet sibling moment

Chatting with mama (1 day old)

All the kidlets together

Another pic with big brother...

... and big big sister

Snuggling with daddy
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Awesome story and CONGRATULATIONS! I am so impressed by he way you all handled everything yourselves, your kids slept through it all, and the birth seems so natural and normal and a part of daily life. But I would like to shake your midwife--Ifeel like she really let you down!!
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Congrats again!

Nicole, Mommy to Jasmine (7/05) , Athena (2/07) , Shane (3/08) , Caleb (1/10), and 2 angels (4/06 & 4/09)
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Fantastic! I'm glad everyone is healthy and happy. Thank you so much for sharing your birth story.

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Amazing. Mazel tov! You rock!!!!/pages/Wise-Woman-Fertility/182752565080597
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Wow! Congrats to your whole family, and welcome little Shiri!

Homeschooling mama to DD 3/28/06 reading.gif,  DS 2/27/10 coolshine.gif, Belle the Orange Dog 03/11, and DD babygirl.gif 10/03/2013.
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Amazing birth story!!!! Congratulations!! Beautiful name, and I can't wait to see pics when you have a minute.

Chessa , mama to Silas T (6/06) , wife to Chad . Welcome August Emerson! 2/8/10
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That's great! Congratulations!

Wife to dh and mommy to dd1 (3/07), ds (1/10), and dd2 (any day now)!

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Wow, what a great story. I'm glad you and your new little one are doing so well.

Mama to three

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I am absolutely floored that your midwife decided that hanging out during a section (that I'm assuming she couldn't participate in) was more important than attending a premature home delivery! Seriously, I'm stunned and really angry for you!

Apart from that- congratulations!!! I'm so glad it all worked out so perfectly!

Jen, L&D RN, CBE, CLEC who loves to knit.gif! I adore my modifiedartist.gifDP, treehugger.gifDD 10/98, & sweet new babygirl.gif5/10!!!
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Congratulations, and what a wonderful birth story! So a good and empowering way. But boy, glad you seem to have more patience with your midwife than I would have. I'm so glad everything went so well for you. Wishing you the best for you and your family.

Married to my soul mate and best friend. Stay-at-home-mama, home-schooler to three magical little ones. And, blogging about a green, simple, frugal way life at
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Congratulations, mama! What an incredible story! It sounds like she's doing amazingly well--good size, too! Have a wonderful babymoon!

Sarah, Queen of Hearts, raising a Full House with Michael, King of my Heart!
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Just love your birth story. So natural and beautiful. Congratulations with your baby girl!
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What an amazing birth story, and beautiful pictures. Congratulations!!

Engaged to my sweetheart, Mammy to two beautiful girls
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Your birth story is lovely (despite the midwife, although you might prefer she wasn't there anyway!). And your new baby girl is beautiful! Love the pics of your kids with her-they look adorable!

Kara: on a journey with DH, Mama to DS 2/2010
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What a wonderful birth story! And such a happy, healthy baby despite being early! I am so happy everyone is healthy and thriving. She is beautiful!!


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Awesome pictures!!!

: mama to 3 sweet boys, 10/21/03, 2/23/07 and 1/20/10
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Wow, what a beautiful birth story! Shiri is just a beautiful little baby, and she has some LONG fingernails for a 35 weeker!

That said...I'm agreeing with the others about your mw. I hope you hadn't paid her in full yet...

Crunchy wife to my high-school sweetheart, mama to DS (10/23/05) , DS (11/22/07) , DD (3/9/10) , and DS (5/26/12),  and three babies in Heaven.
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Wow, congrats! Crazy story. I would have freaked out at the midwife if I was in your shoes. Your kiddos are all adorable!

Jackson Steven born 02/24/10! <3
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Awesome!! Congratulations! LOVE IT!

...And I will join in the chorus... Um, didn't your midwife even have a backup she could send over?!

Tamara: Aspiring doula, partner to Brazilian musician, mom to THREE GIRLIES!
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Amazing story mama and your kids are just adorable. Congratulations!!!

One happy mama to 1/06 , 3/10 , and married to my best friend
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Congrats, what an amazing birth story. I'm wondering what happened to the midwife, but it sounds like you and your husband are pros!

Thanks for sharing all the pictures, she's so cute
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Congratulations! She's absolutely beautiful! So glad everything went well for you and your DH. Enjoy your babymoon.

momma to 4 wonderful blessings. #5 due Feb 14, 2010:
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Congrats to you and your family! She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story.

I'm Valerie bfinfant.gif wife to a United States Navy sailor, mom to Audreygeek.gif(6/01), Lydiathumbsuck.gif(4/08)   Jethrobabyf.gif(1/10) and Vivian babygirl.gif (6/11) novaxnocirc.gifcd.gif


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What a great story, seems you didn't even need that midwife!!! I would have been so po'd too at her not showing up, should have been there the moment you said your water broke!!!! Anyway, your baby is beautiful as is the rest of your family!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Mom to 5 little angels in Texas and expecting another blessing in Summer 2012!!:

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