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I know, loaded question, right? I'm just wondering what things other new Mamas are doing to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, ??? I know we all probably share a feeling that we're not getting enough of what we need, especially sleep, but what is going right? What are you able to do for yourselves? I'm particularly interested in wisdom surrounding how to care for yourself physically postpartum. We talk so much about what we do prenatally.

For me, I'm still taking prenatal vitamins and fish oil pills, trying to make sure I'm eating well enough and trying to get outside once a day. I'm drinking a cup of RRL tea once a day too, to support my uterus. I'm also trying really hard to tell myself I am doing as well as I can and that is good enough. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

Maggie, American expat, mother to DD1 5/27/2007 and DD2 2/15/2010
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So far, not too much. This might sounds lame, but I like to try and get a shower or bath in each day by myself - the toddler loves joining in. I'm also taking prenatal vitamins and placenta capsules. Pretty soon I hope to take daily walks with the kids. It's still a bit too chilly and I'm a bit too lazy.

Mama to three

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Along with the vitamins and bathing or showering daily, I try to do something I enjoy such as sewing or knitting (or just browsing ravelry and planning a knitting project), even if it is just for a few minutes a day. With my first baby, I didn't make an effort to do those things and a few months into motherhood I really started to resent the baby and feel like I lost a huge part of myself. Even a few minutes of doing something for myself really recharges me

knit.gifMarried to my best friend, mama to two boys (12/5/07, 2/12/10) and a sweet little girl (5/2/13).

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I try to take a hot bath where I sit and soak for just a little while--long enough to read a magazine article or two--by myself every night. Sometimes I feel a little bad abandoning everyone after dinner, because I know DH is tired at the end of the day too, but I need this little break from mothering, and he spends all day gone from the kids.
Physically, I have resumed daily family walks with DH (we've walked 2 miles when he gets home from work for all of our marriage, but I dropped out a few months ago when I started having pre-term contractions) and I do the walk with DS in the mei tai and in those funny looking Sketchers, which are supposed to help tone while you walk. They definitely improve my walking posture, so I guess they are helpful. I intend to start doing ab stuff at home as well, but haven't gotten there yet.

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After I feed the baby, I walk my son to school (baby stays with dad). This is emotionally good for my son and I as we spent 7 years doing everything together.

I also manage to go for a longer walk with the baby.

hmm thats about it! Some computer time...

Sara - Mum to C (10/02) ; m/c 10/07; 7/08; 3/09; Lucy Olive Feb 28, 2010 !
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I take my fish oil pills and prenatals too but honestly, I forget to some days.
Taking a quiet bath in the evenings helps to relax too.

I just started to work my horses again over the weekend, taking an hour each day to play with them. Haven't rode yet as I think my tear is still a little too fresh but its great to have a little alone time for me to unwind and daddy gets to enjoy the boys for a little bit on his own too.
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I try to get outside and walk with Alex once a day; we're having such beautiful weather, and I know before long it will be blazing hot here, so I feel like I need to get outside and enjoy this while I can. I think this week or next we'll try a post-natal yoga class.

My biggest daily luxury is probably a nice, hot shower. Other than that, I'm trying to remember to take vitamins and fish oil, and sometimes manage to grab a nap when he's napping.
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MENTALLY/EMOTIONALLY----taking time while I'm nursing to "chat" with you gals on here...and do non-related work emails (I work at home). During our lessons each morning I've been joining in on the kids' art projects...it feels GREAT to create! On Friday night my husband took me to an A capella concert...we took the baby with, but it felt great to get out "alone".

PHYSICALLY...trying to drink plenty of water, rest when I can, snuggle, cuddle, and ask for backrubs, take care of my face (I LOVE a good cleanse, tone, moisturize), teeth brushed, hair combed (hopefully!). I honestly don't get to a shower every day...DH's been gone too much to make that a reality with four kids...and I don't make it a priority so it doesn't happen. When I start to smell myself I try to get to it! I went and got my hair cut and brows done...I look a little odd...she took it WAY too short, but I felt like a new person getting out of the chair, so that's good! The weather is starting to get warmer here...low 40s (fahrenheit) so we've been trying to take walks...oldest walks, middle two ride in the double stroller, baby-kins in the Moby...it takes about 45 minutes to get us out the door, but totally worth it on days we've got the time!

I keep reminding myself that all too soon they'll be grown up and I'll have LOADS of time to do those things that don't make the cut now...heck, I think of all the 'extras' I got done just six months ago without a baby (or bedrest)...it will be here again before I know it.
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Apparently I wasn't doing enough... I ended up in the ER Thursday evening after waking up with vertigo and vomiting that just wouldn't go away. :P I feel silly for going in when I didn't even go to the hospital for birth, but oh well, the hospital is the place for sick people.

Anyway, I'm doing better now, but one possible cause could have been dehydration. So, my new plan for taking care of myself is to DRINK MORE WATER. Again. That was my problem throughout the pregnancy, it's just so hard for me for some reason! And I guess four weeks postpartum was too early to start my exercise routine back up, so I'll be quitting that, and doing more lying around instead. *sigh* It's hard to look around at the complete disaster the house has become in just a couple of days, when I was doing so well keeping up with chores for a week or so, but when I'm unable to walk because I let myself get sick, even less gets done.

Now to get away from the computer, drink some water, and go sit in the sun.
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I take a shower alone every day.

I take vitamins, probiotics and fish oil every day.

I get outside and walk a lot, with baby and DS1.

I'm still editing my magazine.

I have DS1 stay at school all day twice a week.

I keep the house under control because it makes me feel so bad when it's chaotic.
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I have tried to maintain my normalness as much as possible while still putting her needs first. I nurse her on demand which helps too. I go on the internet whenever I want if she is nursing, I clean the house during her naps since I honestly do not want or need to nap as I sleep with her as long as she sleeps- usually from 9:30pm-9:30 am. She wakes up every 4 hours to nurse and I just fall back asleep while she nurses in the crook of my arm. I go to the gym when I can-- my husband comes home for lunch at 11:30 and I go and come back at 12:45 in time for him to get back to work. If I do not get to do that, we go for a walk together with the dog, she in her wrap. We cuddle a LOT and play pattycake and mostly just nurse. hahaha

Mommy to one champagne.gif
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Here's what I doing as a nursing mother who has significant blood loss after birth.

1. Iron from a food based source (Daily tablespoon of Floridex which also has vit. C and a whole range of B's)
2. 800 mg of foliate twice a day (whole foods generic brand)
3. Calcium daily (also food based)
4. and I am going to be adding DHA after reading up on the effects of DHA in breast-milk is dependent on maternal diet. I don't eat a lot of nuts, or fish so I'll be adding this one on as it supports brain development in babies.

I've been avoiding any teas or herbs that support lactation because my production is really high and engorgement is annoying. If that wasn't the case I'd be adding in a whole slew of other stuff.

45 minutes of sunshine four days a week to help with depression, sleep cycle and vit. D.
Daily shower (with baby in arms or in swing).
50 min. therapy once/twice a week while my insurance still covers it
Meet up with friends or local mom's groups at least once a week (aiming for two) so I don't feel totally isolated

Last week (6 weeks pp) I started two hour post-natal yoga class twice a week with a thirty minute walk to and from (no car)
This week (7 weeks) I will be adding Pilates DVD at home twice a week
Next week (8 weeks) I will add extending daily walking to an hour every day around hilly east bay CA

Weirdly, as of last week I decided that I want to try and have another baby. I have totally surprised myself as while pregnant that only thing I could say was, "um... I am not sure I would do this again." I adore having a newborn, and am so excited to do have a second opportunity to experience this. So I want to get strong (really strong!) and healthy so I might be able to ttc in the next two or three years.

Organic eating, cloth diapering, no vaxing, cosleeping, breastfeeding mean machine.
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Still taking my prenatals, going for 3 mile walks at least 3 times a week and giving myself a mini facial at least twice a week. So far, so good!

One happy mama to 1/06 , 3/10 , and married to my best friend
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