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So we've been all set on naming this baby Elijah, and Eli for short.. everyone knows the name and we use it all the time.
Then tonight I see a preview for a movie coming out next month called "book of Eli", and I don't know- I guess I worry it's going to change the image of the name we chose, and now everyone will see this new association with the name, or think he was named after the movie.
The whole "end-of-the-world" movie concept has always bugged me- I hate those kinds of movies, and from what I've found online, the main character Eli, though he is the protagonist, he does kill his parents, and it has lots of religious undertones which is not dh's cup of tea. but don't get me wrong, I do like Denzel Washington.
I dunno-- it seems too "bad ass" of an association to the name Eli than I wanted for my little boy. I was just picturing a cute, quirky little brother kinda Eli.
Who knows- maybe no one will notice the movie, but what if it's like a big hit or something, and then there are violent action figure toys named Eli..

really worried maybe my name will be tarnished I almost feel like looking for a new name, but I feel it's too late.

Katie,  sahm to two wild and crazy guys banana.gif (8/07) and  bouncy.gif (3/10) and their sweet new baby sister baby.gif (4-1-13) 

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For what it's worth, every Eli I know, including my nephew, is sweet and quirky and soulful. If you love the name, use it. Elijah is an old, old name, and while the popularity of the movie may peak right around the time he is born, by the time he is in kindergarten it will have faded, and by the time he is an adult, it will be forgotten. No matter what name you choose, someone will ruin it. Who is to say in two years someone won't make a movie with your second choice name? Pick a name that feels right to you.

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Personally, I'd stick with the name. There are a sufficient number of people named Eli to keep one character from generalizing an association, in my opinion. I only associate a name with a character if that character is one of the only individuals I know with that name. Plus, most movies are only in the spotlight a short time. People will forget soon enough.

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I agree with Rolenta...

Stick with the name, it's a GREAT name. Forget about the movie. What are the odds of that movie become the defining movie of our generation? Slim to none. Chances are, it'll just disappear from our memories as quickly as every other "end of the world" movie. Even if it does well at the box office, do you really think people will still remember it 5 or 10 years from now and immediately associate the name Elijah with it? Elijah is a very very old name, I don't think it's reputation would be so easily swayed by pop culture.

So... confidently stick with it is my advice.

(Unless, of course, you fall head over heels with a different name between now and the birth of your DS!)

Mama and co-parent to our beautiful DS (08/08) and our mighty strong DD (04/10) . Life is good.
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I agree with PPs too. My brother is named Jason and my parents were so upset when the Jason horror movies came out because they thought everyone would associate the name with the movie. Because it was a common enough name it never happened. The Jason movies are still pretty well known but how many people meet a Jason and say, "oh Jason, like the movie". It just doesn't happen. Like Rolenta said I think the association is only there if the name is unusual.

ETA: I love the name too, btw. It would be a shame to give up such a great name because of a silly movie

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I am in agreeance with pps. Don't give up the name because of OTHER people's associations. Especially ones that aren't likely to happen. FWIW, I was super hesitant to name our oldest Anna-Lee. Even though I love the name and it holds special meaning to me (Anna is my mom's paternal grandma, Lee is her maternal grandpa/my middle name/DH's cousin). However, the only other serious relationship DH was in was with an Annalee. It made it a difficult choice, especially knowing his brothers and cousin would likely make the association. Within two weeks of her birth it was forgotten. Anna-Lee is HER name, nobody else's, and I can't imagine her being anyone else, no matter what.

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the first boy I ever "dated" in school was named Alexander... he dumped me and I was devastated... my stepmother bought oreos and chocolate milk and chick flicks for me, I missed school for a whole week! It was awful. For years, every time I heard the name I would cringe and think back to my first broken heart.

Then I got pregnant... and when we were talking about what names we'd like we both came up with lists and knocked off all the names we were opposed to... Alexander of course was knocked off immediately. But every other name out there didn't seem to "fit". I had dreams about meeting my baby boy and just thinking he looked like he should be named "Alex" to me... I resisted for almost the whole pregnancy, but then I talked to my mother and step-mother and grandmother and sisters and my husband about my hangups with the name and they all agreed that it wasn't a good reason to deny this child of the name he had chosen.

Our son Alexander will be 3 in February. I couldn't imagine his name being anything else.

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Lirum 3-17-10
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no one will remember the movie in a few years - use what you like!

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Not in your club-or even preggo, lol..... but I had a similar issue with my 2nd baby. we planned Lincoln if it was a boy, and a month before I was due a movie came out, which I thought was going to be a HUGE blockbuster, and the main character was Lincoln Echo 6.....well, 4 yrs later, no one even remembers 'the Island'...and my son Lincoln Enzo couldn't be named anything else :heart:
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I decided to name my first baby Austin. Then a couple months later (about 7 months pregnant) the "AUSTIN POWERS" movie came out....what luck!?

We still went with the name. And I think boys call him "Austin Powers" every now and then. But it seems to me even the most common names are teased.

This website is an example - http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect..._of_Jacob.html using the name Jacob (a popular name). Try putting in any name. They are all teased!

Mother to FOUR BOYS!!  Austin (1997) Luke (2005) Mason (2007) and Judah (2010), wife to Joe, doula to many, and Birthing From Within Mentor in SE Michigan
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Eli/Elijah was a Biblical name far before the advent of pop culture and will remain so long after this film is forgotten. I would be very surprised if it occured to anyone to associate your choice of name with some random movie.
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thanks everyone for sharing your stories.. I feel better!
I think I'm calming down a bit, and I'm going to focus on the fact that Elijah is his given name.. which is wonderful and unflawed to me.
I'm going to ease off on saying Eli all the time for now... after all, nicknames come with time.
btw, the movie sounded pretty crazy anyways, so after 2 months in the theatre, maybe it'll be forgotten already.

Katie,  sahm to two wild and crazy guys banana.gif (8/07) and  bouncy.gif (3/10) and their sweet new baby sister baby.gif (4-1-13) 

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I wouldn't let that stop you from using a name you love. Elliot nn Eli is on our top 3 boys list and I didn't know about this movie but I don't think it will bother me much.

OT but I like your naming style! Our top 3 boy names are Oliver, Elliot (Eli), and Luke (for family reasons). So we think alike.

I'm Amy wife to Joe 11/06 and mommy to Aubrey 3/08 and Levi 4/10
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I would still use it because its a name that has been around for ages and is, what I consider 'common' ...maybe not as common as John or Adam, but its up there with 'normal' everyday name. Anyroad - it wouldn't make me think you saw the film and named your child after it! lol....

On the other hand - I really loved Aslan for my son and wanted to name him Aslan. And yeah, you know where that came from. Of course that did go straight out the window as soon as the film came out because it came out midway through my pregnancy and that being a name that isnt 'normally common' (lol) ...I couldn't use it then. Ruined! lol
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