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I'm not sure if I'm going to do well with the waiting this time around...i'm not sure why either. With ds i knew when he was concieved but his due date was made based on LMP which gave me extra cushion (maybe 4 days?) and i was lucky to get that considering he was 11 days overdue calculated on conception! I did OK waiting for him. I knew that first babies come late etc and I worked up until 39ish weeks and then waited around for another 2 doing NOTHING but I did it. I didn't have doubts or anything.

With dd I was doing great too. I knew how late ds was and just accepted the fact that i could go over and even when i was just a few weeks from the DD i KNEW i had weeks to go and was fine. She ended up coming exactly on time and almost surprised me I think!

Now don't get me wrong, I was large and uncomfortable and just ready to be done in the last month. I was mentally ready and all that stuff but I didn't feel like I was done like i do now so early.

Somehow I'm here at 37 weeks and with my track record there is just no concieveable reason that i won't have to wait another 2.5+ weeks before baby is here. But I'm done. I feel like i should be hitting 40 weeks in a few days instead of weeks. It's not really because of uncomfort either! I'm doing fairly well with getting around and sleeping, I don't have heartburn although my stomach contents do get pushed up to my clavicle a lot but otherwise from being a bit shockingly large I'm doing well physically. I have a stretch mark that has grown which seems to mean i'm bigger than i've ever been but i don't quite match my pics from dd yet... *scratch*.

To top it all off there is NO GOOD REASON that i should even WANT to go before next week. I have spring break right now, shopping and many many errands to do. Plus I NEED to get my iron iv so that I can birth at the BC instead of the hospital, not to mention that i haven't quite finished my homework for the semester, still have a couple of VERY important things to file/research/write that i should not be doing (or may not have time to) after he's here!

But somehow here I am not feeling like I have the patience anymore. I'm ready to go into labor, I'm even considering what I can do to help things along. I had a ton of pineapple and some sex yesterday!

So is this something more common with subsequent kids? Am I being totally weird? Maybe my busy busy busy life that has suddenly slowed down has put things into a different perspective?
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I totally get you on the being ready but not ready thing.

I'm tired of being pregnant. I'm frustrated that although I could deliver tomorrow and be fine for the birth center, I could also have another 5 weeks.

But then there is so much I still need to get done! I haven't even packed my bag yet!


Hippie sympathizer and mom to L, 4.8.10.
Pet-mom to Squirt with FLUTD & Maya the deaf wonder dog .
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I don't think us pregnant ladies need to make any sense in the are not alone.

This is my fourth and I'm feeling anxious to be done more than I ever have. And the same as you I'm not all that uncomfortable even though I'm larger than I've ever been. And I have a ton of things I NEED to do this week! And this weekend is DS2's birthday and a concert for DS1. Also my Mom gets into town in a few days and I need her help for the homebirth.

But still I'm thinking....ok, need sex, need pineapple! And I'm not even sure why! I am also confident that natural induction methods really don't do much unless your body is ready already. So I'll have some sex every few days nothing crazy. Take a walk every couple days. If my body isn't ready it won't happen. If it is then it was meant to be anyway!

As far as my reasoning....???? I'm with you there.... I'll be 37 wks Wednesday. My first bb was born at 37 weeks, 8 lbs and healthy so I'm not nervous about laboring now. My other two were in week 38 so really I shouldn't have more than 2 weeks left. How come it seems like an eternity?

Mother to FOUR BOYS!!  Austin (1997) Luke (2005) Mason (2007) and Judah (2010), wife to Joe, doula to many, and Birthing From Within Mentor in SE Michigan
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I hear you! I have a ton of things to do this week, like getting my homework finished and taking a final! My SIL's birthday is on Thursday, and then on Friday, I told a friend I'd come over to help her with some stuff. I'd also still like to do a few things to get ready around the house, buy some snacks for labor, etc. My bag is packed, but I still have to find some things to put in it. But, I have this growing impatience, and feeling done with this pregnancy. What's frustrating is that DS was 2.5 weeks over his due date, so it could still be as long as a month wait for me! That is totally nuts...I'm thinking I better find lots of fun things to do meanwhile, so I don't sit around and wait. Oh, how about I go study for my final?

Lena , wife to best friend Joe , mommy to my two sweetie pies, DS1 born 7.7.07 and DS2 just arrived 4.17.10
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I feel the same way!
I think its the more pregnancies the more we are ready to be done.
I just keep telling myself not to rush the recipe!!
These babies know when they are done cooking.
Have more sex!
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I am SO there! It took hubby and I so long to conceive and I am also having back issues, so I just feel like I have been waiting to meet my daughter FOREVER, even though I am only 36 weeks. I haven't packed a bag either, our crib doesn't even have sheets, and I need an outfit for her to come home in, but that doesn't stop me from wishing she were here now!

April 5th grade teacher and wife to hubby Justin : is expecting her first in April 2010!! Finally!!:
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The first thing that occurred to me, reading your post, was - you already have two kids to take care of. Maybe that's why you're more eager this time? That's a lot of work, mama! You must be more exhausted than ever before and therefore maybe a little more ready to get this baby out and get your body on the track back to normal.
I too am only 37 weeks but hitting that SO READY place, too. And it's my first baby, so I could be looking at 42 weeks or more, easily. I'm starting on EPO and thinking about other things, soon, too. The house is not particularly ready, my hospital bag is only kinda half packed, and the nesting never kicked in. But I'm letting go of that because I no longer care, and because I am just starting to want my body back (somewhat) to myself.
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Normally I'm "done" by week 30 I HATE being pregnant. This time hasn't been so bad. I'm huge, way bigger than I was with the other (although a lot more of it's belly this time around) but physically I just feel great. But last week, I just felt done. I'm ready to have the baby in arms already. Of course this wars with the reality that I will be pushing this sucker out at some point soon (and yes I do remember all the pain from before). And it wars with having nothing done. I am not prepared to have my classes move online, my house is a mess, and I'm supposed to pack a bag? Yeah I have a lot to do and I'll be cleared in two weeks so I need to really bust my a$$ on this stuff.

But no instead I'm here whining about wanting the baby to be here already

Mama to Umberto 12, Camille, 9, Piper 7, Rowena 2, and Jude Therese Prenatal DS diagnosis due December 23.

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had a kinda horrible day yesterday. all tied into my must do list and it just really made me realize how much i am DONE but not. i want to hold my son, i want to sit here and nurse and not get out of the chair for anything but food or drinks for my family. i'm already regretting missing things (even though i'm here 24/7) because of stress of worry about this stuff. i can NOT get everything done in time. there isn't any way. therefore i know that the first 2-3 months of my babies life is going to be me being stressed out instead of being able to enjoy it all. soak it all up. i think it's another reason of wanting him out now. maybe, just maybe he'll be tinier, have slower growth (not impared just not the chunkers my other 2 were) and i can milk it along for a while. coddle and cuddle him for longer.
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I am so ready to be done. I was ready two weeks ago and I am only 37 weeks now. I guess I am feeling a lot of pressure to get him out early because of my dh's military deployment times and such. If he doesn't come out by Sunday, I don't know how to contact dh. So there is a lot of pressure there. And on top of that, this baby decided to drop a week ago and that has never happened with any of my other babies. And today my ankles are twice their normal size-another first. I am just so done with this pregnancy! I just wish the baby felt the same way.

Julie- living and learning with dh A and dc M (00), A (02), J (02), J (05), A (06), B (07), S (08), ? (10)
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Oh yeah. I SO understand this! I am 38 weeks, 3 days today -- not that I'm counting, LOL. I can tell things are moving along, changes are occurring in my body. Initially, that served to encourage me, but now that nothing "real" is happening, it's turning to discouragement, and an irrational feeling that this baby will just stay inside me forever, meanwhile I will continue to experience painful contractions that accomplish nothing except to put me in discomfort.

Also, I have found that my anxiety regarding labour and the health of the baby has just skyrocketed recently. I just want to get it over with so I can stop worrying about it, because I'm sure it will go better than the disaster scenarios I am so great at creating.

I'm also really really really looking forward to being able to tie my shoes again! Hell, just to see my feet again! Shave my legs. Lie on my back or my stomach. Bend over. And meet this baby.

Well, none of us will be pregnant forever -- even though it may feel like it.
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Yup, feels like forever & I don't even turn 36 weeks until Sunday!


DD (4.25.08)  DD (4.23.10)  DD (10.13.12)

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Ayy! I totally feel your pain. So much so that I started a new thread with a similar topic (oops) and then, reading yours, realized that I already posted on this one, too! Sigh...
38 weeks and nothin goin on. Sometimes I feel like, "oh, good, cause I still have so much to do" (and I'm STILL working almost every single day, when I don't want to be) - but then I'm like, "ugh, I don't want to do any of that sh*t while pregnant, I just want to put up my feet and eat bon bons or have this dang baby already!".
Soon... soon... soon...
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