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momma2girls's Avatar momma2girls 05:49 AM 04-01-2010
I haven't decided yet.

I lost my plug around 10 tonight and I have been up now for about an hour with contractions right around 4 minutes apart. The contractions I have been having at night haven't made me get out of bed to get more comfortable but these have me up and moving around... and stopping what I am doing...

Well until I decide what is going on I am going to fold the last of the laundry

rolenta's Avatar rolenta 09:48 AM 04-01-2010
Here's hoping your uterus isn't playing tricks! Unless you don't want to give birth today. This is the only day lately where I'm not going to be disappointed if I don't go into labour.
Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 11:04 AM 04-01-2010

I'm an April Fool's bday and it's been a fun one to have for 35 years--good luck! I hope you are progressing!
laughingfox's Avatar laughingfox 12:08 PM 04-01-2010
I'm crossing my fingers for you!

I woke up a few times last night/this morning with a very tight uterus, but that's about it for today so far.

I did tell DH, though, that if we have a baby on April Fools Day, his middle name should be Sirius.
sew_crafty_girl's Avatar sew_crafty_girl 01:11 PM 04-01-2010
Jealous! I lost my plug a week ago today and still nada.
rolenta's Avatar rolenta 01:20 PM 04-01-2010
Originally Posted by Starfish11 View Post

I'm an April Fool's bday and it's been a fun one to have for 35 years--good luck! I hope you are progressing!
Happy Birthday!
Cersha's Avatar Cersha 01:38 PM 04-01-2010
Aw, I WANT to have an April Fool's Day baby. I'm having some contraxs too, but only time will tell.

Good luck to ya!
momma2girls's Avatar momma2girls 11:09 PM 04-01-2010
Well she arrived this morning at 606! Calliope Felice Daryn weighed 9 lbs and is 21 inches long! It was a much faster labor than I expected. I will post a birth story later!
rolenta's Avatar rolenta 11:14 PM 04-01-2010
Yay! Congratulations!
Oztok5's Avatar Oztok5 11:27 PM 04-01-2010
Woo! Congratulations!
Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 11:49 PM 04-01-2010

Rolenta, thanks
jsh7809's Avatar jsh7809 11:50 PM 04-01-2010
Woooo! Good big baby, and love the name. Congrats!
laughingfox's Avatar laughingfox 11:54 PM 04-01-2010
Aww, what a great name. Yay!!
dogretro's Avatar dogretro 11:56 PM 04-01-2010
GreenTeaGinger61's Avatar GreenTeaGinger61 12:08 AM 04-02-2010
LenaC's Avatar LenaC 12:35 AM 04-02-2010
Oh, totally cool! Congrats and welcome baby girl!
Mama2 '05'06's Avatar Mama2 '05'06 12:45 AM 04-02-2010
Yay!! Congrats!
Ell-Bell's Avatar Ell-Bell 01:33 AM 04-02-2010
Congratulations! I love the name Calliope. Happy babymoon!
Dena's Avatar Dena 01:40 AM 04-02-2010
Congrats Mama and welcome Calliope!!
Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 01:41 AM 04-02-2010
Awww, congrats!!!
momto4plus4's Avatar momto4plus4 01:45 AM 04-02-2010
Wow, how exciting! Congratulations and looking forward to hearing the whole story!
triony's Avatar triony 06:48 PM 04-02-2010
artemis33's Avatar artemis33 07:13 PM 04-02-2010
leavemealone's Avatar leavemealone 07:17 PM 04-02-2010
ann_of_loxley's Avatar ann_of_loxley 09:52 AM 04-03-2010
Ooo Congrats hun!!!