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April 2010 > Anyone feel like they have to do #2 all the time?
Georgetown HB Mom's Avatar Georgetown HB Mom 01:55 AM 04-13-2010
Sorry, if TMI but this is annoying. The last couple of days I feel like I have to go #2 all the time. I go to the bathroom and rarely does anything happen. I think I am pretty empty all ready. This baby is just sitting really low? Anyone else feeling major pressure on their bowels?


GreenTeaGinger61's Avatar GreenTeaGinger61 02:03 AM 04-13-2010
Yup. I've lived on the toilet today. TMI alert: IT HURTS! I dread the feeling that I have to poo now. Ark!
briome's Avatar briome 08:52 AM 04-13-2010
Me too! It feel like resistance getting some of the 'product' past a certain point where the head is down there.
I think that adds to the feeling like there is always something going on down there. My MW asistant said that this feeling is more likely in later pregnancies (I didn't have this with my first or even my 2nd) but now everything is so spready the rest of the pelvic floor is getting into play...

Oh and I had a acupucture appt yesterday and have been having a lot more contractions that feel more real, but not organized yet (3 ten minutes apart then some here or there etc then again together hours later)
aprilgurlie's Avatar aprilgurlie 09:35 AM 04-13-2010
Yes! Man, I feel like I constantly have to do #1, 2 AND 3. Three being push this baby out. It is weird and annoying because sometimes when I have to go the way I sit on the toilet it aggrivates my sciatic nerve and I can't relax and get the job done! ARG!
Jeannabna's Avatar Jeannabna 11:21 AM 04-13-2010
I do, and I try to make myself think its a contraction. Then I go to the bathroom and I feel better.
4lilfarmers's Avatar 4lilfarmers 03:59 PM 04-13-2010
yes! but i don't mind too much--just my body getting ready.