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Hamish turned exactly four months old yesterday! This is a typical day for him. (I thought it would be fun to see what he gets up to cause usually the day goes by in such a blur! I was wondering exactly how much he fed for and how much he was in the sling for and how often he slept, etc! - Very interesting to find out myself! hehe - Scroll to the bottom if you just want to see these 'statistics'!)

~ A day in the life of a baby-led; co-sleeping, exclusively breastfeeding, baby wearing and ECing four month old baby in our modern world.

Saturday evening:

10:05 - Right boob to sleep for about 25 mins in the family bed where he spends his nights right next to me on either side depending on which boob he is on - I tend to have a large supply and very fast letdowns along with a baby who mostly snacks and likes to comfort suck often so I 'block feed' to control my supply as well as making sure he is getting a good balance of foremilk/hindmilk.

11:10 - dream fed on right boob.

> no idea how many times he feeds through the night, as he sleeps through all his night feeds - I do too! I am only vaguely aware that he feeds a few times but I know he must feed more than that. Sometimes they are just quick feeds and sometimes he is attached for hours<


6:20 - Left boob feed for about 10 mintues as he starts to wake up for the day.

6:35 - fully awake now! He always looks at me and smiles like he is so happy to be alive in in this world of ours! I offer him the potty of which he does pee and poo. It is still early so we stay in the bed for awhile just playing and enjoying eachothers company!

6:50 - I offer him the potty again. It has been a long night so he tends to need it a handful of times upon waking! He needs another poo.

7:00 - Left boob feed for about 5 minutes.

7:05 - Offer potty and he does a big pee! He then spends some time rolling around in the bed and trying to eat a muslin whilst popping on and off the left boob several times and talking loudly to me in a very high pitched squeel that is so cute but always wakes up daddy. He has also discovered the joys in kicking and loves to kick his legs agressively like he is riding a bike! He likes it when I tickle his face with the muslin and has such a great giggle!

7:35 - Pottied as he needed another pee.

7:40 - starting to get tired. He pops on and off left boob making soft cooing noises.

7:55 - Finally falls asleep at left boob.

8:50 - Woke up, still nursing left boob - has been the whole nap.

8:55 - Offered potty and he does a big wee.

9:00 - Offered potty again and he does another big wee and poo.

9:10 - I get out the playmat and he plays on this on the bathroom floor next to the bath whilst I have a shower.

9:20 - Getting fussy on playmat = becoming not happy there so daddy comes to the rescue so I can finish getting clean!

9:35 - Pee miss with daddy so I clean that up and put him on my back in the Zidee pod.

9:50 - Fussy on back so take him down and he has a good 10 minute feed on the right boob now.

10:00 - Peed in potty.

10:03 - On my front in the pod sling.

10:13 - Fast asleep in the pod!

10:45 - Woke up and fed on the right boob for about 5 mins.

10:50 - Peed in potty.

10:55 - Had some floor time whilst I got dressed (missed a pee and cleaned this up).

11:10 - Lap time (aka playing with mummy whilst being held on lap! lol)

11:13 - Changed clothes for the day.

11:15 - Played with different types of pod carries. Positive some of them are simply impossible for any human baby! lol

11:25 - Very tired baby getting fussy with fiddly mummy. Settled on a pod carry on my front and prepared to head out the door to do some shopping at Tesco.

12:10 - Finally fell asleep...Tesco clearly too exciting to sleep through! Fell asleep just as we got home!

12:55 - 'Dream feeds' (aka nurses whilst still asleep) till 1:15 on right boob.

1:15 - Wakes up. Pees in potty offered.

1:20 - Put on my back in the pod as I notice the sun is shining and must make hay so I put up the laundry to dry.

1:35 - Has some floor time whilst I tidy the kitchen.

1:45 - Happy in ring sling.

2:00 - Still awake so has some lap time. Tries to eat his babylegs. He really loves to mouth fabrics!

2:05 - Pees and poos in potty offered.

2:20 - Nurses on right boob for about 5 minutes. Continues to play with mummy on lap.

3:00 - Feeds on left boob for another 5 minutes.

3:05 - Showing he is tired but not wanting to nurse to sleep so back into the ring sling he goes!

3:10 - Fast asleep in the ring sling!

4:11 - Dream feeds on left boob.

4:27 - Wakes.

4:30 - Pees in potty.

4:31 - Plays on bed with mummy. He just can't help but roll around!

4:45 - Pees and poos in potty.

4:46 - Plays on mummys lap...impossible to do anything on the computer whilst he is awake as he is always drawn towards the keyboard! Such fun!

4:58 - Plays with Daddy downstairs for a bit pee miss - Daddy will learn one day!)

5:07 - Back into the ring sling.

5:25 - Feeds on left boob for 5 minutes.

5:35 - Pees and poos in potty.

5:36 - Plays with Daddy for a bit!

6:05 - Into wrap and out for a walk we go! Over to a friends house for a bit!

6:45 - Feeds on left boob for about 5 minutes. Getting tired.

6:50 - Back into the wrap as he is tired and rubbing his eyes.

6:55 - Fast asleep in the wrap!

7:35 - Slowly wakes up with look of where the heck am I on his face as we are still at friends house. Daddy planing camping trip with mate whilst brother is being chased by kissing girls.

7:40 - Pees in potty offered and back into wrap where he is comfy and happy to watch world go by.

8:00 - Head back home. Nice time out.

8:20 - Home - park ourselves on the sofa. Left boob feed for about 10 minutes.

8:31 - Pees and poos in potty.

8:32 - Plays in mummy's lap.

8:45 - Nurses on left boob for about 5 minutes.

8:50 - Up to bed as he is showing he is tired. Rolls around on bed for a bit. He gets a bit silly and giggly when he is tired - so cute!

9:00 - Nurses to sleep on left boob. Pops off deep in sleep after about 20 minutes.

9:20 - Fast asleep in family bed.

11:15 - I am ready for bed now and take my place next to him whilst he smells me and has a nice dream feed whilst I drift off to sleep.


Statistics (roughly - cause you know my maths isn't that great!):

Time spent feeding (at the boobies of course!): Just over 3 Hours ...Not counting how many times he feeds at night (because I do not know this!) - He had <em>13 feeds </em> today!...THIRTEEN!!! Totally NORMAL! All ranging from over an hour (sleepy feeds - aww!) to just five minutes at a time!

Time spend Sleeping (as babies do!): 4 Hours and 40 Minutes. (roughly of course - this doesn't count the - roughly - 9 hours he gets at night...whilst he does feed in the night, anywhere from two feeds to who knows...maybe six! - he never wakes up for these as everything he needs is right there within his reach!)

Time spent 'in-arms' (anyway but 'detached' - i.e. in a sling or on my lap or in my actual arms!): 11 hours and 30 minutes!

Time spent in actual sling (of which I have a variety and use throughout the day to suit our needs!): 6 Hours and 30 Minutes!

Pottied Time (aka - Elimination Communication: My time spent offering him the potty and 'clean up', of which he used every time with only three wee misses on average a day that always occur when he is not 'in arms'): 5 Minutes and 50 Seconds. (wow - not that much! I wonder how long a person spends changing nappies on average a day - disposable and/or cloth!?!)

Floor time (aka - 'detachment' time): 30 minutes

Time spent crying: ZER0 (He has no need to cry at this point - All his basic human needs are constantly being met naturally!)
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Wow, that's a lot of detail!
I can give a rough idea of Henry's day

Wakes for a feed around 5:30 or 6am, maybe awake for 10 min and then back to sleep, usually until 10am!!
Nurses, offered potty, changed and dressed and ready to do whatever we are doing that morning (park, appointments). Basically he spends the rest of the day in and out of the wrap on my back while I do stuff with the other kids.
We try to be home for afternoon nap. He definitely likes his bed. I usually nurse him when he shows tired signs, but since he will not nurse to sleep, I eventually just lay him down and leave him there and he puts himself to sleep (yes, he really does this without crying!!). Naps for a couple of hours and then hangs out on my back or in his chair while I make dinner.
Has an evening cat nap at some point and then down for the night around 10ish. He wakes several times, but we both mostly sleep through it.

Mama to Finn (04/05) Arlo (04/07) and Henry (04/10)
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DS1 used to just put himself to sleep as well! Hamish - can't do!...its why I think he hates the car seat.
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heehee - i wanna share this link w/friends - awesome

~ Professor Mama to Gabito (July '07) & Danita (April '10) ~
A PhD = + +
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Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley View Post
DS1 used to just put himself to sleep as well! Hamish - can't do!...its why I think he hates the car seat.
Funny, Henry can only put himself to sleep on his belly, so he hates the car seat too, lol! Although it is getting much better now...

Mama to Finn (04/05) Arlo (04/07) and Henry (04/10)
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