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MommaCrystal's Avatar MommaCrystal 10:20 PM 09-17-2009
I am 5 weeks 3 days! A gentleman I was working with this evening (I've only met him once before - last week), asked me if I was expecting.

I was SHOCKED! I can NOT be showing already!

I told him the truth and informed him that he was very brave and took quite a risk with that question.

I'm feeling mighty depressed to be showing already. I am NOT ready to spill the beans!

What on earth do I do now?

I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt (not too form fitting not baggy), and a cardigan sweater.


dannic's Avatar dannic 01:00 AM 09-18-2009
Yeah, I'm 5 wks today and showing...#4 and all that...we haven't told either. What erked me was that a rumor was going round my church that I was expecting two months before I was. I had gained 10 pounds because of thyroid med treatment (frustrating! to gain right BEFORE, argh!) I had people hinting to dh and MIL and someone asked me. Nope, just fat...
So now that I am, I'm expecting people to think I'm further along...nope, just showing too soon.

That guy was a tad brazen...some people...
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 10:46 AM 09-18-2009
I'm on baby #6, 10th pregnancy, and have 4 living children, so once I start growing everything LOOKS bigger and out more. I'm so surprised that someone at work didn't ask me, I've been wearing maternity dresses because they are just more comfortable that the form fitting "regular" dress that are in styles these days, and my gut is visible, but I am also 10lbs over weight after having our last DS last year. I think I'm at 148ish right now, which for my size looks pudgy

I'm also surprised that he had the nerve to actually ask if you were pregnant, at 5 months someone asked me that with DS1 and I looked her in the eye (I was her manager at the time) and said "no, I've just put on a few pounds" her jaw dropped, then I told the truth, but really?!?!?
Jelinifer's Avatar Jelinifer 12:02 PM 09-18-2009
You can definitely tell with me. I am overweight but my belly has gotten alot bigger over the past few weeks and I can definitely feel the eyes on me at work... I work with mostly women who love to gossip too... SO far it's been don't ask don't tell at work though I'm sure everyone knows. I'm going to hold out until we hear a h/b to tell work, no matter how huge I am before then!
organicpapayamama's Avatar organicpapayamama 12:20 PM 09-18-2009
this made me laugh. i was acutally asked it I was pg about a week before my bfp.... uggggg
Katie Ever's Avatar Katie Ever 12:27 PM 09-18-2009
People might be asking based on an intuitive hunch.. not so much size.. just a thought (either way I think its rude to ask)
coley's Avatar coley 12:46 PM 09-18-2009
the women at my work are such gossipers that before i told anyone they were sipping about me being pregnant. In normally a healthy eater and so when they noticed i started eating anything and wearing low shoes they assumed i was pregnant! I was furious at them! Finally the leader of the bunch started asking me silly questions about why my stomach looks soooo much bigger than normal and another lady asked me if i was pregnant because my stomach is usually sooooooo flat and now its kinda sticking out there! So i guess i am showing already!
Chamsia's Avatar Chamsia 04:29 PM 09-18-2009
That guy was so rude to ask.

Long before both pregnancies I'd get asked all the time as I am a small person with a pot belly. Lots of people have no tact!
shmer24's Avatar shmer24 04:51 PM 09-18-2009
I'm around 5wks and my dad already said he could tell I was getting bigger.

Thats great dad, just what I wanted to hear!
shmer24's Avatar shmer24 04:52 PM 09-18-2009
Originally Posted by Katie Ever View Post
People might be asking based on an intuitive hunch.. not so much size.. just a thought (either way I think its rude to ask)
Some women do have that "Glow" and it probably was that over size, I agree.
Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 09:18 PM 09-18-2009
Originally Posted by Katie Ever View Post
People might be asking based on an intuitive hunch.. not so much size.. just a thought (either way I think its rude to ask)
I agree. I think some people are just good at figuring out a pregnant woman...that said, I also agree that it was A HUGE risk for him to ask!
gillibean's Avatar gillibean 10:38 PM 09-18-2009
Wow, I can't believe he asked. I wanted to try to keep people from knowing as long as possible but it's not really going to happen here. There's only one hospital/medical establishment of any kind here and one of my friends is the receptionist for the family medicine clinic there. Another friend is the ultrasound tech and yet more friends are doctors/nurses/lab tech - you get the picture. It seems sort of pointless for them to all know and other friends to not know. The ones that I really want to keep it from are DH's coworkers, we'll see how that goes. I usually don't show till I'm about half-way through. I don't know what's worse though, showing early or just looking bigger than normal for a few months before it becomes more obvious.
klocke's Avatar klocke 10:48 PM 09-18-2009
I'm 5 weeks along with baby #4 and I know my belly has changed shape even though the scale says I've actually lost 3 lbs. (food aversions right now). I had to start wearing maternity clothes a few days ago because by the end of the day my stomach felt sore in my regular clothes. And of course everything maternity makes you look even bigger so I look like 4 months right now. It is hard as a woman to feel "fat" because I know realistically the baby is like the size of a grain of rice and shouldn't be making my belly bigger already. But then I remind myself these changes are all due to the wonderful things that are going on inside me.
starkyld's Avatar starkyld 08:40 AM 09-19-2009
A friend of my mother-in-law asked about a week before I found out. She's quite a character: 70 years old, Russian, *amazing* body, usually in zippered miniskirts, high heels, and Dior. We were all at my husband's parents' house for a Labor Day party. Rather than saying hello, she put her hand on my stomach and asked, "What's in there?" I was, as you can imagine, shocked and somewhat upset, but I answered "Nothing" and tried to forget about it for the rest of the party. When I told my husband, he remarked that I should have responded, "A bagel and Chinese food."

This has led to me using "Bagel" as my placeholder name for the podling. Last night I remarked that I needed Chinese food and my husband responded, "You are not having twins!"