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I'm soooo moody. I'm easily annoyed. I have little patience. My body is aching and my back hurts. I have heartburn all the time. When I stand up and walk around the pressure is almost painful. I can't breath normally and I'm not sleeping. My toddler is driving me insane and my husband isn't helping enough. Ugh! I'm so ready to just be done and have my baby here. I hope he comes a little early. I still have 4 weeks to go and I'm just exhausted

Michigan native living in Jersey with my hubby, sweet girl (4), wild boy (2), and baby girl due Dec. 18th! 

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oooh, I was sooo feeling the same way yesterday. I am having tons and tons of contractions and its EXHAUSTING!!!! My tailbone hurts when baby does any big movements, it hurts to walk with all the pressure on my pelvic. My hips ache all through the night and makes sleeping an aweful experience.

I am definately feeling like this is the end but crazy to think that I could still be pregnant for another 6 weeks?? I HOPE not!!! Yikes!!!

And on the other hand, I will miss my belly. I love it sooooo much!!

And omg, I am hugely annoyed by anything and will cry at the drop of a hat. Just feeling so touchy these days!! I told my mom yesterday that if labor starts in the day, I am sending my dd and the dog to her house so I can labor in peace. Every little thing/sound BOTHERS me.

Melissa loving my DH and DD(4yr)hearts.gif Most likely in my garden. Two angel.gif that I'll remember forever. My baby is here!!! Ethan Matthew came at 42 weeks on 5/19/10 9.10 lbs hbac.gif
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Um, all I can say is amen! Between the heartburn and the insomnia I am sooooooo cranky!

M :, wife to P :, Proud new mama to N
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Count me in. Today I feel like I smacked right into the end of pregnancy ready to be done wall.

Have any of you tried Papaya Enzyme for your heartburn? This is the first pregnancy I've used it, and I have to say, it works really well for me. Just make sure you get a quality brand. The first bottle I had was, then my husband ran to Walmart to get some more, and they didn't work nearly as well.

jamie. crinkly (not quite crunchy) mama to 4 amazing girls, an awesome little boy, and a little surprise making a debut this winter.
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Tell me about it! My belly is measuring about 45 - 46cm right now and I hurt all over. My hips literally pop when I walk and just standing up puts so much pressure on my bladder that I feel like I have to pee all the time. And nights are the worst! I can't sleep at all, getting up 4-5 times every night to pee and it is incredibly painful to get up and walk to the bathroom. Almost like since I've been laying there for two hours my body gets sore. I'm more than ready to be done with this but at the same time it is my last pregnancy for sure and I want to enjoy it but there is nothing enjoyable right now.

Katana - Full time student : and SAHM to 5 kids
Boy / Girl Twins born 5/5/2010!!!
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I'm ready too but not because I'm uncomfortable or moody. I'm actually feeling really great physically and emotionally. But I just can't wait to meet my little girl. I have been waiting for this moment for sooooo long. Pretty much since I concieved dd1. So it has felt like a lifetime for me.


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Yes to that. The heartburn and insomnia are the worst. My enzymes worked great for a while, but I'm apparently beyond help now. The insomnia is nature's cruel joke. Just when we need to rest the most, we can't. I'm also sick of BH contractions, and the weird nerve stuff that goes on in the nether regions.
I did just have a serious spurt of nesting energy though. I have everything I need for labor and PP, except some lanolin, pretty much all laundry is clean, the walls and doors are scrubbed, the kitchen is as close to spotless as it can get, and I hung up our new message center. I also installed the car seats yesterday.
The birth tub also arrived today and is humming away in the family room.
Now I can relax and enjoy my mini nap (the insomnia is always present, so my naps are very short now), and the date night to follow.

Home water birthing, non-circing, delayed vaxing, co-sleeping, babywearing, extended nursing Mommy to DS1 5/08, DS2 5/10 and wife to sweetest hubby ever.
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Im getting there! The worst thing for me is Ive suddenly developed horrible gallbladder attacks, which Ive never had to deal with before. I have never felt anything like it in my life and I have a very high tolerance for pain. My regular doc wants to do an u/s this week to check for stones/blockage but even if there are stones or a blockage I couldnt have it removed until after the baby is born. (I think this has been the cause of all my "stomach" issues this pregnancy). She gave me painkillers to use, and I hate to, but there are times when it drives me to me knees it is so bad. I hate to think I have to keep feeling this way for another 6 weeks. I too cry at the drop of a hat and am so irritable with everyone.

SAHM Wiccan mama to 4boys, 3girls and 3 angels.
UC/UP/EBF/AP/CD/BW, Waterbirthing, Homeschooling, no circ, no vax.
Expecting #8 on Dec 6th, 2011
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This thread helps a bit, I was so annoyed with DH today for a dumb reason. I asked him to go put newspapers in the recycling bin for me and come back so we could work on the dinner list for the week. He gives me a hard time about it and I just need the papers out of my room and tell him so. So he goes and then does not come back for a long time leaving me waiting on him and grumpy and then when he comes back he says he was picking something up to make his going to put the papers away worth the trip to the other room.... COME ON NOW! I wanted to scream, to break something, not like me at all. Finally I just asked him to cuddle with me while we make the lists together.

I really don't like eating these days with how low carb I have to be for the blood sugar numbers I need to stay low risk. It is bothering me so much. Between the heart burn and painful gas I hadly sleep. I was up at 3am last night in a warm bath just to get the pain to be a bit less.

I keep telling myself I can do this and that baby will run the house when she comes and who knows if sleep will be more or less and recovering from the birth might not be as easy as I think it will be and having to take special care of my female parts and what if breastfeeding does not go smoothly how much I might cry over that again (as I have my other babies) and for now I think I can more than do past my due date when I get to thinking this way. Not to mention I am simply not ready.

I feel for you though, not too much longer now and you will hold your sweet one!

Army wife to wonder hubby. Mama to 4 and Surrogate mother x2.: Zoey Born 5/7/2010
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Proud Momma of 2 boys R(6) L(4) & finally a GIRL (5/29/10)
..Fused & Fabulous!
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ooohhh Katana-you make me want to just be quiet and give thanks...I imagine you're feeling a little bit "stick a fork in me-done" about now! But wowweee, you're holding out beautifully!

I've been in denial I'm even pregnant to be honest. I feel so far behind. I'm 33.2 weeks and feeling more like 20. I honestly am not sure why my brain is so far in denial. I feel way better than my last pregnancy, so I am thinking it's just a healthy feel good thing. Course, I have another month til I'm full term so I am actually hoping to feel done by around that time, otherwise I don't think my mind will be in the right spot of birthing time....does that make sense? Now I just feel weird.

DH has been watching me, giving me the weird eye lately and mentioned something about my carb cravings right before birth and how at the store he grabbed some carby foods...I had to remind him I've got another month yet I think he's more ready than I am at this point!

Midwife. Mama to five. Love is still the greatest.
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I feel the same way, and am SO tired of being in pain and cranky. AND then I feel really guilty because DS1 was born at 34 weeks and spent a week in the NICU and that was a nightmare and I swore I would never wish for a pregnancy to end *early* and yet here I am so stinking ready to be D.O.N.E. It isn't helping that I'm experiencing crazy pre-term labor and intense contractions and have spent nights in L&D already. That I did a round of terb and that was :horrid: That my doula is out of town till Saturday and my other doula (dear friend) lives 8 hours away and is here :NOW: and trying to figure out if she should go home again or if we are having a baby...Ahhhhh. I feel your pain.
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