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Tear jerker...full on good cry inducing poem...but I have to share..

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I found this in the hours before I had my second son....and I just found it in my journal. So with all of our impending births I wanted to share it with you all

These Last Few Hours
author unknown:

It is important to me
that I spend a part
of the next few hours
here alone with you
in the darkness.
You and I will never be
this close again.
Soon you will be
a tiny person
all on your own.
No longer the kicking,
demanding bulge in my body
that I have grown to love so much.
I pray that you will be safely guided
on your journey to my arms
and I ask for the strength, courage and
the power of birthing, to open my body and mind for you
And ever so gently us as one will become two.

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Yep. I cried.
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DDCC - that's a great poem!
HappilyEvrAfter's Avatar HappilyEvrAfter
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Oh my gosh! Sorry to barge in....I'm not even remotely pregnant and I shed a tear thinking about the night before I had my son (who's now 5).

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That's just beautiful. Glad you posted the tear-jerker warning though!
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bumping this
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Yep. Crying here, too.....
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Ok, this was so awesome! I got to reflect back on my last night pregnant with my newborn daughter- a peaceful night spent at the birthing center after my water broke, just waiting for her. We ended up in the hospital the next day, so this poem was really special thinking about that "last time alone in the darkness".

I was so sick and glad to have her out of my belly that I hadn't taken the time to think about how special it was. Thanks for sharing!
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