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May 2010 > Does bloody show have to be mucousy? possibly TMI
Hooplehead's Avatar Hooplehead 09:13 PM 05-05-2010
I have been having some pretty strong BH this afternoon. They are happening more regularly and lasting a little longer. Earlier I noticed blood when I went to the restroom. It seemed thin, more like menstrual blood. There was not a whole lot of it but it did seem odd since I have been expecting mucous tinged with blood.

It just reminded me of when my period first starts, kinda freaked me out a little but I don't want to go off on a ignorant first time mom scare.

I am going to sit tight and see what happens - no sense in calling anyone about it I guess.

organicpapayamama's Avatar organicpapayamama 10:31 PM 05-05-2010
I would think everyone is different. With my bloody show with ds there wasn't really what I would call mucus. It was like a jelly glob that was clear.
khaoskat's Avatar khaoskat 10:44 PM 05-05-2010
Your cervix could have effaced a bit or even dilated a bit, which could have caused a small blood vessel to is very common in pregnancy, especially this late in the game....

But if you are worried you could always call provider.
sweet_tart_vt's Avatar sweet_tart_vt 10:53 PM 05-05-2010
It could very well be a capillary break Mama. This far along things are pretty sensitive "up there". Not being nosey, but have you had sex recently? Even if it's very gentle that can result in some light bleeding, as well as having had an internal exam from your MW/OB/HCP. It could also be your bloody show/mucus plug. Sometimes a mucus plug is just mucus, sometimes just bloody, sometimes boody mucus. There are so many variables. I would just keep an eye on things and monitor your BH, they might very well pick up and become stronger. If so, expect to see more "show" as things pick up the pace. On the other hand, you may have to sit tight for awhile longer. You can have a show/lose your plug and still stay pregnant for awhile longer. Just keep yourself as comfy as you can and keep aware. Best of Luck!