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Copy and pasted from my facebook:
Kai Ambrose Paez was in my arms at 9:16 am May 10th after 2 hours and 45 minutes of labor. Hard labor, mind you.
After I heard the news 3 days prior at my appointment that I was 3-4 cms dialated, 90% effaced and baby boy was at station 1, I knew it wouldn't be much longer. I was beaming and couldn't wait to tell Derrick. I was 38 weeks 2 days pregnant and didn't think I would deliver earlier than 40 weeks. Seeing as how Joslyn was born so premature I just had a haunting feeling Kai would be born 'late' and it was just unsettling to think of the possibility that my daughter was born too soon and how ironic it would be for our son to be born well past the full term mark.
The news of a possible weekend delivery floored me. Suddenly everything had to be done, dates had to be made, (after all, it would be the last hoorah so to speak being a single married couple). We went to see Babies in theatres as my mothers day present. We arrived at the mall early and Derrick was scared I would give birth right there while walking to pass the time. I had started having regular contractions, although they never really got closer together or stronger. That night we went home and things seemed to fizzle out. The next day I lost my mucus plug and that was a treat. It's amazing how happy that can make an anxious pregnant mama feel. I was ecstatic. Things really seemed to be progressing like the doctor predicted. Throughout the day there was more, but it just didn't seem like I was making enough progress. I kept saying to Derrick, "Bring on the contractions!" To which he would reply, "You do know that you will be giving birth soon, so try not to stress out about it and just let nature take its course. "Ha. Well he was right. I should have taken a nap. I would have had I known how things would play out very shortly.
Sunday was Mothers day and it was a different experience. Being so close to delivering what I hoped would be a healthy baby boy and remembering that even if he never existed I was still a mother to my Joslyn. I felt like I was in limbo having two children who weren't really mine yet. Although I do know that no matter what they completely are. They are both mine. I now have a son and a daughter and do feel very lucky even though I wish I could have kept them both.
Sunday night I wanted to buy a birth ball. I wanted to bounce up and down on it to make things happen. I guess I knew he was just right there. But instead, Derrick mentioned that nature would take its course and that it would be soon, to just try and relax. Around 6:30 A.M. as I was laying on my side I felt a punch to my cervix and then a small gush. I threw my blankets off me and said to Derrick something along the line of, "Umm, Ehhh, Ummm I think my water just broke." I got out of bed and I felt a bit more fluid and warmth and I just knew it was it. I started to have painful contractions right away. I called the hospital and let them know what was going on. The receptionist asked my doctors name and if I wanted to be called back. I told them Noooo that I needed to come now as I was sure this was it and he was coming.
I had a hospital bag prepped, but sure enough scrambled to get some other things I needed. I tried to hurry us out the door, but needed some family phone numbers and sat down to find them online, another contraction hit and I realized they were not only painful, but becoming closer together. On the road we went and every pothole sent me straight to irritated. I think I even flipped someone off for stopping so abruptly and turning on their turn signal late.
At the hospital the nurses didn't even send me right to maternity. They had me in a small room in triage and asked me to lay down and wear a contraction monitor. At first that was fine, but not for long, because the contractions were becoming very painful and closer together. I told Derrick I needed an epidural asafp. That's as soon as f'ing possible. I remember telling him I wanted to really enjoy him being born...trying to make myself feel better for asking, (even though I never was one to really see it as an issue for those that do take the meds), but I really wanted a natural birth. Turns out it was probably too late to even wait for an anesthesiologist.
I started clawing at the monitor belts they had placed on me, telling Derrick that, "It REALLY hurts!" The nurse came in to tell me my doctor has asked if I wanted an epidural. I told her "Yes!" I was quite shocked I believe. I still remember Derrick with a kind of grin on his face. A Very Nervous one. He wanted to laugh, I just know it. He was so uncomfortable that he couldn't help it. Somehow he managed not to and the nurses came in to take me out to my maternity room.
We walked down the hall, into the room and I went straight to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for God knows what reason and then suddenly felt the urge to push. I swear if there was a tree in that room, I would have climbed it. I don't know how I had the strength, because I feel like when you're in labor you have no control of your legs. I yelled that I had to push and that's when one nurse said to the other, "We need to check her." Sure enough after she took a peek I heard, "She's complete." It was all a rush after this.
I saw them putting babys stuff together, the scissors, ect..you know, all the things they need for when he's delivered.. They were saying, "Where's the Dr?" That definitely made me uneasy. I told the nurse I needed to push and I think from experience she told me to go ahead. A laboring woman really can't just 'wait'. I started to push a bit and my doctor arrived. She asked me if I had to push and if I still wanted an epidural. I knew at this point I could do it on my own, and I really, really, really didn't want to have to wait on anybody. It all went pretty fast from there on. Derrick was on my left, nurse was on the right and my doctor in front of course. I couldn't lift my own legs to push, so everytime I felt a contraction I would say, "ok" and Derrick and the nurse would lift my legs. Derrick now says I barely made a sound. Just the small sounds from pushing. He said inbetween contractions I wasn't myself. He asked where my mind was. I told him I was just saving my energy. Everytime I dropped my legs and hands after a push, wherever they landed is where they stayed and I didn't move until the next round.
And the next round was quick. It's as if my body took over and started to do the work, I couldn't help but push with all I had.
I started to feel the ring of fire and that's when I knew. I knew he was almost here. I was asked if I wanted to see his head. But I just couldn't, I was still feeling the contractions and was pretty paralyzed until it became time for another push. I noticed they were showing Derrick what was going on and how amazed he was seeing his hair. With the next contraction I pushed twice. I didn't realize that if I pushed again he would come out, but he did! I felt instantly better. Of course, right? They put him on my chest with a blanket and I just remember looking at his hands. Breathing really heavy in and out just RELIEVED he was alive! He was actually here! I stared at his little hands and was just in shock. Derrick cut the cord and they removed him to have me focus on the placenta. Is there any way to make this part pretty? I remember really wanting to see it, out of curiosity to see what had kept my little one alive all this time. I was so grateful and just wanted to aknowledge it so to speak (lol). When that was over I had the pleasant experience of being 'fixed' up with some stitches. I remember asking the doctor when it would be done. She said 5 minutes, I said, "I am SO doneeeee." They said I had a 2nd degree tear, which I don't even know the meaning of. And I haven't had the urge to find out! I just wanted to hold my little guy. He was being weighed and having his pictures taken with daddy.
After a while things settled down and we were finally able to enjoy our time alone with Kai. Seeing him in person, feeling his skin and hearing his sounds just amazed me. I feel so lucky to add him to our family. We already couldn't wait to get home and start our life together. All in all I would say the hospital stay was pretty upsetting. I rarely got a break to enjoy him enough. There was always someone in and out of our room and we just wanted our privacy. Now I know why some (most?) prefer a midwife. Now that we are home we have gotten into a routine, it is tough sometimes, but also very rewarding. Derrick and I are making sure that we are still taking the time to relax and wind down. We're having fun with our son and looking forward to every day with him. We've realized that mornings are now our favorite. We've been getting up with Kai at night, feeding him, changing him and putting him back to sleep. When we wake up for the day we feel rested and excited to start our day. When 3 oclock comes we start to get disappointed that our favorite time of the day is almost over. Derrick gave me a hug yesterday and said "We're really good parents." So, there ya go.

Jessicaintactlact.gif, wife to Derricklurk.gif, missing Joslyn angel3.gif, 22 weeks 06.18.08, rainbow1284.gifBaby Kai Ambrose 05.10.10 and Isla Blythe born on Thanksgiving '12 uc.jpg

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what a great story! thx for sharing! i'm so glad you guys are having so much fun with your lil' kai!!
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I think it is neat we both had a Kai! It's not that common of a name around here, and I had no idea someone else in this DDC was using it! Congratulations!!!

Naomi, mama to Faith (12/03) and Hannah (12/06) and Kai, a homebirth.jpg waterbirth.jpg on 5/15/10
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Lovely story! Congrats on your sweet little guy.

Home water birthing, non-circing, delayed vaxing, co-sleeping, babywearing, extended nursing Mommy to DS1 5/08, DS2 5/10 and wife to sweetest hubby ever.
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Great story! Congratulations!!! I love the name Kai btw!

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Great birth story!! T.y for sharing. Makes me think back on my birth with my 2 babes, sounds way too similar.
Congrats on lil Kai and enjoy the babymoon!!!

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Yay Mama! What a great surprise....I love it when you're further along than you think and you are stronger than you think and whoa!!! You go naturally even though you weren't sure you would/could. Fabulous!

Livin' the good life here in Connecticut with my DH hug2.gif and our three fabulous boys grouphug.gif(4/3/06, 2/4/08 and 5/20/10) Hoping to try for Sweet Baby #4 in December! blowkiss.gif

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Oh Jess!! Congratulations and enjoy Kai I am so so happy for you.
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jamie. crinkly (not quite crunchy) mama to 3 amazing little girls, an awesome little boy, and a baby girl making her debut at the end of this summer.

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Congratulations! I know this moment has been a long time coming and I am so, so happy for you.
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Great story. I had to read parts out to DH, they were so funny (asafp )

Jezza, wife to T, oldmommers to E (7), A (4mos.) and three kitties
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Congrats momma!!!

Proud Momma of 2 boys R(6) L(4) & finally a GIRL (5/29/10)
..Fused & Fabulous!
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Jess, I'm am so so happy for you mama, I know what it's like to loose a precious one and be pregnant again and worry about EVERYTHING, but now your worry is over and your beautiful son is in your arms to stay. Congratulations again and welcome to the world baby boy Kai!!!

Tenk ~ happily married with lots of kids

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thanks everyone!

Originally Posted by tempestjewel View Post
I think it is neat we both had a Kai! It's not that common of a name around here, and I had no idea someone else in this DDC was using it! Congratulations!!!
i love the name. i do have a feeling it will get popular though. i don't know any kai's in person either.

Jessicaintactlact.gif, wife to Derricklurk.gif, missing Joslyn angel3.gif, 22 weeks 06.18.08, rainbow1284.gifBaby Kai Ambrose 05.10.10 and Isla Blythe born on Thanksgiving '12 uc.jpg

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I had always heard the fast labors are the most intense. You did great! Welcome to the world, Kai!

2.2006 * DS 12.24.2006 * Newbie due 5.19.2010 * planning our first
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Mommy to girls twins.gif 9/2005, our angel babies stillheart.gif 2004 and stillheart.gif 2005, and our intact, ebf superhero.gif4/29/2010.

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Welcome Kai Ambrose!!

*formerly apecaut*, Mom to A, Calliope (stillborn 40 weeks 6/22/07), A and O
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Just found this!!!! Congrats, mama! So very happy for you and your family. Enjoy your babymoon!

Ambrose is an old family name on my mom's side and I love it so much

Walking in the light with DH, DD (11/08), DS (4/10) , four dogs, and one insouciant cat.
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