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Ok, so I went to the OB yesterday and he said that the baby was vertex. I also had a nurse check the night before at a birth class. She thought the same. Baby is still high though. I keep saying to them, yeeeees, but isn't that normal in 2nd babies?

The funny thing is that I still have a big hard bump to the upper right of my navel, like I did before the version. Now they say it is the butt.

Anyway, we are tentatively back at the birth center. I have an appointment on Mon. If the MW thinks that the baby is *still* head down she wants to sweep the membranes to get things going. I'm all for that. I can't stand the uncertainty anymore!

For those of you that had it done, did it work? How long until labor started or baby was born?

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I had it done with my first and it didn't work at all. She came a week+ later. My Dr offered to do it this next Tues if I'm still preg, as I'd show 40+3 by her books. Right, wrong or indifferent, if I am still pregnant then, I will absolutely consent. I know there are mixed opinions on it. I do think that much of the time it helps either get things going or progress things a bit. I think my Dr said if you have no real action between 48-72hrs then it probably won't start things. I don't think I'd do it if I were only like 1cm or something, but hanging out at 4cm, I feel pretty good about.

Good luck and keep us posted!!
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I had it done with my 2nd and she wasn't born until 5 days later anyway. I swore i'd never do it again as it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable (read: painful)

well, ya.. i had it done yesterday, went against my gut feeling, and had 2 hrs of ctx last night, an hour this morning, lost my plug and now nothing at all.

sorry that doesnt help, just my experience

edited to add: the good thing about having it done yesterday is that it solidified for me the reason why I will never do it again. ever.

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DDC crashing here! I would avoid it. It's an Intervention just like any other. I had it with my first and it started prolonged prodromal labour.... And it hurt a lot!! just my two cents, and I know everyone's body will react differently, but after what happened to me I try to advise people against them.
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When researching it with my first I noticed many mixed opinions on the discomfort level. Some find it very painful and others not so much. Mine was no more uncomfortable than a normal PAP or something. Admittedly, I have a pretty durable cervix and not much I find really painful as far as exams and such.

I totally agree w/ PP that it is an intervention, so you have to weigh your personal situation. I know that after your successful version and hoping your babe stays head down for your birth center birth, the stakes feel pretty high. Like anything, you are educating yourself and make a choice based on your situation. For me, I felt good about my choice to do it w/ my DD1, given the situation. I decline w/ DD2 because it was a different situation.

Good luck either way!!
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I just wanted to chime in and add that my babe was still 'up high' the day before he was born. He's my fourth pregnancy.

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I'm not in your DDC, but saw this is in new posts.

I had it done with my first pregnancy, I was 39w 5d - I'm not sure why I had it done, my doctor didn't really encourage it or anything...but I digress....it worked for me. I thought it was uncomfortable and that was it. It was done at about 4 pm, by 5 I was having contractions, by 11 I was SURE I was in labor, and my ds was born at 7:40 a.m.

I also had it done with my second pregnancy, twice. With my DD, I had it done at the (different) doctor's suggestion - they feared she was small and that I didn't have enough fluid, plus I was past my due date (she was 10 days overdue when she was born with plenty of fluid, and weighing 9 pounds 2 ounces!) - both times hurt like heck and didn't do anything at all in terms of "starting" labor.

I probably wouldn't do it again.
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Add me to the club of 1. It hurt. 2. It didn't work.

Had it done with my first three kids...prior to learning the ways of the crunchies and finding myself at these here boards.

Would I do it again? Yes, but only IF I were 41-42 weeks...all my previous times were 39 weeks...not even full term. AND I'm not sure sure the OB's doing the sweeps really knew what the heck they were doing anyway, and they certainly didn't use the gentle hands my midwife does.

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