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Mommabean's Avatar Mommabean 12:36 AM 05-25-2010
I don't want to be a worry wart...but I don't know *sigh*

my right foot swelled up's twice the size as my left....I didn't notice any other swelling in my leg...but my right hand is slightly swollen...feels odd when I bend my fingers which is my only sign that it's a slight swelling.

I'm 40w4d today...and trying to remain calm and rational but I'm losing my peace over here.

Dajemadger's Avatar Dajemadger 02:19 PM 05-25-2010
did the swelling go down yet?
tippy's Avatar tippy 02:34 PM 05-25-2010
have you tried taking a warm epsom salt bath? i have been doing that for the past couple of weeks (though i had mild swelling before), and that has helped so much. i've read that ES is a detoxing agent. also, i would try elevating your feet and an ice pack on your right foot. i had to do that when i broke my ankle last yr. hope the swelling gets better!
maygee's Avatar maygee 02:49 PM 05-25-2010
I'd get it checked out, just in case. It might be a blocked lymphatic duct or something.
Mommabean's Avatar Mommabean 03:58 PM 05-25-2010
No I still have my hobbit foot and it's quite amusing to look all cleared and so it's most likely circulation since it's just my right...her head is to one side...and she's staying hands are better today....I just have to deal with my hobbitness

so at 40w5d I'm just going to have to laugh this all's getting crazy!