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Victoria Charlie came on May 18 at 12:44am. She weighed 7 pounds 2 oz. and 20 inches long.

I started having contractions on saturday the 15th that were anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart and regular for about 5 hours or so. After 3 hours of them I went to the labor and delivery to be checked. Well after being there for a couple of hours I had had no cervical change. I was at 1.5cm and still thick. Sunday was my normal bh ctx all day.
On Monday I woke up feeling as well as could be expected. I went for my morning walk and then went to the store. I noticed I was feeling some real ctx, or at least what I thought to be real. Well I went to pick up dd1 from pre-school and then we came home. I had some vegetables I needed to get in some pots. DD1 and I worked on those for a couple of hours.
At around 1pm I noticed these seemed to be coming at pretty regular intervals but still could work thru them. I thought ok maybe I need to go in and rest so I took a shower and went to fold socks on the bed. I was thinking ok I need to start timing these. They were 6 minutes to start for the first 3 I timed. Then went to 3 minutes apart very quickly with a few spaced out at 5 minutes and a couple at 2 minutes and lasting a good 40 seconds.
I got up to cook some dinner for DD1 and DH. I had no appetite at this point. I then quickly realized this is it. If not then I do not know what it is going to feel like.
I was induced with DD1 so did not get to experience the start of labor and was a 3 before being in any discomfort and got the epidural so I had not clue what labor felt like. I had said that I wanted to experience it this time but still wanted the epidural just not right away.
Well when I was cooking I was having to stop and just concentrate on breathing through. I called the nurse line and they told me to get to the hospital. I got there around 8pm on the 17th. They checked me and I was at 2 cm and 70%. They admitted me right away. When I got in a room around 9pm the labor and delivery nurse started to put the IV in my arm. She tried the first time and kept digging in my arm and could not get in the vein. She pulled out the needle and tried again in a different spot. As she was digging in the second spot while I was squirming to stay in the bed all while she was apologizing for hurting me my water broke. She got in the vein and then low and behold the vein blew. She went out to get a smaller needle. I told my DH that if she could not get it on this try I wanted someone different to try. When she walked back into the room she then said that if she could not get it on this try she would get someone else. Well she still had a little bit of problems geting it but finally did and was able to get the blood she needed for the lab so they could give me the epidural.
Well after my water broke my contractions hit hard they were a minute apart with no time to regain even a breath between them. I was in pure agony. All I could do since my water broke was to lay down in bed and it was pure torture.
The nurse checked me after getiing the blood to the lab and I was at 4cm already. The pain of the ctx were unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I kept telling my DH that I did not know how anyone could do this with out an epidural. I was screaming and I know the other ladies on the floor were thinking when is she going to be quiet. I had to go through about an hour or close to it just screaming. To top it all off we had our DD1 with us, who is only 4 years old by a couple of months. She was terrified seeing mommy that way. I finally had to ask DH to take her out of the room and the other nurses kept her busy coloring and such. At this point I am thinking if the ctx hurt this damn bad there is no way I can deliver this baby. I kept asking the nurse if the results were back yet. The nurse then tells me that when the doc comes in to do the epi that I was going to have to be still and in control. As I scream in agony "I am NOT in control" several times the nurse promptly tells me no, no you have to tell yourself "I am in control". I then said it aloud that I was in control several times. I did feel slightly more in control after that.
The epidural doc came in and I was never so happy to see anybody, except the results still not in. The nurse then stood in front of me as the doc put the novacaine in my back to numb it. Just as he started another ctx came and the nurse told me to bear down into the bed. That ctx actually did not hurt too bad being able to put that pain "elsewhere". I was having to sit on the edge of the bed with my head bent into the nurse with my back relaxed for the the epidural to be put in place. The results came in just as he was numbing my back. That was beautiful music to my ears. After about 10 minutes the pain was managable and then went away.
Well the nurse checked me shortly after the epi and I was 9.5cm with a slight lip. The nurse started some pitocin to help me fully dialate plus she said it helped with the bleeding after giving birth.
At 11pm I was ready to begin pushing. The nurse checked to see how the baby was facing. Victoria was head down but her face was pointed at my right hip. We then began pushing with me on my left side to try to turn her face down. After a little over one hour of pushing to get her turned she did. The OB then came in and we kept pushing to get her to make her appearance. After pushing until 12:44am Victoria came into the world.
They were able to place her on my chest and DH was able to cut the cord.
(This birth was much more pleasant than my DD1's birth. She was not breathing or anything when they pulled her out by vaccuum due to her heart rate dropping/stopped b/c her cord was too short and cut off her blood supply.)
I was a little nervous because Victoria was not crying too much. The nurse said she was fine and pinking up good. She was born with a head full of black hair, not sure what to do with it . DD1 still did not have much hair when she was two.
Victoria has been a pleasant baby so far. We were able to breastfeed about an hour or so after birth and she latched right on. She did not eat again really until 4:30pm the next day. She had swallowed afterbirth and had a tummy full as well as some on her lungs too. The nurses said it was nothing to worry about that it would be absorbed and she would be ok.
Well she is. She had lost down to 6 lbs 12 oz when we left. Her pediatrician visit on Monday she was already back up to her birth weight. She is nursing like a champ but I am having some latch on pain on one side only.
Thanks for listening and sorry it is so long!
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Walking in the light with DH, DD (11/08), DS (4/10) , four dogs, and one insouciant cat.
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Congrats Mama! Welcome to the world babygirl! So glad that this was a better experience for you than last time and you got to expereince more of the feelings you wanted. Birth can be a very intense experience and whatever gives you the control and comfort you need to birth your baby is the right choice for you. Hope you are feeling well. Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations! Love the name. My Catherine has a "man's" middle name, too!
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What a cute name mama, congratulations on Victoria Charlie~~~

Tenk ~ happily married with lots of kids

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Thank you Mamas! My DH and I COULD NOT agree on a name. He wanted Charlie which I was ok with, but he wanted it to be her first name. So...DH calls her Charlie, I call her Victoria, and DD1 calls her Victoria Charlie. His family calls her Charlie, it is a family name for them. My family calls her Victoria. DH has actually told me I will not call her Victoria I would call her Tori if I do not say Charlie. So it is kinda tense with the name. I think DH thinks that I wanted to name her Victoria after my mom, Vicky. I have told him numerous times that that is not it at all. I have loved that name since I was a little girl, that and Brook-Lynne but that name got tossed out the window b/c a previous Brook with him (which I do understand).
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Congratulations mama!! Welcome Victoria Charlie

I think that name is so adorable
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