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I told dp yesterday afternoon. I found out the day before and did another test yesterday morning to make sure. However I waited to tell him cause in the morning I was running a mini marathon and straight after that we were going to view our dream home to rent. So I thought that I'd wait til we had dinner and had a few mins peace from our other 2.
It was really nice actually, I told him and he said that he was delighted and asked how pregnant I was and how I was feeling and how,long I had known. He was a bit shocked but I know he is thrilled. Although he is saying that if this one is fine he's having the snip! The of course he went on to brag about how manly he was .
I don't want to tell anyone else yet, last time I told people at this stage, but I just want to keep itto ourselves a bit longer. I think part of the reason is that I want to be sure it's happening before I tell dd, and if I tell others I know she will pick up on it.
So who have you told and how?
Are you going to wait?
Much love Laura x
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With our first we waited until 9 weeks to tell anyone. It was great fun having our own little (huge!) secret for a while. Last night we told my parents about expecting our second (I'm in my 6th week). They were thrilled, of course, and it was fun sharing. We were planning to wait a bit longer but remembered that they are going on an extended trip soon, so we went ahead and told our good news (and they can bring back baby goodies from their trip ). Not telling anyone else though for a few more weeks.
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We told in tiers last time. It was nice to have it a secret from certain people the entire first tri, but it was exhausting too.

So far, this time, only my mom, my brother, and a friend from church know. I like to give a late due date since women in my family tend to go over (DS was 10 days "late"), so that means I have to wait until at least 6 weeks to announce anything (I'm only 4w4d now). That's when we plan on telling the ILs, my dad and other siblings, and our grandparents. I had originally wanted to wait until Thanksgiving to tell extended family and everyone else, but now that seems like a really long time.

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I've only told one friend and am waiting until I get my first ulatrasound (in 4-5 weeks) to tell my family and other friends. All of our family lives out of the area/out of state and since I m/c around 12 weeks last pregnancy I'm waiting until I actually SEE/HEAR this baby before telling everyone. I know friends that I see regularly will guess that I am probably around 7-8 weeks because I show early...I'm on the thin side so I can't really 'hide' my belly.

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I've told my husband and two close friends. That's it until I'm safely out of the first trimester. The last two times I was pregnant I was so excited I told a bunch of people and then had to go through the awkward experience of relating my losses. I am VERY hopeful that everything will work out okay this time. I would so love to tell my parents and in-laws that they have a grandchild on the way!!!

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We told family immediately with our own babies. With my surro son, due to a terrible reaction thanks to MIL - we waited to tell most everyone until well into second tri.

This time with my second surrogate baby, everyone knows. I was hoping to keep it from MIL for awhile, but BIL saw the positive digital on my FB (by accident, as I normally have him blocked from seeing my albums). He told MIL and well, she knows.. UGH.

So everyone knows.
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Only DH and one of my friends knows (we are the preggo secret keepers...we always tell each other first!)

We're not telling anyone else until Halloween, however, at 5 weeks I am starting to feel pudgy in the evening (this is pregnancy #3 and baby #2).
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Nobody knows right now except for DP. I'm not going to tell anyone until a little later in the pregnancy and that I know everything is "ok".
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Last time we told people right away. But this time, I don't know why... I just don't feel like telling anyone yet (except for DH, who I told right away). I think I'm still adjusting to the whole idea. I think I'm going to wait until it's really showing to tell anyone--even my family.
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I am usually good at not talking about my personal business but I am so excited that I am developing a compulsion to tell everyone. I was like that last time too. I am so aware of the fact that there is a person in my uterus that I guess I need to introduce them...

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Although I've had a loss I couldn't help myself and have already told quite a few friends - and posted on Facebook. Last time people were so excited for us when we were pregnant and so empathetic and supportive when we lost it that I don't mind them knowing.

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