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x-posted a vagina rant in Health & Healing, talked with midwife/chiropractor and some friends and yep, pretty much 250% confident it's SPD. The other night I was getting out of bed to pee and almost cried the pain was just so intense.

With my first pregnancy I was feeling awesome 90% of the time, and this kind of stinks. I can't stand for very long and when I'm walking I do this shuffle/waddle thing that's really pathetic. I've got months left!

Anyone else suffering/or has suffered and has advice or just wants to share the pain and plain SUCK that is SPD?

[oh and, I stopped breast feeding DD a year ago but just sneezed a breast milk shot out of my boob!]

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DDC crashing for the second time today to recommend this book:

It completely turned things around for me when I was in terrible pain in my second pregnancy (my first pregnancy I suffered through it, tried to keep my knees together and avoid moving around too much as per the standard advice, and things only got worse).
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I have it BAD! Had it with my previous pregnancies and it just seems to be getting worse. I have yet to find something that helps so days I can't walk. I feel your pain! Hang in there!

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Right there with ya. It's funny because I forget about it all the time. But then I do something insane like try to put on pants one leg at a time and just about pass out from the pain

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I get it on and off this pregnancy. Have been getting it since 18 weeks or so.

I have it through out the day but every night without fail, my right hip wants to give out, which only started when the SPD started. So weird.

But I feel ya.. sad to say. I should go into the chiro and I will.. eventually. :/ For now, I get the kids or DH to help me out a lot. And for putting on pants, I lay on the bed. For shoes, I leave my tennis shoes laced and just slip my feet into them (thankfully this works for me, for some I know it does not). I wear slippers which look like cutsie Ugg slippers in a way otherwise. I hang on to the wall when getting in and out of the shower. And thank goodness the counter in our bathroom is RIGHT next to the toilet, so I grip that to get myself back to standing up (or use it to sit down, since that hurts as well).

It's a pain.. for sure.
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Yep. I didn't have it with my pgcy with DD 7 years ago, but I surely do this time.

Mine isn't awful (yet). However, I just keep thinking about how big baby and my uterus are still going to get (DD was 9 lbs 8 oz). Then I do get a little scared. How will I walk comfortably then?

If I have a very active day - too much cleaning, too much running errands - by evening time my right hip, right sciatic nerve, and my inner thighs are in so much pain and I get a crazy pelvic pressure sensation. It makes sleeping tricky, because I always slept on my right side.

I have learned to sit with my legs together more, not crossed, not underneath each other - and that does really help. But its a hard habit to break!

I think I will check out that book! But thanks for starting this thread... at least we can support each other (or just complain) throughout these last months.

ETA: Found the book at my library's on-line system... put it on hold!

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I had it a little with my last pregnancy and this time it started around 10 weeks. My midwife said that some women put a band around their thighs to remind them to walk with baby steps. Have not tried this though. I got this pregnancy pillow from baby's R us it works really good. I do have as much pain while sleeping when I use it. The brand is boppy.

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Awww.....I'm actually sad that I'm not imagining this pain. I'm in the same boat it seems. I sorta wished that it was unique to me that it wasn't a syndrome or something, so that it could be an easy fix that I was being foolish about. I had no problems like this in my first pregnancy, but this one, since pretty early. Besides the standing on one foot to dress/towel off/tie shoes/etc, it also hurts to turn over at night. Ugh...I know how you all feel....

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DDC crash from May (due May 30, so may end up here!)...I have it bad. Like you, this is my first pregnancy with it. My last two I felt great. I ran and lifted weights until I delivered. It is KILLING me to be this disfunctional. It's awful. Chiro isn't doing much but I'm doing everything I can research and come up with. I wish I had advice. We have a long SPD thread in May DDC w/ ideas.
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*sigh* add me to the group. It has been going on for a couple of weeks but isn't horrible, yet. It was excrutiating with DD at the end, so I'm really nervous. My hips and tailbone hurt as well, so I desperately want to see a chiro before this gets unbearable.

I gotta tell ya - this is not helping our almost nonexistent bedroom action, yk?

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Originally Posted by Mamja View Post
Right there with ya. then I do something insane like try to put on pants one leg at a time and just about pass out from the pain
Ditto. I've had the pain for months now. It really started at around 8 weeks. I feel so terrible this pregnancy . My first son was such an easy pregnancy that I was not prepared for all the pain and complications that I endured this time around.
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