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monarch27's Avatar monarch27 11:14 PM 04-18-2010
K, so me and husband got busy this morning if you know what I mean Well, I spent almost the rest of the day having insane pelvic pain and pressure. So that's it, no more of that till I'm at least 6 weeks postpartum. We're just going to have to get creative. I don't know why this is happening, maybe just after three pregnancies everything is getting too loose. Do you ladies have this problem? I feel the pain anytime I get up out of bed or shift from side to side but doing the deed made it 1000 times more painful.

anstar's Avatar anstar 11:32 PM 04-18-2010
Aw, that's tough, mama. I feel much less inclined this go-around than previously, due to round ligament pain, charlie horses in my abdominal wall, and a feeling that my pubic bone is going to split in two. IDK if IT makes it worse, but I don't feel very up to it anyway.

Here's to hoping it gets better.
mommariffic's Avatar mommariffic 11:57 PM 04-18-2010
Sex? HA!

I have not wanted to have sex since around January - which is pathetic. My last pregnancy I was craving it anytime, but I'm in pain this pregnancy with my pelvis so it's kind of out of the question. Sex = excruciating pain for the remainder of the day.

DH is the most understanding man in the world though, and he'd rather wait too than deal with me going "ow ow ow ow ow ow ow, oh stop okay, okay ow..OW, okay dude stop" kind of sets the mood off a bit
azdaisy's Avatar azdaisy 02:38 AM 04-19-2010
When I was pregnant with DS, I had partial previa for quite awhile, so sex was off the table for a good portion of the pregnancy. This time around, I have felt much more inclined; however, last night, after IT, I was just uncomfortable. My pelvic area just didn't feel good/right, and my sciatica flared up. At least DH agreed to massage the ol' sciatic area later, but my hips were more sore than usual, and it just didn't really make me want IT too badly any time soon!
Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 04:10 PM 04-19-2010
Awwww that sucks. I totally feel your pain. DH came home for a weekend and that's how we got pregnant. So by the time i'll have given birth, along with the SPD pain i think we've literally had sex less then 12 times. Poor us! It's killing me too. I cannot wait to give birth and have him recover from his vasectomy lol!
Tiffanoodle's Avatar Tiffanoodle 05:55 PM 04-19-2010
Ugh, that sucks. My last 2 pregnancies, I had to pretty much live at the chiro if I wanted to have sex at all. (which, to be honest, I really didn't) This time, I'm uncomfortable, have lots of contractions after O, and frequently want to cry when I move wrong and get a cramp in my leg. Thank goodness, that hasn't really killed things like it did in the past. There have had to be "modifications" but I'm just enjoying the last few months of "the only free sex" (my mom referred to pregnancy sex as that with my first. Don't have to worry about getting pregnant) we'll have for quite awhile.
tngirl11's Avatar tngirl11 12:00 AM 04-20-2010
I think I know the exact pain you're talking about. I had it REALLY bad after my last baby was born. Thank goodness it finally went away at about 10-12 weeks post partum. I would have to lie on my back for a long while after sex, because it would hurt so bad when I stood up. I tried to ask my midwife about it, but she didn't really know what I was talking about. She said it sounded like a little bit of nerve damage of some kind. I suppose it could start before delivery too. I was on pelvic rest from about 22 weeks on last time, so I don't know if it would have been the same.
This is my first pregnancy with no pelvic rest, so we continued on a bit longer, but I think DH found out that he was a little freaked out by the fact that the baby is "right there", so it's been a little while, and I don't think it's going to happen again until after he's born!
Gingercat's Avatar Gingercat 04:33 AM 04-21-2010
Oh I've forgotten all about sex during this pregnancy as I have a pretty bad varicose vein on my vulva (which gives me an unbearable after pain when having sex) and also I've been battling an ongoing yeast infection

The good thing is that I'm no longer in a mood to have sex (I did during the second trimester) as I feel heavy and unattractive; I haven't put much weight, just the belly, but then I haven't waxed my legs and my private bits for a very long time now because I don't feel like it
2sweetboysmom's Avatar 2sweetboysmom 05:52 PM 04-21-2010
DDCC from July
I have REALLY bad pelvic pain/pubic symphisis separation issues too. Currently I am on Dr's orders for basically everything rest including pelvic, but I wanted to share something I 'discovered' that is not so painful.
Spoon sex.
Dp behind but still entering vaginally. Keeps knees basically in allignment or together and therefore no debilitating pelvic pain for the next 36 hours or so. Also baby bump and sore breasts are totally out of the way, and it takes less energy 'cause I am laying on my side.
My hubby has been such a huge help and support for me this whole time...I want to 'give' him all I can.
Anyhow...Hope that helps someone. YMMV
thegreenbeagle's Avatar thegreenbeagle 11:31 AM 04-24-2010
Originally Posted by Gingercat View Post
Oh I've forgotten all about sex during this pregnancy as I have a pretty bad varicose vein on my vulva
I have one of those too! What a pain... !!!!
aslyn's Avatar aslyn 11:41 AM 04-24-2010
I reallly miss sex! I haven't been able to do it in quite some time, last time it felt like he was ummm, tapping my cervix and all I could do was say OW!

I WANT sex, I feel bad for DH because he wants sex its just not happening. it's way to painful for me and DH really enjoys other things but with 3 kids running around its not that easy to make the time for that either...I feel like I will let him down by not being able to finish the job for either of us if we even bother so I don't even try anymore *sigh*