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June 2010 > Placenta for sale.. oh wait, I have to buy my own.
UberMama's Avatar UberMama 11:35 PM 05-25-2010
After I have my surro baby I wanted to get the placenta back as I want to use it in my smoothies. I expected the hospital to hold on to it for a few days maybe. And yes, they hold it for a week (argh, a bit longer than I like but anyway).

But here's the thing, if I want it back - I have to pay a fee to the county that I live in (not the county I'm delivering in) for taking a biohazard home. When my OB told me this, I think I laughed. He was unsure of the fee for my county but said it could be up to $150.

I have never heard of a woman having to pay to get her placenta back after having a hospital delivery?

Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 12:07 AM 05-26-2010
OMH. That ticks me off. Nice, you have to pay to bring home a part of yourself. Idiots.
JessicaTX's Avatar JessicaTX 12:10 AM 05-26-2010 if you ask for it they chuck it in a plastic container and put it in a biohazard bag. You just have to hope someone is willing to take it to your house to put it in the freezer until you are discharged to take care of it.
UberMama's Avatar UberMama 12:25 AM 05-26-2010
Well, after talking with a few people already, I'm calling the pathology dept tomorrow to get clarification. I'm also going to explain the religious reason I have in needing it within 24 hours of birth.
Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 12:26 AM 05-26-2010
Originally Posted by UberMama View Post
Well, after talking with a few people already, I'm calling the pathology dept tomorrow to get clarification. I'm also going to explain the religious reason I have in needing it within 24 hours of birth.
Awesome! Glad that there is a way around this for you
Gypsy.Momma's Avatar Gypsy.Momma 09:27 AM 05-26-2010
That is ridiculous that they make you both wait and pay to have a piece of your body make. You made it you should get to take it if you want. Hope you are able to figure away around it. Good luck
crbyard's Avatar crbyard 01:10 PM 05-26-2010
That is outrageous. I hope that you can successfully make your "biohazardous" smoothies!
Burnindinner's Avatar Burnindinner 03:45 PM 05-26-2010
Wow, that is ridiculous! I have to steal mine, but at least it's free!
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 03:58 PM 05-26-2010
What?! That's crazy!

My DS was born in a hospital and they released my placenta to me. My midwife said if they gave me any hassle then to just tell them it was for religious reasons. In fact, it wasn't even me that took it home, it was a friend of mine who was at my birth! After I delivered it the CNM let me look it over, then they just plopped it right in the tupperware container my friend brought for it.
mommy2k&k's Avatar mommy2k&k 04:16 PM 05-26-2010
That is very ridiculous! I hope you are able to get it back soon.
neldabean's Avatar neldabean 04:19 PM 05-26-2010
This is so silly. It is yours! With dd they put it in the bowl I brought and never said a thing. The nurse even put it in the fridge for me until we left. Tell kitchen staff to make you some smoothies then. I really hope they don't charge you for this it is really silly. Are you in Clackamas county?
amberdcm's Avatar amberdcm 04:59 PM 05-26-2010
crikey! yer placenta's being held ransom! that's really something else. hope you get it back, mama!
sunflower.mama's Avatar sunflower.mama 06:10 PM 05-26-2010
Wow. Wow wow - given the magnitude of what you are doing as a SURROGATE I hate that you've had 5 seconds of worry about this. I'd just take it. You'll be bonded with the staff after you give birth anyhow. My hat is off to you!
UberMama's Avatar UberMama 07:49 PM 05-26-2010
Nelda ~ I'm in Multnomah, though the OB doesn't know that right off hand (hospital is in Washington Co). But in talking to someone that would know, she's never heard of this hosp or others in the area doing this. So I am praying my OB is just WRONG. I am waiting for someone else to check on this before I begin calling the hospital administration, pathology, etc.
2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 07:57 PM 05-26-2010
Seems to me that they should be paying YOU because you're saving them a biohazard disposal fee.

In fact...maybe approach this from an insurance perspective. Many insurance policies wrap up their maternity coverage in one big lump-sum payment that is supposed to include all the "normal" birth-related stuff. That would include the placenta disposal fee. So you can say that your insurance (or your intended parents' insurance) is already paying for it.
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters 07:59 PM 05-26-2010
thats rediculous
ber's Avatar ber 08:18 PM 05-26-2010
I gave birth to one of my sons in a birthing center, and I was going to have to fill out paperwork with the funeral home if I wanted my placenta!

I didn't ask for clarification because at the time, it wasn't something I cared about really, but I wonder if the funeral home is responsible for the cremation of placentas and possibly other stuff from the hospital.

But $150! Whoa!
aslyn's Avatar aslyn 10:33 PM 05-26-2010
This is wrong on so many levels!
bananabee's Avatar bananabee 11:34 PM 05-26-2010
That is crazy! I would understand if they had some sort of use for it and it was part of a contract that they keep it, but seriously!
UberMama's Avatar UberMama 05:26 PM 05-27-2010
Mini update ~ I called pathology. The lady told me that they send all placentas to the morgue for seven days (yuck on the morgue and yuck on the seven days). If no issues arise with mom/baby, they dispose of it. If issues arise, THEN they send it to pathology.

I put in a message to my OB office asking them who I am to speak with regarding my need to get it sooner than 7 days based on my religious views. So I am waiting on the nurse to call me back about that. I'm also going to let them know that I will let them have a piece of it, but I want most of it within 24-48 hours if not sooner.

Ugh. This has me so upset.
texmati's Avatar texmati 05:28 PM 05-27-2010
That's crazy!
UberMama's Avatar UberMama 07:26 AM 05-29-2010
I've been updating on my blog but to update here briefly - there's no real update. Yeah. :/

I called the Quality Assurance Dept on Thurs and the outgoing msg said I'd receive a return call the following day. Nothing Friday, so I called again before business hours were over and left yet another message - emphasizing that my c-section was Tuesday morning, I needed the placenta asap due to my religious views, etc. etc.

So, my plan is this - I am going to call on Monday and leave another msg. Not sure if they are open on Monday due to the holiday. I'll call again Tuesday morning before I leave for the hosp and leave another message. And once admitted, I'll have the triage nurse send a msg to QA about it. I am going to print a liability release form from the Placenta Benefits web site, and then include on our birth plan that I need the placenta. I will keep on QA via the nurses, if possible, and by calling them myself while in the hospital. I just want the placenta before I am discharged (day four), because after that, I don't trust it for my smoothies or even encapsulation.

Wish me luck, please. I am just ignoring this issue for the weekend, since I've done what I can at the moment.
myfairbabies's Avatar myfairbabies 11:57 PM 06-01-2010
If they don't immediately give it to you, they likely store it in formaldahyde (blech). I have a friend that studies placentas and that is how they store them. I'm not sure I would want it if they took it away for any length of time. I got mine immediately at the hospital, just told them I wanted it, and they gave it to me within minutes of the birth. They put it in a bag and my sister took it home and stuck it in out freezer. Good luck!
PancakesMancakes's Avatar PancakesMancakes 12:00 AM 06-02-2010
Buying your placenta crazy!
Kat_shoshin's Avatar Kat_shoshin 09:09 AM 06-02-2010
They said I could not have mine because babe was in NICU and it was going right to pathology. I *shrugged* and realized I did not really NEED it and I got why they wanted it. I think they would have given it to me otherwise though.

Good luck.
expatmommy's Avatar expatmommy 05:19 PM 06-02-2010
So what ended up happening? Did they give it to you?
UberMama's Avatar UberMama 06:13 PM 06-02-2010
Sorry, hard to find time to update anywhere properly. :/

I don't know what the nurses did or said, but when I was in the OR it was announced that I was getting the placenta. I don't get it until discharge, but nothing is done to it, I've confirmed it this way and that. Apparently two nurses worked the Quality Assurance Dept over and made them give in. So, I get it before it goes bad, nothing is done to it, and I won't have to pay for it.

I'm going to talk to my OB about why this was such a PITA at my 2 wk appt.
Mamacitac's Avatar Mamacitac 04:58 AM 07-18-2010
They won't allow bio-hazard material (aka placenta) to be taken out of hospital all. Even for money! I don't get it..its belonged to US not THEM. GRRR