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June 2010 > Update on Merrick...*Vent/update on post 8* really needing support
pepper-gina's Avatar pepper-gina 01:53 AM 05-31-2010
Merrick is now in the N.I.C.U........long night for us. His blood sugar is low and his kidneys are backing up with fluid. He has some other strange things that they need to look over, but for the most part he is a wonderfully strong baby.
it's been a stressful night. it's frustrating sometimes, b/c he has moments where he won't latch on to breastfeed. He SCREAMED for ten mins and would not take either breast, but finally calmed down once I just put him up against me and rocked. He just wanted his mommy. I've started feeling extremely stressed and frustrated. My nurse today was very brass and did not have very good bedside manner. She kept making me feel very stupid and nervous. She wasn't rude, just pushy. I guess there is always one nurse like that. Oh well....oh, and we might be staying a couple of extra days in the nesting area due to Merrick. It looks like as of right now they will be keeping him until Tuesday at least, but we're not sure yet.

nervousnelle's Avatar nervousnelle 02:00 AM 05-31-2010
Praying for you and him and your family. Don't let anyone make you feel badly!
UberMama's Avatar UberMama 02:39 AM 05-31-2010
::HUGS:: The NICU is never fun, even if it's a wonderful place for those babies, it stinks - I know.
NicolleLynne's Avatar NicolleLynne 02:43 AM 05-31-2010
s Sounds like you're making the best of a tough situation. I will keep you and little Merrick in my thoughts and hope you're both home and healthy soon! Best wishes!
at_the_hip's Avatar at_the_hip 03:09 AM 05-31-2010
I'm sorry you have run into some issues and I pray that Merrick will improve quickly and that you will have some amazing nurses to make up for the pushy one! That would really make me uncomfortable too. The pictures of your sweet little one are SO adorable and you look amazing, mama!
azdaisy's Avatar azdaisy 03:39 AM 05-31-2010
I hope things are looking up soon for you!! Hang in there...you can do it, mama!
pippasmum's Avatar pippasmum 07:33 AM 05-31-2010
I'm sorry that you are having a challenging time. The tone of the nurses can also make all the difference in the world. I hope that Merrick recovers really quickly and that you can all be home soon to enjoy a wonderful babymoon!
pepper-gina's Avatar pepper-gina 08:58 AM 05-31-2010

I guess what's hard is seeing him with all his tubes and wires. He first started off with only having an I.V with sugar water in it to help his blood sugar...now he's got an oxygen tube on his nose to help him get the air he needs. He's breathing GREAT on his own, just not getting enough oxygen flow, or somethinng like that (I'm exhausted as I write this, so I can't remember everything) and then all the monitors they have him hooked up to.

I am also having a hard time with nursing. He's been latching on strong, when he does latch, but then when I'm done up in NICU, I have to come down to my room and pump, to help bring in my milk. Well, this last time we were up there, he didn't eat at all, so we decided to let him sleep and come back to our room. I was going to pump and DF was going to take a bottle up there to feed him....well, I pumped and literally only got two drops. I'm frustrated b/c I didn't have this much of a problem at first with both my girls. I know Merrick is a preemie, but I feel like my supply isn't going to come in, which happened w/in months of having my girls. My milk supply just STOPPED. I am so determined to make breastfeeding work this time, but I am scared that I won't be able to produce for him.

I think all of this, mixed with my hormones is causing stress and anxiety. DF physically has to make me leave NICU everytime, just so we can come downstairs and pump and get rest. And I cannot leave Merrick here and go home w/o him...I will completely loose it. I have already dealt with PPD with my youngest daughter. And I'm already having a hard time dealing with this now.

Thank you for reading and listening. I don't really have anyone to talk about this that understands.
bananabee's Avatar bananabee 09:06 AM 05-31-2010
I'm so sorry you're going through this! That's not supposed to be how it goes. You're supposed to get to hold your baby constantly and nurse at the slightest signs of hunger. It must be so hard to have him held prisoner in the NICU. I do hope you can take him home tmw. I'm praying for you guys and praying for your milk supply.
Burnindinner's Avatar Burnindinner 10:45 AM 05-31-2010
oh no oh no! I'm so sorry, this would make me feel so sad! How early is he? I so wish we could be there in person to hug you and ... well, just sit with you.
mediumcrunch's Avatar mediumcrunch 12:59 PM 05-31-2010

I / the NICU. I am forever grateful for the people that took such care of my sick baby. Tristan had TTN and a pneumothorax (his lung collapsed) and was a very sick baby the first 36 hours, a recovering baby for about 3 more days and then BOOM! he was great, they moved him to the step down NICU for a couple days for bili lights then he roomed in for a couple daysthen went home.

Ask if your NICU has an LC, if they don't talk to the regular LC. They should at least give you syringes so you can extract even the smallest amount of milk that you pump.
Make sure you are hydrated, eat some oatmeal and rest. I *know* how hard it is to leave your baby but you need to sleep so you are all there for Merrick, so your body will kick in and make milk and to help fight off the PPD.
Talk to your neonatalogist and take notes so you can remember what they say. They can start talking about so many things that you just sit there and nod and 5 minutes after they walk away you realize you have NO idea what they just said. Merrick's nurses are a great resource. As they are doing his cares go ahead and ask them questions, they are usually happy to answer. Tristan's NICU nurses were wonderful. We'd all chat for the hours I sat there everyday-I was the only mom that sat in that NICU a good 12+ hours-they all go to know me besides, I'm chatty.
Ask about boarding. Most of the hospitals around here will allow moms of NICU babies to stay as 'boarders' for a small fee every day as long as they have room. Tristan was born in the wee hours of Friday morning, I was discharged Monday morning but stayed in my room until T was discharged Friday. I think we paid $35/day and about half the days I didn't have to pay because the lady at the desk wouldn't take my money and just waved me away.

I wish I just lived a little bit closer so I could come give you some real support
pepper-gina's Avatar pepper-gina 01:00 PM 05-31-2010
Originally Posted by Burnindinner View Post
oh no oh no! I'm so sorry, this would make me feel so sad! How early is he? I so wish we could be there in person to hug you and ... well, just sit with you.
He was 36 weeks and 2 days. So he's a late preemie, but still having issues.
wills_mom's Avatar wills_mom 05:35 PM 05-31-2010
Do they have a pump you could keep next to his isolette? My youngest was in the NICU for 3 weeks and I found I got a much better let down when I pumped near him. If you aren't already, bring something that smells like him and a picture of him when you pump. I had a tshirt he wore at home and a picture of him. I would smell the shirt while I pumped and it really helped.

Many prayers for your little one.