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June 2010 > Baby has to dive -- heard of this?
zeebaby's Avatar zeebaby 10:47 AM 06-04-2010
Hi all,
At yesterday's appt, my midwife said that because of the shape of my pelvis, the baby is going to have to dive to come out. She said that I would feel a lot of pressure in my butt because of this. I am wondering if anyone has heard of this before. Also, is there anyway to alleviate this pressure (e.g., some type of yoga stretch?). Thanks so much!

LynnE73's Avatar LynnE73 11:49 AM 06-04-2010
I have not specifically heard of that (I'm guessing due to terminology) but I have a hard time getting my babies out and The Pink Kit has been tremendously helpful to me. You can also check out and see if there is anything helpful there for you.