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A dear friend, whom I consider a mother-figure, wrote this to me in an email. I love her so much, and always appreciate what she has to day. This struck me as just beautiful. I asked if I could share it with all of you, and she was very flattered.

"You are about to entire a brave new world, much like others who have gone before you.
You will experience emotions you've never experienced before.* And familiar emotions will be felt on a whole new level.*
You will do things you previously swore you would never do.* ie.* Comparing your baby's looks with other babies, comparing your baby's level of intelligence with other babies, brag about how early she learns to smile, roll over, crawl, pull herself up, walk, say her first words.
You will say things you promised yourself you would never say . . . for instance:* "Because I said so, that's why!" and "Because I'm your mother and I know what's best." and "Someday you'll thank me for this." and "Believe me this hurts me more than it hurts you." and "If your friends jumped off a tall building, would you jump off too?"* and "Don't even begin to think about dating until you're 25!"*
You will experience frustration the likes you've never known existed when Karina bemoans her fate, that is always so unfair!* ie.* Your baby girl will either have straight hair, and she will wish it was curly.* Or she will have curly hair and wish it was straight.* She will be thin and wish she were more curvy.* Or she will be curvy and will believe if she could just lose 10 lbs, her life would be perfect.* She will choose something to wear only to hear that she is to turn right around and change into something more appropriate.* She will roll her eyes when you insist on meeting her friends, her friends' parents, and knowing exactly where she is going and telling her when she must be home, or else!*
You will experience heartache when that vocabulary you once were so proud of is used against you, like when you must say 'no' and she looks at you and says, "I hate you!" and runs into her room.*
But you will also be amazed with your feeling of love so deep, so rich, so all encompassing that you can no only imagine, even as much as you already love Karina.*
You will lose count of the times you stand next to her crib/bed and just stare in awe at the miracle before you.*
You will delight in Karina's every achievement regardless how minor, as if no other baby on the planet could do that same thing quite as well as her.*
You will gaze into her eyes and wonder what she is thinking.* Does she know how deep your love is?* How committed you are to her?* How important she is to you and will be forever?*
Yes, you are about to embark on a journey like no other, to a world where you will discover things about yourself that only another mother can appreciate.*
Go boldly, but be gentle on yourself, know that no mother on this earth is perfect and yes, you will make mistakes, but they won't compare with all you do that is good and right.*
You are about to join a very elite, incredibly special club.* Motherhood.* Such a simple word, but never has one word meant so much."

Living happily and embracing adventures.
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DDDC from July

That is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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