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is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 01:36 AM 06-17-2010
Baby girl born Monday June 14th 6:03pm (18 hrs active labour)
9lbs 3 oz, 21.75" long.
Right now she has dark brown hair and blue eyes.
Tried to have baby at home- had a cervical lip the MW fixed around 5AM, then was still a bit of one I guess around 8AM and bulging waters but not good ctrx though I was over 9cm. I consented to her breaking my water. Everybody was sure she'd shoot right out after that and were heating towels etc. But after pushing for about 4 hours (and labouring all night)-not great contractions with baby's head not quite at the right angle I guess- had to go to the health centre (where MW works out of). They augmented my labour with Oxytocin, and after about two hours (up to max dose, where they usually have to give an epidural for the pain but I didn't get one because I guess I am stubborn) they had to start threatening a transfer into a city hospital for a c-section. After another 2-ish hours where she was finally mostly unstuck and almost in the right spot I got her out! She came out with a squishy swollen cone head and it turns out she was a pretty good size which I'm sure didn't make it any easier to get her out! Her heart kept ticking perfectly so we didn't have to worry but we were within minutes of a transfer all afternoon just due to law I guess. My MW had to keep showing the nurses babies poor lil head poking through that just wouldn't quite pass some important pelvic bone or something. I ended up with some 2nd degree tearing and am rather sore all over my body but especially my crotch!
We ended up spending the night at the health centre and made it home late yesterday evening (Tues. 15th) and managed to spend another night mostly awake because she discovered how much she LOVES to SCREAM!
Finally got in a couple of naps today... maybe I'll get to have another one soon! (nap, not baby!)
Still no name for our little girl but we're working on it!

curvyred's Avatar curvyred 01:51 AM 06-17-2010
Congratulations! I'm glad you were able to avoid the second hospital transfer. Happy Birthday little one!
Burnindinner's Avatar Burnindinner 11:13 AM 06-17-2010
Wow, what an intense experience! I am glad you both weathered the storm well. I look forward to hearing a name!
NicolleLynne's Avatar NicolleLynne 11:24 AM 06-17-2010
Congratulations mama and welcome baby girl! Heal well!
amberdcm's Avatar amberdcm 11:31 AM 06-17-2010
Wow! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear the name!
mommysaurus's Avatar mommysaurus 01:15 PM 06-17-2010
Congrats mama!
neldabean's Avatar neldabean 01:18 PM 06-17-2010
Congrats mama!
Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 07:56 PM 06-17-2010
sal42's Avatar sal42 07:20 PM 06-18-2010
teenyxdoodlez's Avatar teenyxdoodlez 12:49 AM 06-19-2010
Wow, congrats!! Glad things didn't have to go any further( hospital wise) for you! Rest up and enjoy your new babe!
homew/two's Avatar homew/two 10:17 AM 06-19-2010
Wow, you are one strong woman - way to go! And now your little one is in your arms!!!!!!!!!!!