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amberdcm's Avatar amberdcm 12:01 PM 06-18-2010
Hilarious. And, true (the only untruth about this, is that it extends well past toddlerhood in this house!).



AutumnW's Avatar AutumnW 12:28 PM 06-18-2010
that's funny. My dh always said that having a baby/toddler in the house was like living with a crazy homeless person. They rarely have both shoes/socks on, usually don't have on any pants(we ec most of the time), yell randomly even when they're not angry, and chew on things like apple cores
whozeyermamma's Avatar whozeyermamma 12:31 PM 06-18-2010
Love it!

Another way having a toddler is like being at a frat party:

1. Someone is always trying to get your shirt off to get at your breasts!
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 02:51 PM 06-18-2010
Love it!
monarch27's Avatar monarch27 06:00 PM 06-18-2010
Soooooo funny! I love things that truly make me laugh!
Surfacing's Avatar Surfacing 01:39 AM 06-19-2010
(DDCC from July) Hilarious!
Pinoikoi's Avatar Pinoikoi 02:12 PM 06-19-2010
Clearly I did not attend enough frat parties.