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Tulafina's Avatar Tulafina 01:25 AM 06-21-2010
I am the mother of 3 boys now!!!

Harrison Dane K___ was born at home in the water at 12:55 am on June 19th weighing in at 8#7oz and 21 in long. Here is his planned unassisted birth story

(First of all, lets just say I'm shocked that I had a baby before my due date. I've gone 10 and 5 days over with both of my other children and I really expected to do the same. This little munchkin came at 39w5d )

I had been having a ton of prodromal labour which was getting very annoying and starting to become painful at times. The baby had decided that posterior would be a good place to hang out so all my painless BH cx's had turned into a major back ache every evening. By Friday afternoon I was in a horrible mood, canceled the 2 appt's I had made for that day and decided to just hang out with my 2 kiddos and go shopping with my mom. I needed a pick me up and to take my mind off of the pain in my back.

On the way home from shopping I had a few cx's that made me think that possibly I could have a baby in the next day or so. I called my DH at 4pm and asked him to come home. By 530pm he was home and we got the kids fed and put to bed by 830pm. DH decided that we should inflate the birth pool even if it meant deflating it the next morning. I tend to have quick births so I agreed.

All through dinner and up until 11pm I had sporadic cx's- some painful and others not at all. They were anywhere from 8-20 mins apart and I was trying to play it cool, thinking that I still had days before my due date so it may just taper off again. I decided to weed my front garden at 930pm and hang out outside in the gorgeous weather. I remember thinking to myself "this may be the last day I get to hang out in my garden with a sweet babe in my tummy". I was right.

At 11pm I started having more pain in my back during the cx's. They were only lasting 30secs and coming every 8 mins by this point so I figured it may go on for some time before things picked up. At 1130pm I told my DH that we had to try to sleep so we made our way to the bedroom. I had 2 cx's in the bedroom right on top of each other that made me turn right back around and tell my DH to start filling the pool.

At 1140pm I called my close friend/neighbor over to help out with getting things ready. Right after I talked to her I started puking which is a sign that I'm around 4cm dilated. I seem to puke every time at this point so I knew that things were progressing. My friend K arrived and helped my DH put the plastic/sheets on the bed, set up the video camera, light the candles and put all the old blankets on the floor. We made sure we had the portable phone ready, and all my birth supplies were easily accessible. During this time I had my DH press on my lower back with each cx. They were coming every 3-4 mins by this time.

By 12:15am I really wanted to climb into the tub so I hopped in and enjoyed the immediate relief I was hoping for. The cx's were coming every 2mins now and I started to get vocal through each one. K turned the video camera on and made sure to offer me water after every cx. My Dh climbed into the tub at 12:35 to press on my back harder. It was starting to get unbelievably painful with each one and I really needed him to be close to me at all times by this point.

Around this time my oldest son woke up and came downstairs to see what the commotion was all about. He sat down beside K and watched quietly from beside the pool. I was kneeling and had my arms draped over the side of tub which was nice because I could press my face against the cool plastic between cx's.

At 12:40 my cx's changed and I felt inside myself to see what was going on. I felt the bag of waters and a sweet little head right behind it and knew that the baby was going to be born very shortly. I started to roar through each cx and by the time 3 more had come I was grunting and bearing down with each one. I felt the need to support myself so I reached down during the next cx and pressed my perineum. His head slowly crowned and came out fully on that cx. I kept my hand on his head and felt his body turn inside me. 2 more little pushes and he came sliding out into my hands at 12:55am. He was pink and crying and looked amazing right from the moment I laid eyes on him. We all thought that he was going to be a girl so my oldest son is still saying "I love my baby brother Harrison....she's so cute..."

I stayed in the pool for about 10 mins after his birth but as soon as the after-pains hit I really needed to get out. His cord was pretty short so I handed him to my DH while I got out. We tied and cut the cord about 30 mins after his birth and the placenta came out intact and looking healthy about 20 mins after that. My bleeding has been minimal and I had 2 small grazes that basically feel healed already. I feel absolutely amazing after this birth and I'm so glad that we decided to have him unassisted. I will never forget how amazing it was to reach down and feel my baby being born

My mw that I had been seeing through my pregnancy showed up about 45 mins after the birth to check us out and do our paperwork. She knew that I had wanted an unassisted birth so she wasn't surprised to get a phone call AFTER it was all said and done.

Anyway, that's the birth story of my newest little monkey. Thanks for reading and good luck to all the mama's waiting for their new little monkeys.

Take Care,

crbyard's Avatar crbyard 02:11 AM 06-21-2010
That is awesome. What a great way to birth on your own!

Enjoy that babe!
Tiffanoodle's Avatar Tiffanoodle 02:35 AM 06-21-2010
What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!
at_the_hip's Avatar at_the_hip 02:56 AM 06-21-2010
Welcome to Harrison!!! What a beautiful birth story!
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 03:22 AM 06-21-2010
expatmommy's Avatar expatmommy 03:34 AM 06-21-2010

(And as someone who has been overdue 3x, I'm given great hope that I may not have to wait as long for this little one!)
NicolleLynne's Avatar NicolleLynne 04:55 AM 06-21-2010

Welcome Baby Harrison!
AutumnW's Avatar AutumnW 10:44 AM 06-21-2010
Congratulations! What a wonderful birth story. I'm glad you had the lovely uc you were wanting!
Burnindinner's Avatar Burnindinner 11:07 AM 06-21-2010
That sounds so peaceful! I am so glad you got the birth you hoped for. I hope you continue to enjoy bonding with your babe.
homew/two's Avatar homew/two 01:04 PM 06-21-2010
Sounds like a beautiful birth - Congrats
sal42's Avatar sal42 02:55 PM 06-21-2010
mommysaurus's Avatar mommysaurus 03:01 PM 06-21-2010
Awesome story! Congrats!
neldabean's Avatar neldabean 03:17 PM 06-21-2010
Beautiful story! Congrats mama!!
Pinoikoi's Avatar Pinoikoi 12:52 AM 06-22-2010
Great name!
LisaSedai's Avatar LisaSedai 02:05 AM 06-22-2010
Aw! What a sweet story! Congrats!
amberskyfire's Avatar amberskyfire 05:30 AM 06-22-2010
Congratulations! What an exciting story! Lots of happiness to you and your three little guys!