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Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been so MIA. So much has been going on, plus I have carpal tunnel, so I'll have to make this succinct.

Birth story:

Bloody show & contractions started at 4:30am on June 8th. Didn't realize they were that until they started getting stronger.

5:30am Woke up hubby, called hospital, emailed my mom & best friend. Also called SIL who would be my doula, but she was sick.

6:30am Arrived at hospital. Contractions getting stronger by the minute.

8am Tried to get DH to hold my hand and/or sit near me and just keep me company. I was getting tense and needed someone else to focus on. He did that for a couple minutes, then decided it wasn't for him. I was furious.

9am Posted on Facebook that I needed help, then skyped w/my best friend who lives in CA until a someone else was able to get there. She was awesome.

10am The nurse offered me nubain, which I relunctantly accepted. Didn't do much.

12pm Had some more nubain. This time it did less than before. Friend who showed up had to leave, but a replacement came a few minutes later. Nurse wants to check my cervix to "prove" I was in labor. Huh?!! Wasn't it OBVIOUS!?? I could certainly tell. The midwife who works there came in since my OB had to leave. We talked and talked. No way to get around the check. UGH. I screamed bloody murder the whole time. And guess WHAT?! I was 7 cm dialated! SURPRISE!! Yeesh. I was mad. Didn't want anyone to touch me. Felt violated. They kept saying my baby's heartrate had dropped and that she was in distress. Um. I disagreed. It was just the stoopid nurse mistaking the movement of baby and monitor for that. BUT they pressured me into laying on my left side. I did it, finally. I was in so much pain it didn't make much difference.

1pm By this time, contractions are getting to be horrendous, DH is starting to feel sorry for me, and my friend was really getting into coaching me. She was pregnant and due a month after me.

2pm New nurse (new to me AND to L & D, and she was AWFUL) decides to take my vitals. As she held the thermometer in my mouth, a huge contraction came, my water broke and again I screamed bloody murder. Nurse peed her pants. My water went EVERYWHERE. Up to my head, down to my toes, off the table, all OVER the floor AND the nurse (hahaha!). I couldn't see and didn't care, but my friend told me later.

2:15ish Another huge contraction comes and I feel my uterus pushing inside me. Whoa!! Here we go!!! I yell, "I'm pushing and I can't stop!! My baby is coming!! "No no no!" says the nurse. "You can't do that!!

Now frantic talk starts up again about checking my cervix. LOTS of meconium in my water. Nurses are freaking out. DH is stunned. My friend is trying to explain to me what's going on. DH and friend hold me down so they can check me. I scream bloody murder again. I'm complete. NO DUH!!!

*Now I do understand that there "can" be issues, but everything felt right to me, and I knew my baby was ready, and I was doing fine. I was NOT going to rip my cervix out, as the nurse said I might. I knew my baby was just fine.

At this point time no longer meant anything to me. I know the back-up OB came in. She was in a hurry to get my baby out. Later my friend told me she said if I didn't have Karina out in 30 mins, we'd be rushed into an emergency C-section.

So, with DH and friend holding my ankles to my ears, I pushed and pushed and pushed. It felt like I couldn't be pushing hard enough to squeeze a BABY out, but out she came. Waaahhhh!!

5lbs 14.5 oz, 18.5 oz long.

They rushed her to the NICU about 10 ft away, while the doc stitched me up for an hour and a half. OWW. 3 tears, but only one internal. There is not enough lydocain in the world. But it's amazing how I've forgotten all that pain. DH watched everything with fascination and sympathy.

Finally I got to hold her. Exhausted though I was, everything faded but my new little sweet person. Wow.

Then that nurse came back and ATTACKED MY UTERUS. I'm screaming bloody murder again. WTH!?? She said she "had to" do that...something about hemorrhaging days later at home or whatever. Said she'd be back in 15 mins to do it again. 40 mins later, she reappears and does it again. Half way through, I stopped her and told her to get her hands off me. DH says everyone in the room stopped and stared in shock at what was going on. She kept babbling about protocol. I knew there was no way in HELL she was coming near me again.

Off to my nice clean room w/baby to begin the nightmare of being kept up all night and all day for 48 hrs until we could go home, with the nurses freaking out that DD was losing weight, while I was struggling with getting her to latch on. I was super calm the whole time, determined to BF, and not worried at all about DD. She seemed so perfect, healthy, and normal. What WAS their problem?

Finally went home, barely able to walk due to pain, and terribly in love with my new tiny girl. Went through hell to breastfeed and came out victorious a month later.

2 mos later all is well, DD is ~10lbs, has lots of blond hair, is calm, sweet, and starting to giggle. It just gets better and better. Things are going great with DH (except now he's hit panic mode again about selling our house and is driving me crazy...wish I could slip him some of my Lexapro).

Miss chatting with you all! Everyone's babies are beautiful!

I'll refine this and add more later if I can - gotta feed the babe and take a nap.

ETA: here's a pic of baby and me. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...9&id=610133060

And some of her:

(one month old) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...d&id=610133060

(2 mos) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...e&id=610133060




Living happily and embracing adventures.
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OMG - that one month photo is so freakin' cute!!!

Sorry about the bad stuff at the hospital but it sounds like you made the best of it!

Me (40) DH (49) daring DD (9) and darling DS - almost THREE! (born June 25, 2010 in an amazing, unplanned homebirth.jpg

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Oh my gosh, she is so tiny and cute! Your birth story sounds really stressful. I am impressed you were able to be so calm and in control in the face of everything. You are one strong woman!

Mama to Nov '08 and June '10
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Gurrrrr on the cerv checks!!! My DH brought a book to read during my labor Sorry you also got the nurse from [email protected], glad you were able to prevail !

Beautiful babe!

Lisa DH Pat DS Liam DS Jamessigncirc1.gif

Missing DD Lily 6/17/10- 12/13/12

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Congratulations! She is beautiful. Sorry her hospital was so awful but glad you and the baby are doing well.
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What a CUTE little baby she is!!! ^_^ Even if it is almost 3mos. later, Congrats!!!!
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Thank you, ladies! She is such a doll baby. We have so much fun dressing her up and taking pics.

Living happily and embracing adventures.
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Oh! I haven't been on here in MONTHS but popped in for a second. So glad that everything is going well for you! The last time that I was on, things weren't going well with your hubby situation and I was worried about you. I'm so happy that you and your precious baby girl are doing so good! She is darling!

SAHM to a crazy little boy (4.5) and a silly little girl (3) and my VBA2C babe
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what a sweetie! Sorry you had a bad hospital stay.

mama to 4 kiddos, wife to one awesome man!  DH of 13yrs, DS 5/01,dd 5/05, DS 3/08, DS 6/10
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