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PugMom4Now's Avatar PugMom4Now 05:03 PM 11-29-2009
I'm trying to decide if I should get a doppler. I've looked into rentals and it seems it might be most economical to just purchase one. Not sure how I feel about the potential risk of regular doppler use, but it would be nice to have some reassurance until I can feel kicking. I currently am 9w3d, so I have a bit of time before I could potentially hear anything on the doppler anyway...

tcooper's Avatar tcooper 05:26 PM 11-29-2009
No, I will not get a doppler. I just don't see the purpose. I like to think of pregnancy as normal, and think constantly checking the heartbeat would mean I almost expect something to go wrong. I did just lose a pregnancy before this one, so I am a bit nervous. My next midwife visit is Dec. 21, at which time we should be able to hear the heartbeat. I will feel better once I hear it. I prefer to use a fetoscope, at any rate. I think the waves from a doppler affect the baby.
ScarletBegonias's Avatar ScarletBegonias 05:43 PM 11-29-2009
doppler/ultrasound has never been proven safe for human use. in fact, there are studies linking doppler/ultrasound use to miscarriage, premature birth and IUGR.

i own a doppler, as i am a student mw, but i have not used it yet on anyone so far, and i do not plan to use it on myself. it is for extreme emergencies and circumstances. otherwise, i use a fetoscope. they work great, i have never had an issue using a fetoscope, even with fluffy mamas.

eta: i have had 3 losses myself, and i totally understand the uneasiness and worrying that goes along with every pregnancy until movement is felt.
haleyelianasmom's Avatar haleyelianasmom 05:44 PM 11-29-2009
Last pregnancy, I contemplated going a good portion of the pregnancy without using any dopplers/ultrasounds at all just because of the potential tissue heating issue (I think it's all theoretical, but a possibility).

However, this time I have contemplated borrowing a doppler from a friend or buying one. I don't know if I will, but we lost the last pregnancy and I'm really anxious to get a heartbeat. I just don't want to overuse it and if it's sitting on the dresser, it might be too tempting...
ScarletBegonias's Avatar ScarletBegonias 05:48 PM 11-29-2009
ArtsyHeartsy's Avatar ArtsyHeartsy 06:21 PM 11-29-2009
Originally Posted by ScarletBegonias View Post

I didn't read all of these, but the first two, well, more like skimmed for now, I will go back and look at them again...anyway, I think it is very interesting reading.

I do have a doppler, although I would probably never buy or rent one. My friend had one and gave it to me. I will use it when I feel the need to feel more secure because after my losses I am SUPER nervous. I have had two U/S's. Honestly I understand the risks, but I think the amount of stress I would be putting myself under at this point would be more harmful than the few minutes w/ the u/s. I feel much better now and am content to go for much longer without any type of monitoring. I am not sure, but I think I may be getting one more (last one till 20 wk mark) on my first appt.

I think the issue with heat is very interesting. I am a student and I do glass blowing, but my dr said as long as my temp doesn't rise I will be okay, I still stand as far away as possible from the furnace and turn my body away from it. I look like an idiot, but I really don't get hot, not even hot enough to sweat. I am fluffy, so I'm not too concerned and my semester ends in a couple of weeks, before I am very big. I can't imagine jumping in a hot tub though. Until reading this article I had no idea that U/S's gave off heat.
PugMom4Now's Avatar PugMom4Now 06:39 PM 11-29-2009
Thanks for all of the input! Very helpful.
guest93952359's Avatar guest93952359 06:55 PM 11-29-2009
I am definately thinking of renting one!!!

I guess I was most careful and nervous with my first pregnancy and never would have dared take any chances, but this is my fifth and *darnit* I would love to hear my babe's little racing heartbeat every few days or so!!

I've heard of women undergoing chemo therapy while pregnant. Women in extremely hot climates are also having babies routinely. Tell them not to overheat. And heck, we're all having our babies in the summer. ALL of our body temps are going to go up by the time we're ready to pop LOL.

I think if you sit there all day every day with the doppler on your belly and then there's trouble with the fetus you can begin to worry. But that's not how they're meant to be used. A minute or two here and there has never been proven to cause any problems, at least none that I've heard of.

I understand people's nervousness, but I think dopplers and other technology that helps us during pregnancy and birth is a miracle. But that's just my opinion.

I guess you just have to try to make an informed decision and go with your gut at the same time.

P.S. I LOVE Pugs
chattyprincess's Avatar chattyprincess 07:11 PM 11-29-2009
what a crazy thread! I never realized that home use dopplers were such a highly sought after thing!
Personally I will not be buying or renting one. This is my second pregnancy and I am not overly concerened about the "exposre" from minimual use (recieved at doc. visit).
I do know myself though and I know that I would get stressed, use it, then get more stressed cause I didn't find the hearbeat right off or because it was higher/lower then the time before I did it. I don't think by having a doppler it will prevent anything from happening it would just let you hear or not hear a heartbeat, which if you have a valid reason to be concerend you would still have to go into the doc.....catch 22.
LittleBirdy's Avatar LittleBirdy 10:46 PM 11-29-2009
I agree with chattyprincess. I wouldn't rent/buy one, not because of concern about over use but because I don't want to drive myself crazy overanalyzing. There was someone on MDC, I think even in our DDC (though it might have been another I was crashing) who couldn't find the hb herself with a doppler and went into a tizzy... only to visit her hcp and have them find it no problem.
dana76's Avatar dana76 11:02 PM 11-29-2009
I'm definitely getting one. However, I believe in "everything in moderation." I will not overuse, nor will I use it for long periods of time. Because there is no real "proof" that it makes you miscarry(no one wants to be the guinea pig for that study), using it cautiously and minimally seems like the best option if you feel the need for that security.

(I am saying these things without having read Scarlet's links, but I'm going to!)
oddduck's Avatar oddduck 05:36 PM 11-30-2009
I purchased one, it'll be here tomorrow. I'm aware of the risks, but I don't intend on using it much. My FIL passed away a few weeks before I found out I was expecting. I'd like to be able to share some joy with my MIL right now as she's really struggling.
wavybrains's Avatar wavybrains 07:03 PM 11-30-2009
I used a straight up stethoscope last pregnancy and that was enough reassurance for me. Rather than get a doppler, this time, I'm going to get a fetascope with a 22inch cord. My doula friend had one and I watched her use it, and the sound difference over the stethoscope was considerable. That will be enough for me. If I had a doppler, I think I would end up using it at least daily, and I'd rather minimize the risk and instead hang out with the fetascope when I get nervous. I do kind of want a doppler for labor though--especially if we have another long, long labor or if my water breaks at home, it would be nice to check the heartrate more accurately at home. I am an odd duck, and I actually loved hearing the heartrate while in labor--I found it so reassuring. I made them turn the sound up
WaitingForKiddos's Avatar WaitingForKiddos 08:49 PM 11-30-2009
I'll be renting one! I had one last time and was able to hear the baby at 8 weeks. I was a bit thinner then so I'm not sure I'll have the same luck this time. This is a PAL for me so I'll need some extra reassurance from time to time.