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Spotting After Heavy Lifting

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12-28-2009 | Posts: 382
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Preface: I started having brown discharge at around six weeks. It occurred off and on and finally dissipated about two weeks ago.

Today: 11 weeks and I've been nesting, I guess. Cleaning out some things in my grandmother's hope chest and making room. Just went pee and there's those pesky little brown dots again!

I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow so maybe she can shed some light on this.

I have noticed that I spotted before when I carried in some heavy groceries, and I was carrying a few boxes today. I didn't think they were too heavy, but apparently my body did

Do you think this will mean that I'll have to be on bed rest when I'm further along?
chiromommy's Avatar chiromommy
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I am wondering the same thing here. I have had on and off light brown to pinkish spotting since 4 or 5 weeks. I am somewhere between 10 and 11 weeks now. It seems to have gone away then I'll do something and there it is again. It doesn't seem to be related to sex (fortunately!), but when i am really active it seems to show up a day or so later. I have stopped freaking out about it because I don't have cramps and we saw the baby and all was well at 8 weeks. I've just never had this before.
I see my midwife on Wed and I'm hoping all is well and that I am not going to get stuck on bedrest at any point.
Maybe someone has had the same experience with another pregnancy...
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I have discovered that my brown/pinkish discharge is NOT related to sex also. In fact, sex seems to make it go away!
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Same here! It is perplexing. My US showed the placenta is not over my cervix or my fibroid so it just doesn't make sense.
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With my last pregnancy, also a twin pregnancy. I spotted brown when I carried my daughter around.

My Perinatal told me that it was old blood but that it can be brought on by heavy lifting, she says that you shouldn't lift anything more then 20 pounds. thats the rule book, but she prefers to tell mamas that do have brown spotting or any spotting to not lift anything heavier then a gallon of milk.

I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and she didn't make me go on bedrest for that.

I hope that helps a little?
Sophiasmomma's Avatar Sophiasmomma
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well of course know one will know that answer except your DR about bedrest
but Im currently on bedrest and have been since 9 weeks
I keep bleeding, started as spotting then went to red then brown now a nice bright red again only when I lift or walk alot
Ive had a sono pretty much every week since every week i think Iv elost the baby(after hving 2 losses later in first trimesters Im a paranoid freak to say the least)

But yesterday I finally learned why this is happening.... my placenta is just low enough on my cervix. the dr cant believe that I have so much blood from how little its touching but aparently thats whats going on. So it can be something like that. If I were you Id relax drink alot of water and lay down each time you spot.. My Dr always says it cant hurt ony help
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