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I was halfway into a veggie wrap when I noticed there were alfalfa sprouts and remembered I had read that they were on the "do not eat" list for pregnancy. Anyone eat these regularly, or do you try to avoid them? I will for now, and I did not eat many of them at all, but I am kicking myself.
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really? I had read how healthy they are for pregnant women. I have some in my fridge and eat them regularly.

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I don't usually pay attention to those lists and just try to eat healthy food. Alfalfa sprouts are certainly on my list of healthy foods! I try and eat more in pregnancy!

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Yep! Chowed down on some a few days ago! They really hit the spot!

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I stay away from them in pregnancy. But of course with the types of places I frequent, I end up eating some in sandwiches...It's all a balance.

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I avoid them in general (pregnant or not), at least at buffets or delis, because of the food poisoning risk.

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I don't eat the sprouts because of the food poisoning but I do drink alfalfa in my tea!

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I was just reading about how to grow them yourself the other day and thinking about doing it- then remembered we are not supposed to. I wonder if doing it yourself reduces the risk?

they are so yummy
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Ah, I have been craving sprouts so bad! I normally eat them pretty frequently but have been avoiding them from the store. I have some seeds and a chia tree, tho, so I was thinking that fresh sprouts from home would be okay? Mmmm, I love sprouts of all kinds, and it bums me out that they carry a higher risk for bacteria and getting sick, etc. So I've been staying away, but I think I'm going to try and sprout my own.

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I've grown alfalfa sprouts and eaten them in pregnancy. I don't think I know you weren't supposed to. Is the issue salmonella or the L-Cavanine. I know some people don't eat them because of that.

I guess the seeds can be contaminated. I didn't realize that. I'd still think growing them at home would reduce the risk. Sunflower sprouts and clover sprouts are good, though, so they might be an option.
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I have ignored most of the "risky" food warnings this pregnancy. I have craved oysters and sprouts like crazy. I only gave in to the oysters once and from a known source shucked at home. But the sprouts have been pretty much a mainstay. I feel like there are a lot more artificial foods that are more important to avoid during pregnancy.

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Yes! They were in a sushi roll that I ordered so I ate them. Also ordered a roll that had a tiny but of raw tuna (also missed it in the descriptions). Ate that too! I was in Seattle and I'm not that worried.

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I hate some on a sandwich with cold cuts! (gasp!) It wasn't until later that I realized I wasn't "supposed to" have either one. Baby and I are fine.

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