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#31 of 51 Old 02-22-2010, 08:46 PM
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I've gained 15 lbs!! I started out at 130 at 5'7", which is slightly more than I usually weigh. Now I'm at 145. It's kind of shocking, since my weight has never really varied much since junior high. It's mostly belly, but my thighs are definitely a little chubbier. My old jeans no longer fit. But it's kind of cool, because I feel like my body has a new purpose.
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5'4" started out overweight at 179 lbs. Last weigh in I was around 188. I'm 20 weeks now and expect I am around 190 lbs.

I love having big chubby babies too and hope baby #3 will be also!

wash.gif  Me  + bikenew.gif Dh =  broc1.gif  Dd1(9 yrs) + hearts.gif  Dd2(6 yrs) and blowkiss.gif Ds(3.5 yrs)
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I've gained almost 15 pounds already and I don't really know why so much, but I'm trying not to stress about it. Since the first trimester I don't really get super hungry or have cravings of silly things. I eat really healthfully and exercise daily or every other day. I've just gotten so ROUND around my midsection. My belly of course, but in addition to that, my thighs, and my most loathed part, my lower back has just become an extension of my bum- round.

My mom has the exact same body as me and said she gained a lot of weight early in pregnancy and not so much as other women during the 3rd tri, so I'm hoping that's what's going on here.
But, as I said, not stressing. I'm healthy, baby is healthy. I look forward to a vigorous exercise program after he/she arrives that will get me into better shape than I ever have been! That and a fat, happy, breastfeeding babe.

Me dreads.gif 32, loving him fuzmalesling.gif33, more each day. Rad boy, jog.gif 7/12/10 & Cool gal baby.gif  4/28/13

I'm a biracial, atheist, humanist, pacifist, anarchist, bibliophile, and educator. Rainbow.gifgd.gifwinner.jpgnocirc.gif

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I'm 18 wks tomorrow and have put on 14lbs already!!! Definitely didn't put on as much at this stage with dd, only thing is I did start out 14lbs lighter (thanks to breastfeeding!!) on this pregnancy so maybe it's natures way. I'm only 5'3 though so every lb shows, trying not to stress about it and eat healthily, I can't help giving into my craving for fizzy sweets tho!!
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sooo, had my mw appt today and looks like i have gained 16lbs so far....hoping to stay under 40lbs, as i was about 20lbs over my ideal weight to begin with...i'm eating fairly healthily, but certainly am not denying myself treats when i want them! i'm also not treating every day.

married to DH for 5 yrs, ds born at home 6/26/10
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I'm 5'8" with a starting weight of 150. The 2st trimester, I gained about 4 lbs. I'm now 20 weeks and right around 10 lbs...give or take a pound or two...

I'm right where I had hoped to be. At first, I felt like I wasn't gaining enough, so I made sure I ate my protein & calcium (greek yogurt, occasional prozen yogurt) and more frequent servings of fruit as snacks and I'm feeling fine. Plus I have a bump that came out of nowhere within the last week!

DD born 7/19/10, DS due 3/12/12

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I'm 5'10" and pre-pg weight was between 140-145. I just went to see MW this week and at 17w5d had gained 7 pounds.

I think I gained about 35 pounds with DS so would like to keeep my weight gain somewhere around that for this lil one.

DS is 4!
DD 8/10/10!
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I think I mighta lost weight this week, and I feel really guilty about it! I've been sick and unable to cook much and have only wanted soup and water with lemon. So grrr. I'll have to start packing it in again!

Happy and in love with my family!
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I'm 23 weeks and have now gained 13 pounds. I only weigh myself at the midwife's office since we don't have a scale.

By 30 weeks last time I had already gained 40 pounds and then another 20 in the last 8 weeks. I'm aiming to gain up to 35 pounds this time, so far so good!

SAHM to DD 03/08 & DD 06/10 made with love with my DP
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I had WLS in April. When I got my BFP I was weighing in at 214. While pregnant I lost about 17lbs and got down to my lowest weight of 196 (a weight I haven't seen since high school or middle school) and that was the first week of January.

Since getting to my lowest I have fluctuated between 198 and 202 on the scales. The other day I was 198, today I was 197. So I'm guessing I am just maintaining right now, but I wonder how much I've lost while the baby has gained.

My ultimate goal is to NOT gain past 215, and with probably less than 20 weeks to go (I have NEVER made it to my due date. I've always birthed between 37-39 wks) I am pretty sure I won't gain to that point again, but if I do I know it will probably be all baby and after baby gets here I will probably be lower than my lowest weigh in. That would be fine with me, LOL

I've lost a total of 130lbs though since last year. IN past pregnancies I lost weight in the first trimester and then maybe gained 5-15 through the rest of the pregnancy. I am hoping that will be the case this time too.

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I started this pregnancy exactly 20 lbs heavier than with my DS and have gaine dclose to 20lbs already. I am praying that I just end up with weighing around the saME WHEN i WAS AT THE END OF MY PREVIOUS PREGNANCIES..
with DD i had preE and ended up on bedrest for 20 weeks.. I gained 65 lbs but started at a great thin weight, with DS I was only 5 lbs heavier than started with DD... I usually lose all but 5-8 lbs within 6-8 months after giving birth. I nurse alot, walk and drink gallons of water

Shelly, Mom to Sophia 5 Nicholas 3 & 2 Angels
Its a GIRL! Alyssa Ann 6/29/10 7lbs 5 oz
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I had my 21 week appointment today, and I've gained about 1.5 pounds so far which sounds like way too little, but I'm pretty darn heavy to begin with (around 200 pounds eek!) , and I've been pretty much eating a low-glycemic, diabetic-friendly diet, so this is right where I want to be right now. The midwife asked if I was trying to diet, and I said "no!"--I just eat lots of good food. I really think our bodies know when and how to gain--I know that I've probably got a big gain coming up later this trimester as that's when I gained with DD, but I'm not worried about it at all. I am, however, thrilled that my eating pattern is keeping all my blood work looking great
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140.6 at 20 weeks, so 10-11 pounds so far.

ProtoLawyer (the now-actual lawyer, this isn't legal advice,  please don't take legal advice from some anonymous yahoo on the Internet)
Spouse (the political geek) * Stepdaughter (the artist) * and introducing...the Baby (um, he's a baby? He likes shiny things).
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had my 20 week visit yesterday and i've gained a total of 8 pounds.

i started this pg 30 pounds overweight and have been feeling anxious about my weight gain, but my midwife looked over my chart from my last pg and reminded me that i'm 24 pounds LIGHTER than i was at 20 weeks with dd. so that was encouraging!

Rachel. Devoted wife and joyful mama to Beatrice June(2/25/08) and Leona Agnes (8/10/10).
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I met my midwife on Wednesday and I haven't gained a single pound this last month. I'm cool with that, but it seems crazy. You'd think I'd gain SOMETHING with a baby growing so quickly.

hide.gif Me 41, single mom to modifiedartist.gifdd 4/2001 and demon.gif ds 7/17/2010

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#46 of 51 Old 03-05-2010, 12:11 PM
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179 at 20 weeks, so i've gained 9 pounds. about average except that 7 of those pounds were in one month! ha!

Lindsay + Trev = DD RóisÃ*n (9/07) & DS Ãamonn (7/2010)
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I'm starting to get a bit nervous, at 20 weeks I'm still 11 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. My doctor didn't seem concerned at 14 weeks (I was down 11 pounds then too) so we'll see what she says next week. I had some pounds to spare when starting this pregnancy. I just don't have much of an appetite and my food aversions are crazy......I don't like anything (or much of anything anyway). I'm still nauseous all the time and if I forget my diclectin I'm throwing up so it's just hard to eat as much as I should. I try to do my best though and get in some healthy foods for baby.

Lana: Mama to Mya Oct/2007 and Ainsley July/2010
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#48 of 51 Old 03-05-2010, 03:42 PM
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I'm also another who is still -2lbs from pre-THIS-pregnancy. I gained about 50 lbs with my son, and lost 40 after he was born (yay WW), so I started out this pregnancy +10, and another +15 above my ideal. So I'm 5'4" and 163 now. I'd like to get to 140 AFTER baby, so I'm hoping to not go over 185 this time. BUT...I'll eat what baby wants. I just haven't had much of an appetite, and when I do eat I get full fast.
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#49 of 51 Old 03-05-2010, 09:12 PM
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Yipes! I gained 6 pounds in the last month, for a grand total of 14. I knew there was something going on - I was starving all the time, and the baby was popping out...growth spurt? Anyways, that puts me at about 145, 5'7". It feels like I've put on a lot of weight - but the doc pointed out, that if I double that, I'll only put on 28 for the whole pg. I put on 35 with DD and had lost all of it an then some, so I'd be ok with 28. But I know it will be harder to lose this time around!
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I started out this PG at 175 and am now about 185ish at 22 weeks. I am 6 foot 2 though and cannot believe there are 6 foot tall women here who started out between 135 and 150 I hate this weight gain stuff.
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I've always been really thin but after my 1st baby, I lost all pregnancy weight and then some.. I had been trying to gain ever since but then it was time for pregnancy #2. I started out underweight at 121 (about 6 pounds underweight) and now at 19+3 I weighed in at 130. They want me to gain about 35 lbs total so we'll see. I eat really healthy and drink a lot of water.
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