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Hi, my name is Ali and I am a yeast infection queen.

Seriously, I get yeast infections all the time and have done so my entire life. Luckily I have made it through all of my pregnancies without one until now... I think. This is where the TMI comes in...

Normally when I get a yeast infection it is an internal one and maybe a little around my inner labia. For the past week I have been feeling a little itchy and have been telling myself it is time to my usually 'get rid of yest' regimen. Seeings how I have been so busy and then exhausted at night I have neglected myself. Normally that would mean I would be having some serious internal itching issues that need to be addressed asap. Not this time. I have this little red rash that is from my outer labia and is creeping down my inner thigh. It is mildly itchy but more sore and it is peeling. Honestly, it reminds me off DD's external yeast infections she has always gotten. I am still itchy 'down there' but not terribly so.

Has anyone had this? Does this sound like a minor yeast infection and an external yeast infection? Now what to do? Of course I can get rid of this internal issue in a day or two and I will but for this new thing. I am thinking of treating it like I do DD's. Vinegar, TTO and GSE mixed with a little water and aloe vera and use that solution on a wipe. Also maybe use DD's Calendula Diaper Cream since it helps help the skin. I need to get on a probiotic... can I take what I normally take or do I need something special while pregnant? Right now, this is not something that I will address with a Dr. Rarely, I have encountered things in my life that I can't take care of naturally. Any ideas?

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My doctor (M.D., but fairly holistic family practitioner) recommended Florajen for my effin' pesky yeast issues (we tried monistat, then tried a prescription regimen that actually killed the yeast finally, but I don't want it to come back). They're OTC in the regular pharmacy but are behind the counter because they keep better under refrigeration.

They're technically an oral probiotic but she said it was OK to take vaginally once a day (they're gelcaps that melt). She did also say diaper rash cream could be used externally for itching.

Good luck...I know how unpleasant this whole thing can be.

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What you described is exactly what I got done treating. The prophyllaxis abx I got for my gall bladder surgery gave me a RAGING y/i with the peeling itchy skin on my upper thighs. I wanted to itchy/dig my girly bits off!

I did the oral and vag yogurt for the past week and I am healed and clear. The plain cold yogurt felt heavenly and I spackled it on frequently. Sounds like your method works too, so stick with what ya know, hopefully you feel relief soon!

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This is a revelation ladies! I didn't know you could get an external yeast infection! Since we're doing the TMI thing - I sometimes get horrible itchy around and behind the vaginal opening. I've had internal yeast infections before, and the desperate need to scratch is the same, but this is on the outside. I've found witch hazel helps and the worst of it doesn't last more then a day or two (except in January when I was drinking TONS of OJ, weird). This morning I wondered if maybe I'm just sensitive to too much cervical mucas? Anyway, anyone care to venture an opinion?

I had an appt 1.5 or 2 weeks after it was really bad in January and she took an internal sample to test for yeast, which as I expected was negative.

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Men get external yeast infections all the time -- it's called jock itch. On the feet it's called athlete's foot. When it's not on a man's crotch or anyone's feet they sometimes call it ringworm (such a misleading name). It all really means fungal infection.

But anyway, Manuka honey has fantastic anti-fungal properties and is great for the skin. I've had a really bad one on my leg recently, and the prescription stuff they told me to use did almost nothing. I've switched to Manuka honey and moisturizing with pure shea butter, and it's finally going away. So that's my recommendation. You can get Manuka honey online or in health food stores. It's not cheap, but it's good stuff. I wish I had started it earlier.

Good luck.

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I've always used probiotic gel caps as vaginal suppositories, works like a CHARM. 2 tabs, 2x a day, for about 3 days. You can use PLAIN (real) yogurt to cool/sooth the irritated areas, and you can do a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water to kabosh the ferocious itching/burning.

Can you tell I deal with this too? Ugh.

Anyways that really solves it, I swear it does. So worth it...relief! Good luck!

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I don't have any remedies to add cuz they have been well covered. But about the large OJ consumption and yeast: yeast thrives on sugar (or at least higher blood sugar levels), nothing will get you a high blood sugar better or faster than OJ. If your body flora is becoming a little unbalanced and/or immune system depressed through normal course of pg, then you can easily get a yeast infection.
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I'm prone to vaginal irritation at certain times of my cycle (like a week before my period), and during pregnancy. I think it's due to both a subtle change in the chemistry of my discharge and a subtle increase in yeast (but not really enough to be a real yeast infection, certainly without the traditional internal symptoms).

Point is, I found a PHENOMENAL solution to this after being uncomfortable for the first 2 months or so of pregnancy:

Burts Bees chapstick... not just for the lips on your face!

I have been SOOOOOOO much more comfortable since discovering it. I basically rinse clean and dry off thoroughly in the morning and the evening, and after each time I just put it on directly around the folds in my labia and I have had next to no irritation since a day or two after starting this.

The one warning is that it is a bit tingly or stingy or whatever, so if you try it, apply with caution (like to a very small area) especially the first time. Personally when I started using it the tingle was a relief from the irritation I had been experiencing and I guess it still is but I'm totally used to it.

I told my midwives and they hadn't heard of that approach before, but were pleased I had found something natural that worked for me. I do recall a natural minded OB/GYN mentioning vaseline for external yeast irritation to me several years ago and I think I may have tried it, but it was too heavy or something and was irritating in its own way - kind of keeping my tissues too soft so they got delicate. Burts bees has been like the best discovery I've had all pregnancy! I now buy it in bulk.

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