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.... no matter which way I turn, bend, contort, etc., I can no longer see my hooha!

I guess my hubby and midwife will just have to understand why I'm patchy. Grooming by feel alone is quite difficult, and i don't care enough to get out a mirror. The way I feel at this point is if I can't see it, it isn't a problem !

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Yeah and seriously, the midwives have seen it all before. What does your hubby say? Mine says "don't bother", so we have a wild kingdom going on here.

I actually started a huge thread about this called Cubic Pear under Birth Professionals awhile back. Interesting discussion.

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I shaved about a month ago and decided that was the last time I'm sure it wasn't the best but it probably looks ok by now.

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I wouldn't worry about it. Honestly, midwives and ob's are looking for the baby's head, for progress and paying attention to the well being of the mother and baby. There is enough going on with birth and setting up for it and doing all the paper work, no one cares in the least, or will even notice if you're shaved, redheaded etc. Also, as the baby descends, your entire bottom takes on a different shape and what we see is the flesh not the hairy bits. Except once the head is visible, then everyone gets excited to know if the baby is hairy!!

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Hehe... ya, same for me.. i definitely can't see. I really prefer shaving (not the whole area, but most of it) but it's really only a personal preference. Dh does't care and i know that any OB or midwife isn't going to care one way or the other or think anything of it.
I would like to get one good shave done before having the baby because it makes it more pleasent, imo, when having to deal with lochia for a few weeks.

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I had my final "grooming" session a few days ago and pulled my groin doing it! (How embarassing). I can still somewhat see the area but my work the other day will have to last until delivery because that wasn't an easy job. I know dh understands and the docs could care less but I like to have things under control down there

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Not only can I no longer see what's going on Down There anymore!, but I also seem to continue nicking myself shaving my legs for some reason.

I went in two days ago for a bikini wax which was a real treat. I can't see it myself and my partner doesn't mind that I hadn't done anything but it felt good. Now the question is if that session will last until the birth--I doubt it.

Having said that, I know you all are right and no one cares and is looking at whether you have some stray hairs when you are in labor--and I'm sure that it will certainly be the farthest thing from *my* mind when the moment comes!

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Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
I actually started a huge thread about this called Cubic Pear under Birth Professionals awhile back. Interesting discussion.
I just went back and read it, and it's fascinating. And I liked the hilarious comments too, about the machete especially.

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TMI warning... You could stand in front of the bathroom sink mirror and shave standing up, rinsing the razor in the sink as you go. You could. I mean, I've heard it works. Because, um, my, um, friend... (that's supposed to be funny. it's me, okay, I admit, I do that.. but I tried to make it sound like those Viagra commercials.) Or the wax. I'm a bigger fan of the wax. More efficient.

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I use the sink method as well. It's still pretty patchy, but I can at least go out in a bathing suit. It's growing so fast and gets so tangly in it's moist jungle down there that I have to keep it somewhat trimmed!

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I completely delegate this task to DH.

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LOL!! Me, too!! I haven't been able to see it for a while, and have been just trimming the edges by "feel." I told DH that I may get his help in doing one final trim before this babe makes an appearance, but I don't think I would care if it didn't happen before then.

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I usually shave quite a bit down there too, not really for appearances it's just more comfortable and clean feeling to me. But all that has been sorely neglected for quite a while- except when I go swimming and then I make a poor attempt to tidy it up.

But I was thinking of getting DH to do a big weed-whacking job down there before the birth... the idea of all that hair and the lochia etc. does not appeal to me.

I know they used to routinely shave women before birth and they don't do this now (as far as I know)- but besides for episiotomy, which most of us won't be getting I think, is shaving/not shaving better for the birth in any way???

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