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We're all about to pop in the next few weeks, if we haven't already! I'm really curious to know what you were up to when your contractions started labour? What time was it?

After 4 full days of ruptured membranes with no contractions, I agreed to be induced for dd1. Now I wonder what I will be doing when labour starts.

Want to share your story?

SAHM to DD 03/08 & DD 06/10 made with love with my DP
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All my labors started when I was sleeping!

Aimee Blessed Momma to 4 amazing boys, P ~ 9 H ~ 7 J ~ 4 and B ~ 1.  Happily married to D Living my almost dream life on an urban homestead, hoping for our forever land to find us soon!

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When I was pregnant with my DS my DH and I went hiking in a nearby park the day before I was due. We had been taking lots walks because our plan was to "hike the baby out" so I wouldn't go late. Since DS had dropped really low already and I was having TONS of Braxton Hicks it was taking forever to finish our walk/hike (and my DH kept teasing me the whole time, the punk). I kept having BH all day, and into the night which made sleeping well kind of difficult. All of a sudden at around three in the morning I was woken from my dozing (not real sleeping) by what felt like a huge kick. It was my water breaking. Real contractions started IMMEDIATELY at 3 minutes apart and DS was born less than four hours later. On his due date no less.

(Can I make a special request to someone to have a labor like that again? )

Hey, Babe  +  Me  =  Little Man 07-27-08  &  the Storm Sprite 07-11-10  computergeek2.gif    
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I'd been having prelabor for a few days but was actually headed home from a MW appt when things picked up. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and kept having to pretend I was looking for something on the bottom shelf because squatting helped!

Becky- Wife to DH, Mama to "Nani" (July '08) "Coco" (July '10) and Decker the Wrecker (May'13)
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This is my first, but my mom says she was making salmon casserole and watching "10,000 Pyramid," and my aunt says she was making a pork roast (she's Jewish and assumed it was a sign).

ProtoLawyer (the now-actual lawyer, this isn't legal advice,  please don't take legal advice from some anonymous yahoo on the Internet)
Spouse (the political geek) * Stepdaughter (the artist) * and introducing...the Baby (um, he's a baby? He likes shiny things).
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Mine started at 6am on a Thursday morning. I was woken up by contractions. They weren't painful but they were definitely there. They were about 7-8 minutes apart. Fast forward to Friday night around 7pm. I had been laboring since the day before and ctx were down to 5 minutes apart (yeah, it was slow) and I was hungry so we went to eat. I was making a salad at a buffet and my water broke WOOOSH Hollywood style. I ran to the bathroom to check it out and found particulate meconium so we went to the hospital. I was 7cm

Amy, Army wife living in S. Korea, mama to my inverted t c/s baby 04.05.08 and my VBAC with inverted t baby 07.24.10
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I was 20 days over my EDD and had start and stop labour for weeks. I agreed to having my membranes stripped (OW!) at about 9am, then went grocery shopping, by 10am i was in full blown labour.... had DD at 4pm the following day via vacuum assistance at the hospital.

Mom to Lizzy born May 2007 & expecting Baby#2 June/July 2010
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My first labour I was lying in bed asleep when my water broke at 4:30 a.m. Contractions started an hour later and dd1 was born that night at around 7:30 p.m.

With my second I'd had gentle early labour on an off for a week or two at night. I would have very gentle but noticable contractions for what felt like hours on and off several nights a week. The morning after dd's due date, I woke up at 8:30 a.m. and within 15 mins I had a contraction. I *KNEW* we would be having a baby that day. She was born 3 hrs later. I wouldn't mind a fast and efficient labour like that again! There's video of us right after dd was born and we're all puffing and panting and rubbing the baby who is peeing on me, and we're laughing... and then I say, "I haven't even had breakfast yet!"

Me + Dh = Dd1(9.5 yrs) + Dd2(7 yrs) and Ds(4.5 yrs)
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I think for me labour starts very gradually. But the *real* contractions start at night.
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#1: Labor started during the night, woke me up. Contractions were already 5 minutes apart, lasting about 1 minute. But they weren't very strong. Baby was born about 23 hrs later.

#2: Labor started only a day after my EDD in the later afternoon. I honestly don't remember much else about it! Baby was born the next morning around 7 am.

#3: Labor started mid afternoon, at 41 weeks. I was at my parents' house about 40 minutes away from my house when I started getting some regular-ish contractions. So I drove home, purposely hitting every speed bump and lump in the road along the way to keep the contractions going! Baby was born the next day around 9 am.

Wife to a wonderful dh and mom to four beautiful kiddos, dd (3/04):, ds1 (1/06), ds2 (10/08), and ds3 (7/10)
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My contractions started in the subway on the way home from the bookstore. DD was born 2 days later.

hide.gif Me 41, single mom to modifiedartist.gifdd 4/2001 and demon.gif ds 7/17/2010

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#1 Water broke at 6 am then contractions followed shortly after.

#2 Contractions started when I woke up and got stronger and obvious when I was making pancakes.

#3 Water broke at 10:30 pm in bed.

#4 Contractions slowly built over days and gradually morphed into active labor, so hard to pinpoint an actual "start" to it.

Who knows this time!!

JENNY, 38~ preschool teacher, birth activist, sun worshiper, singer, married for 17 years and mom to

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I worked until about 7pm Thursday night, finishing off the evening with an e-mail to my manager, "I feel fine, not about to have a baby."

Went to bed around 10, woke up at 2am with what I thought was gas pains/intestinal trouble. When the "gas pains" occurred again 30 minutes later, and then 20 minutes, and then 7 - I was pretty sure it was baby time!

Contractions quickly moved down to 5 minutes apart, and were 3 min. by the time we got to the hospital at 7. DD was born at noon - 10 hours, start to finish! Our facilities manager was calling my cell phone (which DH had) while I was in labor, asking if she could move another coworker to my desk, or if I was coming in...needless to say, I didn't get back to her until after the weekend!
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#1- I was shaving my legs when my water broke at 10:30 pm. 18 hours later I still wasn't having contractions, so I was induced. 13 hours after induction was started, DD was born. So, the entire thing took a very long time and the pitocin made labor very painful.

#2- It was 7:00pm and I was having dinner with DH's family on my due date. Started having contractions every 15 min or so. DS was born 11 hours later, and I had my MW break my water at 8 cm. Very different experience, and sooo much better

~Manessa mama to one teenageer, one tweenager, and a toddler

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I sprinted to catch a bus one afternoon, and ran two blocks at full-speed (which as I'm sure you can imagine is NOT EASY OR COMFORTABLE). On the bus, I felt like my internal organs were falling out of my vagina! That was in the afternoon when I was 39w5d. No action for the rest of the evening, but contractions started at 3 am that night, regular but moderate, got strong at about noon, and DD was born that evening around 7 pm.

The lesson is: now is the best time to do some sprinting, ladies!

A + J = Miriam (November 2006) and Raymond (June 2010)
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I went for a long walk that had a lot of hills on a monday afternoon. That evening while at dh's office I got my bloody show or mucus plug and contractions started right away. Ds was born 24 hours later. I was exactly 39 weeks. Needless to say, I've been going on a lot of walks lately!

Enjoying life with DH since 05/04 and our two boys Oliver 02/07 and Theodore 07/10 
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