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Ohhhh... just melting. Those pics! Especially #2. Gorgeous!

What a horror story about your birth class buddy! I'm your story worked out differently. Things sounds really good!

Amy (34): mommy to DD1 (11/07) and DD2 (7/10), wife, wohm, and wannabe suburban homesteader.
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Expat-Mama your baby is so crazy beautiful!!!!!!! That's not fair! He's just too cute and the rest of us who are waiting have to sit here and drool while you get to enjoy him.

You sound like you are doing fine working with the challenges you are facing with nursing. That's great.

Your poor classmate Words can't even describe...

Me + Dh = Dd1(9.5 yrs) + Dd2(7 yrs) and Ds(4.5 yrs)
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Thanks for the pictures, your baby is so gorgeous! Glad to hear you two are doing so well.

What a shame about your classmate.
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no fair!

he is really lovely. so glad things went well for you at the birth center!

have you tried the football hold?? it's the best for wobbly head on full breast, imo, b/c you have one hand holding his head and one hand holding your breast- always felt more in control of things with that hold. especially if they are well swaddled and hands can't get in the way.

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Bring on the shameless photo parade, expat! I love the pics and you're little man is absolutely adorable!!!
Really sad about your friend though. I probably would have gone ballistic.

hide.gif MeĀ 41, single mom to modifiedartist.gifdd 4/2001 and demon.gif ds 7/17/2010

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aww, he's so gorgeous! and a big boy! Nursing usually has a learning curve, for both of you. I'm having challenges with my boy too, even though he's my third baby. He falls asleep all the time too on the breast. I second the football hold.

And I'm sad for your birth class-mate That is a serious violation. Unbelievable.
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He's beautiful, nice job mama!

Proud mama to beautiful Ophelia 7.29.10
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Nursing is still a bit of a challenge- he seems to love one boob and can't stand the other! I don't get it. My nipples seem to be way too huge for his mouth or something so we struggle getting a latch, but once we do it's smooth sailing and I love watching him nurse.
I'm going to have to start a shameless baby photo sharing thread like I've seen in one of the other DDCs soon...
we have the same nursing issues over here

I heard from one of the mamas that was in my birth class yesterday and my heart broke for her. She was due almost a week before me and faced the same pressures to induce on and agreed to it without really knowing anything about it. She was induced on July 1st, had crazy intense pitocin contractions but no cervical dilation, went in for c-section and the baby spent 4 days in NICU...and when they got him out he had been circumcised without their knowledge or permission. This was at the same birth centre as I went to. She seemed ok about it all and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it if she was feeling ok, but I couldn't help shed some tears for her babe.
If someone circ-ed my boy w/o permission.....oh, does not bear thinking about

ok..shameless photos here:
he is deliciousness personified!!! what a big handsome boy

Emma - Welsh Wife to DH and Mummy to DS, Lloyd 13/08/07 and Cerys 15/07/10
Living in Russia
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That is awesome news! So glad it went so well. Congratulations!!

Canadian mom of Myron born in Japan, March 2007. Our second son born at home, wonderful HBAC in July 2010. I am a jeweller, I love creating things!

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