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leanbh's Avatar leanbh 01:00 AM 07-19-2010
we had our baby boy at home this afternoon after just two and half hours of labor.
my water started leaking just a smidge at about 430am, but enough to wake me up. contractions were irregular until my water broke at 1050am. by 110pm, and seven minutes of pushing, boom! there he was!

Éamonn James Anthony
1:10 pm

mataji4's Avatar mataji4 01:04 AM 07-19-2010
Wow! Hooray for all the little boys finally coming in...and for your homebirth and smooth labor! Congratulations and welcome to your baby Eamonn!
ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 02:18 AM 07-19-2010
Yay! I'm so happy for you!
Surfacing's Avatar Surfacing 02:32 AM 07-19-2010
Woo hoo! What great news! Sounds like a nice efficient labour. I love his name. Enjoy your little boy Mama!
Runnerbean's Avatar Runnerbean 06:55 AM 07-19-2010
Comhgairdeachas Leanbh!
welsh's Avatar welsh 07:48 AM 07-19-2010
Congratulations Mama to you and all your family on the arrival of your beautiful boy!
Love the name!!
dana76's Avatar dana76 11:46 AM 07-19-2010
Congrats mama!!!
AmyKT's Avatar AmyKT 12:09 PM 07-19-2010
Woohoo! congratulations!