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Sorry for typos, nak...

On July 15, I had my 40w MW appointment. Baby was very low (they could barely find the head from feeling my belly), I'd had regular BH for weeks, but still no baby. They told me to stay patient, baby would come, and probably very quickly when labor started.

The next day I realized that maybe what I thought had been leaking urine wasn't really urine, and gave them a call. Turned out it was a tear in my water bag, that I knew from the smell had been leaking at least a week. MWs were a little more concerned, but still feeling good about everything.

On the 17th, I had a home visit (planning on a MW HB), and we started to talk about a castor oil induction, since my waters had been broken for so long. DH and I talked it over, and decided we would do it Monday morning if nothing happened over the weekend.

At 5am on the 18th, dd woke up in her room and called for dh. On almost any other morning, he would have brought her into our room, but for som reason he crawled into her bed instead. Just after he left, I had a contraction, so I was happy they weren't in the bed with me (I was sure it was more BH). I had a few more contractions and decided to get up. I opened the shades, so I could watch the sunrise, brushed my teeth, and walked around through the contractions. At 5:30 I realized I was probably in real labor and thought about waking dh, but decided he should rest instead.

So, I walked around for a little while longer and then decided to take a shower. It was 5:59am. As I was walking into the bathroom, I heard dh and dd wake up and dh asked dd if she wanted to go sleep in our bed. I poked my head into the room and told dh that was probably not a good idea because I thought I was in labor.

I headed to the bathroom and dh follwed me in. He asked a few questions and decided to call the MWs. He put me on the phone and I was worried birth was still far away... my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and 45 seconds long. The MW offered to come right then but I told her not yet. She said she'd check back in 20-30 minutes (the call started at 6:01 and ended at 6:04am).

I got into the shower and in about 2 minutes, my water bag popped. I called to dh "the baby is coming!". My contractions just felt like one long contraction with no break, just waves of intensity. Dh called the MW to tell her to come (phone logged the call at 6:10am). Then dh called the other MW for phone support, because I told him there was no way the one he just hung up with was going to make it.

Dh dialed her number as he went to check on dd. I was standing in the shower with my legs giving out on me, needing help to sit down, but dh was not near me. So, I grabbed the shower curtain and walked my way down it. As I got to the squatting position, a contraction hit and ds started to crown. Dh was now in the bathroom with the MW on speaker phone, but I couldn't hear her over the shower (and I really didn't care what she had to say- I felt very in control!).

Dh was narrating what was happening to the MW and with the next contraction came ds's whole head. I heard DH say the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, but that he could fit fingers under the cord. He was fumbling with the cord and I told him to wait a second, and in one more contraction, the baby's whole body was out and in dh's hands. I looked and saw dh struggling with the cord, that was wrapped twice around the neck. I pushed his hands out of the way, unwound the cord in two seconds, and took my baby from him. It was 6:18am.

The baby started to cry and the midwife said something about the baby using the word "she". We didn't know the gender, so I was like "it's a girl?", and the midwife reminded me that she wasn't there So, we checked and it was a boy! I was so excite and so in love right away.

At 6:23, the first MW arrived and DH hung up with the one on the phone, who headed over.

Dh's favorite part of the story is telling everyone that he woke up in the morning, and 19 minutes later was holding his son! It was amazing, and so empowering being able to do it myself. I couldn't have done it without the prenatal support and strength from my MWs and the postpartum support, but I feel so strong that I could do that!

The baby is perfect, nursing like a pro, my milk is in, and all is great. I can't believe I could just give birth and crawl into bed with my newborn. If I am blessed with another child, I will absolutely have another HB, but will still use the same HB MWs.

That's our story!
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Oh wow! What a wonderful empowering story! CONGRATS!

Loving mama to A (8/5/2010) R (1/3/2015) and DSD (16).
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What an amazing story! I'm so glad you had a quick, easy birth, even if it didn't go exactly according to plan. This is becoming a trend with July mamas.

Amy (34): mommy to DD1 (11/07) and DD2 (7/10), wife, wohm, and wannabe suburban homesteader.
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Amazing! Congratulations and way to take control! Have a great babymoon!!!

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." ~A.U.
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DDC crasher... LOVE your story! I have goosebumps. Congratulations!

DS 12/22/05 and DD 5/24/09
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He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.  ~Albert Einstein
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crasher here too! I'm SOOOOOOO jealous!!


D, wife to an awesome man, mommy to 2 awesome boys!!
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WOW! Amazing birth story, I just love it! How big is your baby boy? Congrats!

Marja: consensual-living, unschooling, piano-teaching, doula and mom to 3 creative, independent people:
DD, 8, DS, 6, and Baby DS born July 1, 2010 Married to DH for 10 years!
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Wow, I just got teared up reading your birth story!! Awesome! And so fast

Happy and in love with my family!
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oh I am so jealous, congrats!

carlie~33 DP~40 mom to Cadan Riley 7/22/04, Kailin Naiya 8/05/06,, Ronen Blake12/13/08 , Rosen Blythe 7/26/10.
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Awww congrats. This sounds soooo similiar to my birth story. So many of our babies had their own visions for their birth.

Aimee Blessed Momma to 4 amazing boys, P ~ 9 H ~ 7 J ~ 4 and B ~ 1.  Happily married to D Living my almost dream life on an urban homestead, hoping for our forever land to find us soon!

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nak congratulations, how powerful! go mama!

Me + Dh = Dd1(9.5 yrs) + Dd2(7 yrs) and Ds(4.5 yrs)
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Glad you got to experience this too.

I keep telling people that say "I would have been so freaked out!" that you don't have time to be freaked out or scared. You do what you have to do. I felt in control and just did what I felt needed to be done. I tried to talk the emt to let me just stay home seeing all was fine. If we had been planing a home birth, things would have been different. My placenta was also stubborn and I had a tear.

I'm still on a high from it, and I'm sure you are too. They keep talking to me about baby blues, and I feel 100% the opposite.

These babies just keep flying out around here!
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Awesome!! Congratulations!

JENNY, 38~ preschool teacher, birth activist, sun worshiper, singer, married for 17 years and mom to

Karan 15, Fiona 12, Bodhi 10, Bjorn 6, Devon 3, and Robin Taylor born January 16th!

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