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Successful HBAC yesterday!

shenanegans's Avatar shenanegans (TS)
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We did it!! Our beautiful little BOY was born at home last night at 7:45pm weighing 8lb 2oz.9 days past his due date! I couldn't have done it without my amazing midwives, DH Danny,my sister Caitlyn and my son Myron. It was a long labor but it really didn't get intense until the end.So happy to know that I can give birth naturally, I am feeling a million times better than after my c-section with Myron. Our little guy doesn't have a name yet but he is just perfect! I will post the full birth story later. xo
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carliec76's Avatar carliec76
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Awesome! Of course you can have a baby naturally!
I can't wait until the medical community puts 42 weeks as the Due date because 40 weeks is so disheartening for so many of us late cookers!
mummy marja's Avatar mummy marja
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you that you had a wonderful HBAC!
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Awesome! Congratulations mama, you sound so happy! Welcome to your baby boy!
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Congratulations on your HBAC Mama. Enjoy your baby boy!
somegirl99's Avatar somegirl99
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Congrats on getting your HBAC and welcome to the world baby boy! Looking forward to reading more when you get a chance.
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