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mrsdocmartin's Avatar mrsdocmartin 09:23 PM 08-04-2010
My due date was Wed. We went camping with my family and were planning to stay Fri-Sun. Starting on Friday evening I began having mild contractions. I woke in the night with them a few times, but they didn't really hurt and were very irregular. They lasted allday Saturday and by late afternoon were every 10 minutes. We decided to go home and leave Quinn with my parents. I went to bed that night sure I'd wake up with strong contractions and woke up Sunday morning totally discouraged and feeling guilty for leaving Quinn. Then I went to the bathroom and had a ton of bloody show. Then all day I had irregular mild to moderate contractions. They started to slow down by evening and I had almost given up that it was going to happen. Martin went to bed around 9 and said he was too keyed up to sleep thinking it was going to be the night. I layed on the couch and started having mild contractions every 6 minutes. Then I got up and walked around and the picked up to every 3-4 minutes. Then I started getting shivery and told Martin to get dressed that I thought we would be going in. I called labor and delivery around 10:00 and they said someone would call me back. No one did and I was set to wait it out a bit longer but Martin really thought we should go in. I reluctantly agreed and it was a good thing. Our hospital is 45 minutes away and about 10 minutes in the pain was getting bad and they were 2-3 minutes apart. We got to the hospital at 11:00 and I went on the fetal monitor for 20 minutes, My midwife checked me after that and I was at 6 cm. The pain got stronger so I went in the tub for awhile. It got unbearable and I didn't think I could do it. I kept panicking thinking that there was no way I would be able to push. I kept saying I couldn't do it, and on some level I knew it was transition, but I didn't want to voice it and make it not true! We decided it was time to do the hibiclens (we opted out of GBS antibiotics) and after she gave it to me, my midwife said I was complete and the bag of waters was bulging. I felt pushy and they convinced me to go on the toilet where I gave a big push and broke the water bag. We moved to the birthing stool, and I pushed for 8 minutes and my beautiful girl was out at 1:08! I got to hold her immediately and see for myself that she was a girl before anyone else. I didn't tear enough for even one stitch. It was so much easier than Quinn's birth it was like a totally different experience. The pitocin contractions with Quinn gave me no break. The midwife with Quinn had to tell me when to push and when to hold back and this time I was able to go with what I felt. I pushed for 3 hours with Quinn and only had two hours of hard labor with Eliza. I am just over the moon. She is beautiful!!

somegirl99's Avatar somegirl99 10:18 PM 08-04-2010
Congrats mama and welcome Eliza, love the name! Glad to hear the birth went so well.
mellybelly's Avatar mellybelly 01:01 PM 08-05-2010
EMandM's Avatar EMandM 03:56 PM 08-05-2010
Congratulations!! Enjoy your sweet girl!
Surfacing's Avatar Surfacing 08:43 PM 08-05-2010
Sounds like a healing birth experience after your first one. That is a joy in and of itself. Congratulations on your lovely baby!
lrgs's Avatar lrgs 01:02 AM 08-06-2010
Yay! Congratulations! Awesome birth story
EarthyLady's Avatar EarthyLady 08:21 PM 09-01-2010
I came to MDC today to see how you were. Glad everything went so well!