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I live in Boston, and I've been talking with my mom about going together to see an elderly friend in the midwest. Over the weekend, we nailed down a date in May, where we'd go out for 4 days (flying inclusive) to visit. I happened to mention that we might go visit my in-laws overseas in May as well, and it looks like we'd actually fly out two days after I got back from the trip with my Mom.

This morning before breakfast, she said, "I heard you might be going to see the in laws in May. I think its a really bad idea for you to be doing that much traveling. You're going to be very tired, and flying that much in a short period of time is not good when you're pregnant. I think its important that you see DH's parents, and I wouldn't want our trip to "ruin" your trip over with DH, so I think we better not go on our trip"

Now, I'm not saying she isn't concerned about me and traveling, and being tired, and the higher risk of deep vein thrombosis and all that, but we had just told her the night before that we intend to baptize DS in DH's parent's hometown, and I am kind of feeling like she's being a bit passive-aggressive and making visiting DH's parents into a reason that we can't spend mother-daughter time together.

So my question is - am I just being silly in thinking that making 2 back to back trips is reasonable? Or is this a reasonable, though admittedly somewhat tiring schedule.

here's the facts -

-I would first make a 2.5 hour nonstop flight on a Thursday, and the same back on a Sunday night, arriving home around 9:30pm. I'd be leaving DD at home with DH, so I don't have any toddler responsibilities while flying (joy!) I'll be 27 weeks pregnant.

-I would then leave Tuesday night at 10:45pm, and make a 6 hr flight, 4 time zones away. DD would be traveling, but DH is coming, too. A week later, we'd make the reverse flight. I'll be 28 weeks pregnant.

(x-posting in I'm Pregnant)

Loving being a stay at home mamma to DD 10/07, and newly arrived DS 7/26/10
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I have had to do a lot of flying so far this pregnancy and have more still to come. (These are mostly business trips, although my boss is changing things around to reduce my travel schedule after I come back from maternity leave. )

I think you'll be fine.

Just make sure you:
- stay well hydrated which will mean bringing extra water bottles on the flights with you (either buy after security, or bring empty bottles and then fill from water fountains after security)
- insist on getting an aisle seat so you can get up and move around frequently (plus get to the bathroom!)
- get as much rest as you can in between the flying, so try not to schedule anything too strenuous the day after the red-eye flights.
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I really don't see what the problem would be here. How was your second tri with your DD? Last time I felt on top of the world, and the traveling would have been no big deal. This time I feel pretty good, and it would be no big deal. To me, flying is no more exhausting than staying home with a toddler, really.

Mama to DS1 (2/08) and DS2 (9/10).
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Hon, I don't think you're the one who's being unreasonable.

Go on both of your trips and have a wonderful time! If your doctor/midwife clears you to go, then your mother's concerns will be put to rest.

Don't let others guilt you with their passive aggressive talk.

Catholic homeschooling mom of two daughters and four sons... baby Mark born on 8/27/10. Kidney Disease Awareness
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I flew to a baby shower when I was 35 weeks pregnant (2.5 hours each way). Many people thought I was crazy, but I felt fine and also felt that if I went into labor during the flight the chances of delivering in the air were slim. But I did get to hear all the stories about why you shouldn't fly when peggers, so I know what is falling into your ears.

Honestly, I think it is fine. People worry about sitting for that long, but many women with desk jobs sit for 5 hours or more with just a bathroom break and nobody bothers them. Just make sure you get up and walk around for a bit every few hours during hte long flight and you should be fine. People also worry about you going into labor or having a medical emergancy in the air, but the chances of that are so slim! It is more likely for an elderly person to have a heart attack than a pregnant lady to suddenly have issues mid flight.

Overall, I think you should be fine. Personally, I do find air travel makes me tired, but so do many other aspects of my life. So yes, you may be a bit extra tired, but just make sure you schedule some time for naps.

Good luck and I hope things work out with your mom.

CD'ing, homebirthing, milk making school teacher. Supporting my family on my income and trying to get out of debt in 2013!
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i have a flight scheduled in may as well, an 8.5 hr flight and a return a week later. i think as long as your mw/dr says you are good to go, i would trust your instincts. go! have fun! pack snacks and an empty water bottle and move around. i brought support hose on my last flight (i was only at 12 weeks) and it did help b/c i tend to stay put in my seat except for bathroom breaks. the hardest thing for me at the time was tailbone pain but i had one of those inflatable pillow headrests that i sat on to take the pressure off my tailbone and that was great. i agree with everyone else, try not to overdo it before/after your flights, but i wouldn't worry.

DD: 8/10

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If that's a problem then I'm in big trouble! I'm planning on flying on a non-stop flight from Dallas to NY ONE MONTH before my due date. Am I crazy? Maybe but some good friends are getting married July 4th weekend and we really don't want to miss it. I talked to my mid-wives, looked it up on the airline's website and got the go-ahead. Apparently, airlines will let you fly unless you're in labor! Plus it's just a 3 hour flight and last time my labor was sooo looong. I'm sure I would even have time to get home if I went into labor. The worst thing for me would be if I had the baby in NY and had to bring him/her home to TX right after the birth. But that's worst case scenario.

Hope that helps!

Happily married to my sweet DH with two precious girls (12/08) and (8/10) and a crazy puppy dog. Expecting blessing #3 around 12/10.

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Thanks for the input, mamas

I got varying responses on the "I'm pregnant" board from mamas who had no problems doing lots of flying, and other mamas who just plain avoid it if possible, due to discomfort and fatigue. So, I guess I'll just stand my ground on the "I'm fine about flying 3 times in a week" stance with my mom, and see how things shake out, and see what other issues are behind her sudden change in desire to go on a trip with me. Ah, family!

Loving being a stay at home mamma to DD 10/07, and newly arrived DS 7/26/10
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