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Originally Posted by LindsayK View Post
I'm curious, it seems like a lot of the ladies whose husbands are getting "the snip" you are waiting until after the baby comes - why wait?
Like the PPs have said, it's kind of a superstitious thing. I would be afraid that if we did something permanent before the LO arrived that something might go wrong. If I lost this LO I could see myself possibly wanting to have another baby and don't want to completely shut the door on that possibility until LO has arrived safe and sound.

Lisa - mama to Eleanor Rose 01/08 and Saoirse Lily 09/10
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It's our last pregnancy, but "later in life" or once we are more financially stable we would love to adopt.

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This is absolutely my last pregnancy. We're both 36. We always planned on one child, with a maybe, maybe two thought in the very beginning. I had an IUD placed when our DD was four months old, and we were feeling pretty darn sure we were done at one. DH had talked about the snip, but I felt 1% uncertain and wouldn't let him, despite having no intention of taking the IUD out. I got pregnant anyway. Whoops. IUD was removed when I was 5 weeks pregnant.

Since I clearly don't trust an IUD anymore, and we're both CERTAIN we would not want a third, there will be a snipping. I want him to wait until after the birth only because I don't want him, ahem, "out of service" prior to that. Preggo sex rocks.

Co-sleeping, Breastfeeding, EC'ing, Baby-wearing, Homebirthing mama to two fabulous girls 6/2007 and 8/2010
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This is for sure our last biological child. I had thought I didnt want another one while I was pregnant with our last DS because I was so sick and miserable, but towards the end of the preganancy I changed my mind because I just didnt feel "done" yet. DH will get the snip after Emmelia arrives in Aug. We are waiting until then mostly because DH is having knee surgery in May and will recuperating from that most of the summer and doesnt need to add the big V to that. And, I know if something were to happen to this little girl I would probably want to try for another in a few years.

Proud Army Wife, Christian, Mommy to Jackson (12/02) Jillian (12/03) and William (9/14/09). Expecting our newest blessing Aug 2010!
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This is our first and most likely our only. While I can say that I know I will be an awesome mom, to me it doesn't environmentally feel appropriate to have a lot of children. The scientist in me said for years not to have -any- children, to try to help balance out the population and resource issues we're having on this earth. The pressure from family and also not wanting to be old and have no kids made us go for this one. We're happy, but I like the idea that when we both die we will be in the negative for a footprint with just one replacing us. Of course people look at us funny when we say we only want one. Goes to show you how things haven't changed even though we know so much about the world's ability to support us now...
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I've already signed the consent forms for my tubal immediately after birth. Half a dozen babies is more than enough I think, and I'd eventually love to finish school and have a career.
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This is the last pregnancy we're planning... at this point. Neither of us is doing anything permanent to prevent tho. It took us 2 years of fertility treatments to get DS, and 1 (since we knew the issue) to get the twins. If God decides we need another then we'll happily accept, BUT at this time we're not planning any further fertility treatments.

Wife (32) to DH (33) Mom to DS 2 and Twin DD's born 8/11
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I am not a nice pregnant person and my husband has said in no uncertain terms that he does not want to go through this again. I can respect that. He will be snipped after this kiddo is born. We have always been interested in fostering and our house isn't that big so if we had a third kid there is no way we could do that.

My advice may not be appropriate for you. That's ok. You are just fine how you are and I am the right kind of me.

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This is my 3rd and last child. I already made DH get a vesectomy. So its all good for me lol.

Rebecca~mama to DD1-Alyssa 6/05, DD2-Kaylin 8/08, DD3-Reyana 8/10 and Angel Baby-Mayvis.
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I'm pretty sure this little guy is the last. I'll be almost 42 when he is born. Still, I've had all of my pregnancies over 35, and my body doesn't seem to have any difficulty getting pregnant.

I remember after #3 was born, I felt that there was another baby that was needed to complete our family. I honestly thought I'd end up convincing DH to adopt--as I'm adopted as well. But we got preggers, and now #4 is on the way.

I don't know if I'll still feel that there's another child that we're meant to adopt after #4 comes.

I was looking forward to next year because DD (#3) had gotten into our Montessori's 3 year old program, and all three would be in school. I'd have time to myself until 1:00 p.m. each day. Now, we're moving someplace else, and I'll have at least the baby and DD home...possibly her elder brother as well as I'm not sure I want to send him to Kindy. (Different cut-off dates where we're moving. He was supposed to do another year of PreK at his Montessori school.)

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This child is my first and may be my last. My heart wants two but we are adopting a wait-and-see approach on deciding about a second child. I'll turn 37 within days of our son being born, so some of it is about feeling like I'm running out of time. We're untested parents so we want to feel like we are doing a good job handling the first before committing to a second, too.

Financially it would be tight to have two, but we're both moving ahead in our careers and expect that our income will grow as our family does too. I just don't know yet, but I'm trying to face both options (never feeling a child move inside me again vs. never feeling this uncomfortable again).

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This is such a tough decision for me. I gave birth for the first time at age 17, to dd1. Then waited til I found a wonderful man to share my life with, and at 38 had dd2. Hubby really wants a son, and he is SUCH a good daddy to dd2, that I agreed to another babe, and at age 40 I'll be giving birth... to dd3! Yep, another girl. The very same day we found out this lo was a girl, dh started campaigning for another baby so he can have a son. I think he is CRAZY! If we have another, it might be a girl too, and I'm not excited to have 3 children under 5... but with my age, we'd have to jump on it.

He's a very loving, hands-on daddy and a good husband, and I have trouble saying no to him. I love him so much that I am not absolutely refusing... yet. I told him if I have any serious pregnancy complications with this current one, the idea of more is out the door. Plus I want to see how well we deal with 2 lo's first, and how our financial situation shakes out over the next couple years. But if it was not for his desire for a son, I'd stop at this baby.

The thing is... I really would love to see dh raise a mini-him!

Happily married mother of DD1 (10/87), DD2 (7/08), and DD3 (8/10)
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This is IT!!! #3 was supposed to be it but DH never got snipped. When I got the positive test this time he said, "I'll get snipped!" haha
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This will be my last pregnancy. I would love to have more, and I think dh would too, but this has been a long 3 + year journey to have this little one, and emotionally, we just can't do it. This baby is a miracle for us, and we just can't take this risk again ( we have lost 3 pregnancies- 20 weeks, 5 weeks, and 17 weeks). I'm going to have a csection so we'll just have my tubes tied after the delivery.

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My husband's getting the V tomorrow morning!
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