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August 2010 > anyone else really short of breath?
COgirl19's Avatar COgirl19 08:10 PM 06-14-2010
It kind of comes and goes but I am getting short of breath more and more the last couple of days, even if I am just sitting. I remember this happening with DD1 but much later and not as severe. I do not feel dizzy or lightheaded or anything but it just feels really hard to catch my breath. Not to mention the heartburn the last couple of days too. Is the baby just having a growth spurt and jamming her knees into my diaphram or what?

dannic's Avatar dannic 08:19 PM 06-14-2010
Not this pregnancy, but my last I was constantly out of breath. Baby rested high. this babe's looow.
limette's Avatar limette 09:19 PM 06-14-2010
I have asthma and the shortness of breath has been bothering me a lot for the past couple of months. It seems to have calmed down a bit this week which is great because my inhaler is empty. I went to the walk in clinic twice for a refill and they were taking names just to take info to see the doctor. There's no way I can stand around for hours waiting for a refill (pelvic pain) so I'm still med-less.
laughymama's Avatar laughymama 09:47 PM 06-14-2010
It comes and goes but last night was the worst. I kept trying to take huge, deep breaths because I felt SO out of breath.

It's irritating.
SteelerMom's Avatar SteelerMom 11:16 PM 06-14-2010
have you had a cbc done lately?
COgirl19's Avatar COgirl19 02:00 AM 06-15-2010
Originally Posted by SteelerMom View Post
have you had a cbc done lately?
what is a cbc? I am assuming no since I don't know what it is.
SteelerMom's Avatar SteelerMom 10:23 AM 06-15-2010
complete blood count (looks at number of white and red cells and platelets etc.) The levels are often checked at the same time as the test for gestational diabetes. It is very common to be mildly anemic for pregnant women, but some women will have more serious anemia which can be exhibited by shortness of breath among other things. Most specifically, they look at the hematocrit level...I would ask if they checked yours recently.
trimestersdoula's Avatar trimestersdoula 12:13 PM 06-15-2010
I was having major issues with shortness of breath last week and the week before. I was at my moms the other day and and I got down on the floor to change DD's diaper. Just from hunching over to do that and put her pants and shoes back on, I stood up and could barely breathe!! This week is much better, but I think baby took a liking to my lower end now....thank goodness
COgirl19's Avatar COgirl19 12:29 PM 06-15-2010
Thanks Steeler Mom. I have a midwife appointment on Thursday and will definitely ask about it. I just had the GD 3 hour (passed, woohoo!) but I don't know what else they looked at.