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Dripping mucus/liquid/something - what is this?

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Last night I went to bed early and slept terribly. I'd wake up every couple hours and not be able to get comfortable. I'd flip to my other side and felt like I was oozing something. I wasn't sure if it was pee or what, but would try to use the bathroom, maybe put on a cloth liner, and go back to bed.

Now all day, almost every time I change positions, I've been leaking more. I smelled it (what else was I supposed to do?) and it didn't smell like pee, but who knows. I've needed a liner/changed underwear a fair amount this pregnancy, but this seems crazy-excessive.

I had my 37 wk CNM visit yesterday and was 2+ cm dilated. Earlier today, the stuff seemed like creamy cervical mucus, for anyone who charted. Now it's runnier to the point where I had to change my shorts because I didn't have a liner on for awhile.

I doubt my water broke because wouldn't I have to lose my mucus plug first? My other babies were at least a week late, so it seems really unlikely that the baby's coming right now, but I've been a total grouch and really uncomfortable, and I don't remember that happening so early the other times.

Has anybody else had leaking get so crazy like this? Is it because I'm dilated enough that who knows what is now draining out of there? Should I call my midwife before she leaves the office for the weekend in 2 hours?

It's just irking me that I can't control it and it feels like I'm peeing myself, but I'm not quite. Also, it feels a lot like when I had substantially bleeding at 12 weeks, so I keep freaking out that I'll find myself in a puddle of blood.

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It's most likely just discharge. Mine varies from thick and snotlike to almost watery. Its super annoying, I agree but I had it with my first as well.
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I've had some pretty liquidy discharge lately too. It's definitely 'wet' not mucousy. I was wondering about my water breaking too, but the reason I'm thinking it hasn't is because I never felt a 'pop'. My midwife told me that the mucous plug can actually start to kind of melt so to speak and come out really liquidy. There is so much going on in our bodies right now I wouldn't worry about it too much, but if you think your water broke it wouldn't hurt to go in and get it checked out. They can just test the fluid to see if it's amniotic.
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Just wanted to add my experience with last pregnancy. At 36 weeks my water started to leak... no signs of mucus plug, no pop. I was peeing on toilet and when I stopped peeing something kept coming out. It was very clear and very liquid though.. not so much like you described. I have at times with all my pregnancies had very runny discharge, and it was just that.
If you are worried though I would call MW, you don't want to worry about it all weekend.
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You don't have to notice your mucous plug to lose it... I lost mine with DS without noticing. With DD I lost it a few times and have already lost it twice with the DD on the way.

I would def. call the mw and ask for it to be tested... its just a paper strip test, if it comes back negative, no worries... and your MW will not be put out by the worry because it IS a worry, one you don't know but she has too, that your water will break and you wont realize it. Its better to check than assume its not!

One thing my midwife always asks at my visits... no bloody discharge? no leaking of any sort, even just a little?

Nope... only time I get wet down there is when I take a bath! LOL otherwise its creamy still... or mucousy (from the plug)
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I had that happen with my DD when I was 34 weeks. I was dripping on my foot as I walked through the grocery store. Because my DH was supposed to take the bar exam the next day, we called and were sent to L & D. It wasn't my water, just super watery mucous. I just had it this weekend for the first time with this babe. I was peeing right before getting in the shower and when I stood up, I dripped all over the floor. I double checked that I hadn't just peed all over the floor, but no, it was just the same really watery mucous stuff. I would have thought it was my water breaking if I hadn't had the same issue with my first DD.
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I was just going to post this question!!

The last two days I have had *really* watery discharge, to the point that it has crossed my mind about it being my water leaking.

I have an appointment tomorrow and think I'll ask them to just double check. It has made my underwear, pantiliners, and even my shorts/pants wet!
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Thanks folks for the reassurance. I left a msg with my CNM when I realized that she also hadn't gotten back to me about my GBS results from last week (they weren't in yesterday). She hasn't gotten back to me yet, but the dripping isn't as constant as it was this morning, so I'm even more convinced it's not amniotic fluid, it's just pissing me off because it's getting all over my clothes -- even with a medium pad in, when I stood up off the toilet, it dripped elsewhere. Argh!
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I've not had this happen personally (I do have a lot of discharge, but not that much), but if you have a leak in the hindwater -- is that what it's called? -- anyway, a leak up high, and that's what it sounds like if it's not a gush, the chances of infection are small. Just to be on the safe side, though, keep all things out of your vagina until you're sure.

If it's stringy at all like mucous, it probably is mucous. If it's totally liquidy, it could be a leak.
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I've noticed the same thing today. At work I went to the bathroom and wiped and then felt liquid coming out--some really watery mucus. Didn't have that with either of the boys
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The CNM eventually called me back and said it's most likely discharge because I'm dilating enough that stuff is coming out. Lovely. I'm more annoyed that she also said I'm GBS+ so I need to figure that out.

I just hope it doesn't continue at this level for a month or more because I only want to go through so many pair of underwear a day. Agh.
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