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I am so miserable, I can't think straight. I used to feel like I got run over by a truck; now I feel like I AM the truck. I'm so swollen everywhere -- I have pitting edema in my legs from thighs down to toes. I have swollen hands, neck, face. I ache all over and I can't make a fist or bend my legs without pain. I have bad hemorrhoids, swollen ladybits, painful hips/pelvis. Earlier my sinuses swelled where I couldn't breathe thru one nostril, and it was the last straw. I started sobbing. Then of course my sinuses swelled more so I couldn't breathe through my nose at all. I just felt like if I went into labor right then, I would literally die before I could push a baby out.

I still feel that way right now, and it's making me question my birth choices. I want to tear up my natural birth plan and go for the IV, the constant monitoring, the epidural, whatever medical interventions will keep me safest and least miserable. I am 40 years old, I have a very active 2yo DD, I have to go up and down three flights of stairs to get to my car and go anywhere. I'm 38 weeks which is the most pregnant I've ever been, since I went early with both previous pgs. I currently weigh 100 pounds more than I did 3 years ago before I got pregnant with my DD. I feel like my body just CANNOT handle this anymore.

My hubby kind of shuts down rather than beibg sympathetic, but I kind of can't blame him. I don't like living with me right now either.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Happily married mother of DD1 (10/87), DD2 (7/08), and DD3 (8/10)
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Oh love, I feel for you! All of those complaints sound awful!! I've only got the awful pelvic pain and it makes me doubt how I'll deal with labour, esp trying for an unmedicated induction (half of me is going "yeah right" even as I type this).

Can someone take your DD so you can spend some time resting? What about swimming? It doesn't last for long but man, it feels good to be weighless even for half an hour.

Mum to Quinn, Aug 14th 2010
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Hang in there! Soon enough the baby will be out and you'll have a whole new set of pains...but much more joy.

I had an awful cold when DD was born and it was so miserable during and after labor - coughing almost continuously, which made everything hurt so much more. I'm sooo thankful this is a summer baby and I'm not sick right now.

Andrea , wife to Mark , mama to Taylor Elise (2) and Aurora Evelyn (born 8/17/10!)
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I'm right there with you. This pregnancy is making me reconsider having more kids. The combo of SPD, sciatic and back pain is killing me. I can only walk a couple of feet before I'm dying from the pain. At this point I'm sure another posterior labor would be preferable to more days of pregnancy.

Just repeat after me;

"It will be over soon."
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just sending s !!!

Franziska , DW to )oi , SAHM to Noah 06/2008, Sophia 08/2010, and Junis 11/2012

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Having swelling in the hands and face can be an early sign of pre-e....have you talked to your care provider about this? I don't want to scare you but you may want to check it out just in case.

Crunchy Christian Wife and Mommy to awesome DH and DD1 (4/25/07) and DD2 (8/13/10)
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OMG! I am right there with you! I have really bad carpal tunnel so my arms are cold and numb from the elbows down, it's gotten so much worse in the last week. I have a cold, I can't breathe thru my nose, I snore, my feet are swollen, I'm still working 50 hours a week and now training my temp replacement, I don't want to eat, I can't poop, I no longer fit in the tub, I can't imagine labor without meds, although that's what I know I want... and yesterday, after a super long day at work, I went to the pool to float and relieve some swelling, and the lifeguard told me I couldn't use noodles in the pool!!! WTF?? I've used them a million times and there was hardly anyone there!! I wanted to cry and punch her and scream and fall down in a heap on the ground. I am so done with this!

These babies have to come soon, right?

K, H, and baby E (who is now three!!!)
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I was just feeling like writing an "I'm completely miserable" post too. My feet are so swollen this morning, they just ache. My pelvis is constant pain. I keep having small bouts of contractions that go no where. I also can't breathe the last few days. I have been loudly mouth breathing all day long. I feel like a big fat sausage and that my skin is going to snap open at any moment.

And would it be too much to ask that my 2 1/2 year old sleep through the night?!?!? Last night he woke up screaming because he's scared. Of what, I dont know. He doesn't want DH, he wants me. If we take him into our bed, DH and I dont sleep because ds is a tosser and has been congested. When I finally got him to sleep, DH's out of control snoring was keeping my awake (and making me homicidal) so I ended up sleeping ont he couch for three hours. I feel like total shit today.
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Hearing that I'm not the only one, that you ladies are suffering in the same ways, makes me feel so much more validated. I am weepy for you all and for myself.

I ended up sleeping on the couch, too, matey. The few hours I did sleep, anyway. When DD sleeps in our bed, she crowds me because I'm so huge.

COgirl19, I constantly worryt about pre-e since I had it with my first. But so far my blood pressure has been fine, and no protein in my urine. I guess I just swell up terribly when pregnant, especially this pregnancy.

Osker, I've been going to the pool and it's been great. At this point, my only bathing suit just won't cover all my swollen parts appropriately anymore. And I don't own any shorts that fit me or I'd go in a tank top and shorts. I would have wanted to cry/punch/scream too, BTW!

Thank you so much for commiserating, ladies. I mean it... helps me sooo much not to feel like a freak.

Thanks limette... "This will all be over soon" is my new mantra.

Happily married mother of DD1 (10/87), DD2 (7/08), and DD3 (8/10)
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HaikuM~ I could have written this post verbatem! I'm just over it completely. I never made it to the final month with the first 2 either, so I had no idea it could get this bad!

What is with the snoring? It has made me SOOO paranoid now. I can actually feel my sinuses and throat area close up when I lay down, and have started to wake myself up in the night from the snoring. Yesterday morning D asked if I slept good. Then mentioned how little he got because I'm snoring like a freight train. Us sleeping apart has never been an option, but now there's no cuddling, no sex, I snore and go pee 10 times a night, also roll over and over and pull all the sheets off the bed. I mentioned last night that I could sleep in the guest room. He said no, I should stay in bed, then was kinda like "well, if you want to...".

I adore D and he's so wonderful, caring, there for anything I need. I feel guilty saying anything about how miserable I am because I know he's working even on his days off to make things better for us and so I dont' have to work, but it's hard when he askes how I feel to not just comletely rant about all this. Last night I woke with series of nasty contractions and snoring. I got up and took a shower, but didnt' want to wake him because I didnt' want him to worry. I was so tired and sore from sleeping on my side, totally congested and had a headache, I just kept saying to babe she couldnt' come out right now, not in the middle of the night like this. I'm afraid I'm to worn out and sore to push!

Aidan 8/11/99 Bryn 9/7/04 Jardin is here! 8/23/10 ~Kindness is My Religion~ Dalai Lama
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Hoping everyone feels much better soon, swelling goes down, weather gets cooler, etc. Well, you definitely will be feeling better very soon.

This pregnancy has been easier on me than all the others for some reason. I only feel sorry for myself because I am working until labor starts (but at a desk) and have to pee twice an hour.

Katie (36)
Married mom to Patrick (2004), Noah (2006) and Liam (2010) VBAC!!
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