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Before I get rotten tomatoes thrown at me and 1,000 questions about why I'm trying to "force" my baby out before he's ready, let me give a little backstory!

I was induced at 38 weeks with my daughter for severe preeclampsia. My OB never tried to help me when she saw warning signs of pre-e, she just let me get sicker and sicker until an induction was necessary for both mine and my baby's lives. My body was nowhere near ready and the induction failed resulting in a cesarean. I'm now 37+4 with our second baby, a son. I've been on blood pressure medication and full, strict bedrest since 28 weeks. My midwife has been amazing at keeping things under control, but my body is starting to rebel and I'm getting sick again. Thankfully, this time my body isn't kicking into full blown pre-e just yet. My pressures have been great on medication, but are creeping up into the dangerous level again. I'm spilling protein in my urine and having pitting edema. Thankfully, my blood work is showing up ok right now though! I have an NST each week and a BPP each week and up until now Levi has looked perfect. Last NST however showed a baseline heartrate in the 200's with accelerations into the 220's - way too high. A BPP showed a very degraded placenta and low amniotic fluid. He is starting to react to my body getting sick. Because of this, my midwife has encouraged me to try every "natural" induction method in the book. All the "old wives tales", ect.. We do NOT want to go the medical induction route because of the huge increased risk of it failing, resulting in a section. The rate or uterine rupture also increases with an induction.

At 36 weeks when I had my GBS swab my cervix was very thick and still completely closed. That that point, I started taking 1,000 EPO orally daily and sex, sex, sex, - at my 37 week appointment I was 50% effaced, starting to soften, and 1cm dilated. That's progress and is exactly what we want. If we can get my body to kick into gear and go into labor naturally before I get sicker and an induction or repeat section, that would be absolutely wonderful!

I'm working on borrowed time, it's only a matter of time before my body just can't go on any longer. ANY and ALL suggestions on other natural induction methods, methods to kick your body into gear/labor, soften and dilate the cervix, ect.. are MUCH appreciated! I'm trying to remain calm, and I'm doing a good job so far - but thoughts of a failed induction or repeat section are creeping into my head and I must stay positive!!

(x-posted in Sept DDC too since I was originally due 9/1)

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Our midwife just said today that you can take 1500 EPO orally daily.
Have you tried nipple stimulation? Perhaps with a breast pump?

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I'm taking the as recommended dosage on my bottle of EPO - which is 3,000mg orally. We are also using it as lube during sex.

I do have a Medela PISA, but haven't tried any nipple stimulation yet.

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Let's see what I can remember:
-Acupressure points on the webbing between thumb & forefinger and above the inner ankles.
-supposedly in Latin cultures they use cumin tea (1 Tbs in one cup boiling water, seeped 5 minutes, no more than 1 cup/hr... I have no idea how well this works, but I've come across it a couple times).
-basil & oregano both have uterine stimulating qualities.
-super strong red raspberry leaf tea (1oz raspberry leaves steeped for 30 minutes covered in a pint of boiling water. Drink 1 wineglass full 3xday as hot as you can)
-exercise: walking, dancing
-castor oil

I think most of the above are really most effective when things are already pretty much ready to go. I hope you can avoid the medical route and get things moving before you get really sick.

Oh & there's also blue cohosh, but I'm leery of it cause I'm not an herbalist and it's pretty strong. I'm not sure how using blue cohosh compares to pitocin induction in relation to having a ceasarean scar. It's something to consider.... maybe also with castor oil since it can make for strong contractions as well. Talk to your midwife!!

Best of luck, mama!

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I googled "natural labor induction" the other day and got lots of results. Besides those already mentioned, there was one site that showed the acupressure points (I'm doing this too, just because I am impatient and do have some pitting edema), several kinds of teas with herbs you might be able to just buy and brew, and one site mentioned that some women have luck eating lots of pineapple. Also, not just sex but female orgasm is important.

I was going to mention black and blue cohash also, but I would definitely do some research on that first. I did that for my last pregnancy, and I would do it again, but I've never had a c/s and you are already sick. I think it can be stressful on the baby because I know there is a tendency for it to cause meconium staining, and I also read something about some babies getting distressed heart rate measurements. When I did it my DS did have some moderate meconium, but he was barely suctioned at all because it was fresh, and he cried pretty quickly. The advantage is that generally it does not cause the nausea/vomiting/loose bowels in the mom that castor oil can.
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When my 2nd was 10 days past my edd, I decided that it was the day she needed to come, and I would do all of the really gentle things I knew of to encourage her. She was born that night.

I tried these the day I went into labor:
-sex/orgasm/nipple stim
-curb walking (walk with one foot on curb, one on road - for about a block, then reverse)
-eating lots of pineapple
-eating balsamic vinegar on veggies (mmmmm...nummy!!!)
-EFT (to clear up emotional issues that I was concerned would interfere with my labor - nothing at all interfered with my labor when the time came)
-hot water bottle on my chest.
-light rubbing of belly
-telling baby it was time to come out
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hi, just chiming in too say that castor oil ompletely began contractions for me.
I took 2 tbsp mixed in with some oj (it was not that bad) and of course had to use the restroom about an hour later. It wasn't exactly fun, but I was so juiced to start cntrx.
This was last Tuesday night around 6. Baby girl was born at 12 o clock wednesday.
It rocked!
Good luck!

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Some people have had good luck with acupuncture as well as acupressure, but you'd have to explain your situation to the practitioner. Same with reflexology.

Other things that I don't think have been mentioned:
Eating very hot spicy food
Eating basil and/or oregano
Visualisation and talking to the baby

You could also ask your MW to do a 'stretch and sweep' of your membranes. If you're a bit dilated it should be possible and might work, though can be quite uncomfortable. Or you could try it yourself - I've been trying myself but can't quite reach!!

Good luck!! I hope you and baby are both healthy!!

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I had pre=e with DD and was in the same boat, bloodwork ok with high BP, horrible pitting edema and spilling protein. My awesome midwife suggested accupunture and if that didn't work, castor oil to get labor started. I was 37wks 5days and already 4-5cms dialated. Th eaccupunture worked and I was able to have a hb instead of being induced in a hospital.


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