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MommaKitten21's Avatar MommaKitten21 06:15 PM 08-10-2010
SteelerMom gave birth on Sunday August 8th! Little girl- named Katherine Linda...

matey's Avatar matey 06:44 PM 08-10-2010
Congrats SteelerMom!!
somegirl99's Avatar somegirl99 06:51 PM 08-10-2010
Congrats mama! Welcome baby Katherine!
dannic's Avatar dannic 07:07 PM 08-10-2010
Another one? Wow, we're flying through these births!

Dahlea's Avatar Dahlea 07:11 PM 08-10-2010
Congrats steelermom!
stellarmomof3's Avatar stellarmomof3 09:47 PM 08-10-2010
CrunchyChristianMama's Avatar CrunchyChristianMama 11:16 PM 08-10-2010
Congratulations! Our babies share a birthday!
MammaB21's Avatar MammaB21 01:59 AM 08-11-2010
Congrats to Steelermom!!!
thenaturefreak's Avatar thenaturefreak 02:46 AM 08-11-2010
trimestersdoula's Avatar trimestersdoula 02:48 AM 08-11-2010
lisalulu's Avatar lisalulu 02:51 AM 08-11-2010
Welcome Katherine Linda and congrats mama!
rlandnl's Avatar rlandnl 09:17 AM 08-12-2010
Congratulations! I love her name!