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matey's Avatar matey 12:47 PM 08-12-2010
Tomorrow I have an appt with my OB. I will be 39 weeks 2 days. I have a feeling I will be asked if I want to have the membranes stripped, but I really dont know what my answer will be. I have been reading up on it for the last week, but it seems people have varying opinions on it, even here on MDC. A lot of midwives seem to do it, it isn't just an OB thing.

I am very sick of being pregnant. That's the part of me that thinks maybe I would do it. But I just don't know. I was around 3 cm dialated last week, and have been for a couple weeks. My cervix was soft last week, that's all I know. I don't have any medical reasons. My dr. is going on vacation next week, but it isnt like I am super attached to him. He was gone when I had my son too so I know how that all works. He has said he would want to induce at 41 weeks, which scares the shit out of me.

So, what are your thoughts on membrane stripping? Would you do it? Have you had it done? Would you do it again? what were your results?

gunnarsmama77's Avatar gunnarsmama77 01:18 PM 08-12-2010
I hope no one thinks I'm being flippant about this, as it is certainly an intervention, but I would do it probably if they offered. It was done at 38 or 39 weeks during my last pregnancy (5 years ago, its all kind of a haze) and absolutely nothing happened. It felt like a pinch/slightly uncomfortable (I think I was 'fingertip' dilated) and I didn't have any more contractions than I'd been having before and my son was born at 40w1d. Apparently he wasn't ready, and was not coming out! I guess I'm saying I don't think it'll throw you into labor or anything if you're not edging there anyway, kwim? HTH.
MissMorgan's Avatar MissMorgan 02:44 PM 08-12-2010
I would do it. I've been reading what I can on it too (in the same head space as you as far as being so done.) and so far I haven't come up with any reason for me, personally, not to.
lisalulu's Avatar lisalulu 03:14 PM 08-12-2010
I had it done with #2 at 42 weeks and went into labor the same night. That being said, baby was probably ready. I actually didn't really feel anything and am contemplating having my mw do it at my appt next week-I'll be 41wks5days and it will be my last chance to do it before the following Monday when I'd be required to transfer to hospital care for a drug induction.
Nicole Starr's Avatar Nicole Starr 04:23 PM 08-12-2010
I will do it if I make it to my next appointment, which is at 40 w 3 d. I only feel comfortable because it's past my due date, but I don't see anything wrong with it.
DreamsInDigital's Avatar DreamsInDigital 04:50 PM 08-12-2010
It won't do anything unless you're already on your way to going into labor so I would totally go for it. In fact my dr. did it for me yesterday and I definitely feel like something might be happening soon.
umsami's Avatar umsami 05:53 PM 08-12-2010
I had it done yesterday a.m. because I'm facing an induction on Tuesday. I've had it done with previous pregnancies, but never have I had the amount of blood and cramping that I had this time. Still, it did not send me into labor... just made for a very uncomfortable night. I'm not sure if it's because the midwife was extra aggressive in hopes of avoiding an induction or what. (Of course, I was induced or facing induction with my other kids due to Gestational Diabetes.)
dannic's Avatar dannic 09:34 PM 08-12-2010
I wouldn't. I had it done twice with my first and I think it stressed baby. He wasn't ready, I had contrax for 24 hrs after each and when he was finally born, he had meconium in the water and had trouble breathing. Now, I know there's no way to know, but with my other two I went with a much more hands off MW, never got checked, never had them stripped and had perfect, healthy babies. Probably a coincidence only, but I am not comfortable with it. Perhaps if I was facing a certain induction after 42 wks I'd think about it again.
matey's Avatar matey 10:53 PM 08-12-2010
Thanks for the responses everyone. I am weighing it out this evening and discussing it with DH.
meganlisbeth's Avatar meganlisbeth 03:08 AM 08-13-2010
This is a good thread for me too as both my midwives and OB want to start doing sweeps next week. I've insulin dependent gestational diabetes and they want to do this to avoid induction.

I'm very leery of them because I attribute my week long prodromal labour ( with irregular but full on ctx. for a whole week leaving me too exhausted for labour) to the sweep I had on my due date with my last pregnancy. The OB said its highly unlikely the sweep caused it, but I'm still not convinced.

Not sure what to do this time. Keep us posted on your decision.
umsami's Avatar umsami 08:39 PM 08-16-2010
So, the day after I posted... late that night, I went into labor. Very fast, precipitous labor... had the baby in 40 minutes. Not sure if the stripping had anything to do with it... but I did avoid my induction scheduled for today.
cinderella08's Avatar cinderella08 11:22 PM 08-16-2010
I'm facing an induction on Wednesday for pre-e. I had my membranes stripped today and have lots of cramping and irregular contrax since. The stripping was very, very painful. Hoping things progress. I'm 39wk today. Was 2cm, 70% effaced and baby at -2 station.
TheHousewife's Avatar TheHousewife 12:00 AM 08-17-2010
With my last pregnancy, I had my membranes stripped by my midwife at 40 weeks. I was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced.

Then I had my membranes stripped again at 40 weeks and 5 days. Had irregular contractions for 6 hours, during which time I was taking black & blue cohosh hourly. Real labor started after midnight and I had my baby 5 hours later!

I wasn't bothered by the pain of having my membranes stripped. Although 2 different midwives did mine and one was definitely more gentle than the other!

I am currently 39 weeks 1 day with baby #2 and will probably get my membranes stripped sometime next week.

It IS a form of induction and you shouldn't even bother getting it done if you aren't dilated at least 2cm... It's just a way of helping to get things going, but if your body isn't ready, then it could make for a miserable time.

I'm a very petite 5'3" and can't physically handle a huge baby so I don't want to wait too long to get mine done!!! I'm all for doing things naturally, but it's always nice to be able to give things a nudge in certain circumstances.
matey's Avatar matey 02:35 PM 08-17-2010
I ended up not even needing to address it, because I went into labor the in the early am after posting the thread!