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vanislandmama's Avatar vanislandmama 08:14 PM 09-03-2010
finally...we had our baby! Aug 31 8lb9oz 5:22am. Was aiming for my 3rd home birth but ended up having her in the hospital. Took caster oil on Tuesday the 30th (around 10 days after EDD). I had had success with the oil before so thought I'd give it a try. Had ctx all day but then they stopped, midwife suggested I take another dose. Ctx started again, way more intense. We timed them and they were coming every 3 min lasting almost a minute. Midwife came, checked me and told me I was at 2. I had been at 2 all week. 5 hours of intense back labor ensued. No dilation progression, effaced from 50% to 100%. The midwife didn't know if it was the caster oil causing irritation or if I was going to progress into labor. I guess you are not "on the books" until 4 cm. She suggested a couple of glasses of wine, a bath. None of this worked. I agreed to go into the hospital to get a shot of morphine. She thought that I needed to rest if real labor started and it took awhile. If I had not had the intense back labor pains I would never have done this. But boy, back labor is like nothing I have ever experienced. Got the shot, came home. Rested a bit through ctx then my water broke. Since there had been questions about her positioning and the back labor, we headed back to the hospital. I was dilated to 6 when we got there and 10 min later I was pushing her out. So technically I was in "labor" for less than 2 hours. I've always wondered what those intensely fast labors are like. Holy cow.
Crazy morphine caused her to have to be resuscitated when she was born. Luckily there were no problems. The midwife failed to tell me about that major side effect of morphine. Dealing with that in my own way. Learning to be ok with imperfection and knowing that my gut about going to the hospital was right because of all of this.
But we have a beautiful little girl. Thought for sure we were having another boy. So she is a wonderful surprise.

Baby~Braatens~Mama's Avatar Baby~Braatens~Mama 08:19 PM 09-03-2010
Congratulations! So very glad to hear you and your baby girl are doing well! THE most important part of the birthing process is the positive outcome of healthy baby healthy mom!
Dahlea's Avatar Dahlea 09:33 PM 09-03-2010
Congratulations!'sorry about the complications
somegirl99's Avatar somegirl99 01:26 PM 09-04-2010
Congrats mama and welcome Sage, beautiful name!

Glad to hear you are both doing well now.
AutumnAir's Avatar AutumnAir 11:34 AM 09-06-2010
Congratulations mama!! Welcome baby Sage!!
MonP'titBoudain's Avatar MonP'titBoudain 02:16 PM 09-06-2010
Congratulations! Sorry it wasn't the birth you wanted, but I'm glad you all came out of it ok anyway. And, yeah, those insanely fast labors are INTENSE, huh?!?!
vanislandmama's Avatar vanislandmama 06:01 PM 09-07-2010
Fast labors are crazy intense! I never understood when people said they would never wish it on anyone! I would always think to myself, I`d take it, get it over with. But dang, painful stuff. I too now understand why people with intense back labor would choose to get an epidural. Definitely a humbling and growing experience!
MonP'titBoudain's Avatar MonP'titBoudain 06:32 PM 09-07-2010
Yep, all of my labors have been on the faster end of the spectrum, but this last one was 1 1/2 hours and was by far the most painful of the three. It was almost like my head couldn't get around how fast things were moving so I was never able to get "on top" of the contractions. Plus, I swear my body just couldn't release hormones fast enough to keep up with itself. I didn't have back labor as well, though. Frankly, that would have undone me. I was almost in a panic as it was! You're a rock star!!!