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Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 02:08 AM 02-19-2010
So, I used some lanolin today and it actually seemed to help quite a bit. Still sore, but the nipple pain seemed to go away quicker when she started to nurse.

Kelly1101's Avatar Kelly1101 07:15 AM 02-19-2010
Originally Posted by slf View Post
So in the past 2 days I've nursed his baby doll, a teddy bear, Tigger and a turtle... and my nipples are thanking me!
ROTFL, that's hysterical (and awesome if it works... mine loves to pinch the other nipple, but she's not old enough to "get" something like you're doing... thankfully putting my hand over my boob deflects her-- so that she can start trying to put her fingers in my mouth and pull on my nose, hahaha).
slf's Avatar slf 03:16 PM 02-19-2010
Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post
ROTFL, that's hysterical (and awesome if it works... mine loves to pinch the other nipple, but she's not old enough to "get" something like you're doing... thankfully putting my hand over my boob deflects her-- so that she can start trying to put her fingers in my mouth and pull on my nose, hahaha).
yah, i think it's working for us now because he is old enough to "get" it. Sadly the hand covering doesn't work for us... he literally pushes, fights and squeezes his hand under mine to move it... it gets pretty physical (I'm astounded by his strength!) but yah, this is working right now, so I'll take it
porcelina's Avatar porcelina 12:49 PM 03-08-2010
Hi everyone!

Last night was night 2 of nightweaning for my 26 month old. What a difference from the last time we tried (at around 18-20 months)! It really makes me think we were right to wait. He cried (of course) but it was not hysterical like it was last time (I would liken it to a monster the last time), and he settled after 15-30 minutes each time on the first night (compare to 2-3 hours the last time we tried). Last night, night 2, he was even quicker to settle down, sometimes within just minutes. I'm only asking him to hold out until 5.30 am for now, and then that gives us another 1-2 hours of sleep before we wake up. I hope things continue to get easier & that he learns he doesn't need nursing to go back to sleep.
Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 01:23 PM 03-08-2010
porcelina- gives me hope for nightweaning DD. Although, it will be maybe when she is 23 or 24 months (midwife says nightwean 2-3 months before new babe comes if you are going to).

I think I have colostrum. DD had a tiny bit of milk on the side of her mouth and it was super sticky. This is better than nothing which is what we were dealing with for a few months!!!
Kelly1101's Avatar Kelly1101 02:45 PM 03-08-2010
I think I still have milk. Sometimes if she pulls off suddenly, I can see milk in her mouth. I wonder if her being so young has anything to do with it. Or maybe I'm just lucky.

I'm just praying it holds on until she's at least a year, which is about 6 more weeks.
porcelina's Avatar porcelina 04:30 PM 03-08-2010
Does it vary from person to person when it switches from milk to colostrum? I have no idea what I have...DS just seems content to nurse, and I never know what is coming out. At least it's not hurting anymore (most of the time)! For a while there, it was like needles being poked into the boob. Ouch!
Just1More's Avatar Just1More 05:30 PM 03-08-2010
It varies for everyone, and even from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Kelly-I still have a decent amount of milk, too, which suprises me since dd is hardly nursing now, by her choice. I also suspect it's because she's younger.

But, I think we're weaning. All the way. She doesn't want it when I offer, or only for a minute or two, and it's just frustrating for both of us. She wants to be "big" like the others, and demands to stand in a chair and eat when they do. She insists on having a cup like theirs (though, thankfully, she'll at least tolerate a lid). Sometimes she gets desperate and just *has* to nurse, but mostly she just doesn't care. She's never been a comfort nurser, so now that her belly is full of solids, she just doesn't want to.

Wow. I never thought I'd be encouraging a 12mo to wean.

Kelly1101's Avatar Kelly1101 06:08 PM 03-08-2010
Supposedly I was like that, too, just lost interest in nursing fairly early, even though my siblings nursed for longer. Reckon all kids are different.
claddaghmom's Avatar claddaghmom 06:12 PM 03-08-2010
I wonder if my milk is already changing...DD is starting to nurse like a newborn haha. And she has gained 2lbs since I got pregnant.

I notice tenderness in the morning after a stretch of sleeping without nursing (DD tends to sleep through most the night but does need to nurse to sleep).

I hope I can just carry on nursing on demand.
kwiathellen's Avatar kwiathellen 10:02 PM 03-08-2010
Do any of you have to eat way more food now that you are pregnant and still nursing? I have to eat every 2 hours or I go crazy, I'm so hungry. I really do not like being hungry so often because by the end of the day I run out of ideas of what more to eat!! And right now I do not like so many things: veggies gross me out, so does meat, I really don't feel like eating fruit( and normally I love fruit).
I really hope that after the first trimester is over that I start like to eat all those things again!
taya31's Avatar taya31 10:21 PM 03-08-2010
Anyone else's toddler's poop changed? I think my milk may be changing to colostrum already because while my toddler's poo used to be more solid it is going back to being soft, and more frequent. I knew it would eventually happen, but my milk changed over a lot later last time I think. I think we'll be working on using the potty soon. I'm getting sick of spraying out cloth diapers again, when for a while I could just shake off the solid poo.
porcelina's Avatar porcelina 01:55 AM 03-09-2010
Yes, eating like crazy, and running out of things to eat. I'm totally craving sweets, and have a hard time not pillaging them if they're in the house. Switched from peppermints patties to carrots the other day and ate with equal zest, so maybe just a matter of keeping good choices in the house (though also still have aversions to a lot). Apart from sweets, have been craving salads! I can't wait until we are in fruit season -- would love some delicious fruit salads...
Kelly1101's Avatar Kelly1101 11:59 AM 03-09-2010
Em's poop is still solid. She's been doing a lot of solid foods, though.
Thalia's Avatar Thalia 12:43 AM 03-10-2010
I think my milk supply is tanking and/or turning to colostrum. I can still hand express a little when I check in the shower in the morning, but it seems to be much much less than before I became pregnant. I keep asking DD, but she says that there is milk in the bobos, so who knows?

What I do know is that YOWCH! it really hurts when she latches on. Just for latch, though. I think the pain has peaked, which is good, because if it gets much worse I'm going to have to think about weaning, and DD is still very attached to those bobos, so it wouldn't be pretty.
claddaghmom's Avatar claddaghmom 02:36 AM 03-10-2010
No I think DD eats too much solid food to have much affect on the poos.
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