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September 2010 > Out of first trimester... WOO HOO!
geelove's Avatar geelove 09:17 PM 03-07-2010
Any one else as psyched as I am to be 13 weeks? It seems like it would take FOREVER to get out of that first trimester and it is finally here! YEAH!

Looking forward to more energy in round 2!


gradstudentmommy's Avatar gradstudentmommy 09:43 PM 03-07-2010
I'll be 13 weeks on Wednesday. It's quite a milestone but it's hard to celebrate because I'm more nauseous than ever. And still really tired. I'm one of those "lucky" women who gets morning sickness for 9 months.

But I don't mean to be a downer. Yes, it's exciting. Congratulations!
reneeisorym's Avatar reneeisorym 12:11 AM 03-08-2010
I'm excited. I hit 13 weeks Wednesday. I'm really ready to find out what we're having! 4 1/2 more weeks!
MacKinnon's Avatar MacKinnon 12:30 AM 03-08-2010
I was thrilled! I hit it Wednesday or Saturday, whatever day you use, I'm officially 13 weeks now! It's a fabulous milestone!
MsDolphin's Avatar MsDolphin 03:01 AM 03-08-2010
I just hit 14 weeks. Happy cause we are now telling people our news and I don't need to worry about my little secret much longer. Yay! I am terrible at surprises, I tend to accidentally give them away. LOL
Katzue's Avatar Katzue 06:18 AM 03-08-2010
I was so excited to be out of the first trimester. Everyone told me my nausea/vomiting would stop. I suffer from severe nausea and vomiting, I had to get rehydrated @ 13weeks 1 day from vomiting so much. I'm afraid I'm going to get fired (even though I put in for a medical leave) for calling off 3 days in a row from vomiting/migraines due to headaches.

I told everyone when I was 6 and a half weeks pregnant because we had an US with a heartbeat, and I was too excited to keep it to myself.

It's important not to dwell on the negative, and I should celebrate- I'm 13 weeks (will be 14 weeks on Thursday!) But at least we're into the second tri-- hopefully it will chill out @ 16-18 weeks or so.